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My Obama "Prophecy"

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 08:52 PM
Back in 2008 I made a strong case against Obama, before he was elected, that he was just another Bush. I had framed the piece all around why I "FEARED" him. For all that was included in the 29 point list, including some even darker items than Bush had ever gotten the apparent trends to, none of those were why I FEARED "him".

The reason? "CROWD CONTROL".

"Nobody can possibly subdue the masses like Obama can. That’s why he’s the Ruling Establishment’s man. After 8 years of BushCo. over half the population aren’t just pissed, they’re in complete dustrust of the government in general. The control scheme to keep us ignorant and asleep is falling apart at the seams. And even more important than just having a pissed off political party the nations youth are waking up at an ‘alarming’ rate. The youth are the ones who protest. And Black’s have a history of rioting.

Only Obama can can get the bulk Democrat’s, The Youth and Minorities under his wing, while at the same time not having too much of the GOP base pissed to all whits end. Consider if Hillary would have “won”: virtually the entire GOP base would have been up in arms. While there will still be an us vs. them sense of defeat and so forth, the same amount of hate wouldn’t exist, especially not right away. And since Obama is apparently in a position to start taking on Neocon foreign policy positions he seems poised keep even some of the staunchest Neocon types content. Besides Hillary wouldn’t have ever had the Obama effect on The Youth.

Meanwhile, it’s The Youth in particular that must be put under wraps. Further, considering African American voter disfranchisement in the past 2 presidential elections, I’d say that they’re already a whits end. What better way to garner their unbridled support than to allow them to ‘vote’ for a ‘Black’ man? For the majority of the population to be willingly controlled, we must trust, we must “Believe In” the system in general and the election process in particular."

Some observed that Hillary was in serious contention for the nomination that year, and sort of stepped aside quietly. ...the race bait agenda superseded. It was this turning point that the foundation of the SJW mindset that is full mainstream now. SEXIST is mere icing. RACIST is the cake.

"Lets say you happen to be amongst the puppeteers who runs the big show from behind the scenes. Like if you were one of the many deeply embedded in the Military Industrial Complex, the central banking scheme, the Big 5 Media, etc. You know, the people that steer (electioneer) and even rig the elections. The “Disaster Capitalists” whose portfolios are set to make profits off of any and nearly all disasters. The people who seek world government aka global domination, and who use the United States as the machine to make that a reality."

I'll add to that last sentence "aka Globalization". And remind everyone that back then the "Democrat" population didn't trust the Criminal Media nor the government in general. They seemed to have forgotten this entirely, entirely conveniently. I say wthis with experience as we were "buddies" back then, and many who might read this should rememeber (although I doubt will ever acknowledge this fact).

"Well if you’re one of these people then you face a serious problem: you can’t control a system when most of its population doesn’t trust you. Likewise, you can’t control an alert population. Most importantly: you can’t maintain a system of quiet domination when the youth of it are angry, and are making noise in the streets. Enter Obama.

To maintain a hegemonic system of never ending perpetual war -bent on global domination- you need a subdued and dumbed down citizenry. In particular, you need the youth not only ignorant to the hard truth, but you also need them to believe in your government. Therefore, the more cult-like you can get them the better.'

I even used the word "CULT", although back then I never really got quite far enough into their materials to catch on to their PC stuff, so I didn't entirely comprehend just how far they had their doctrine already in place for this to become such a dark reality: Dark Mind Sciences: The Cult of PC

"For a spell Bush enjoyed such a scenario. But where it lacked, especially after the invasion of Iraq, was only about half the population idolized he and ‘his’ government. It wasn’t too long before one half of the population cursed his name to the ranks of Hitler, and nowadays maybe half of his own ‘cult’ doesn’t dodge him like the plague."

Note that things have played out worse than I expected, as I expected by the end of his time at the teleprompter half of his horde would see that he was just another LIAR IN CHIEF and curse him too. Instead, his followers still follow his troupe around like "deadheads', entirely believe in everything the Media and the .gov say, and have even transferred their worshipful tendencies over on to Hillary, despite her being the most blatantly deceptive piece of corrupt filth in advance of becoming POTUS (her in-advance-corruption, and this trend, being two all new precedents that are most alarming).

"Many who once gobbled up his every breathe as truth handed down from God Almighty now have awoken to the morbid truth of a nightmare that runs much deeper than Bush and his cronies. That nightmare is best known as the “American Dream”."

"Back to the ‘criminal profiler’ view, as central social engineering planners, by necessity of career and worldview, you see the ‘08 election coming. You’ve had several years to study ‘your’ ‘market’ and ‘your’ ‘audience’. So as you and your think-tanks contemplate the best way to ensure your future goals, it would already be obvious that you need your masses truly on board. Total subservience; Total acquiescence; Or at least as close as possible.

But now, during the final stages of your plot for world control, of true militaristic technological totalitarianism, you face the youth in new ways. Many things, but 2 things in particular, besides ‘the war’ itself, compel them. First, the nation is barreling towards being $10 trillion in national debt, which means its the youth in particular in trouble. Second, there’s this pesky new thing known as the Internet helping the masses wake up to the reality that your controlled media ‘pentopoly’ would normally divert them from."

The YOUTH. It's all about the youth!

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 08:53 PM

"In this 21st Century reality you need a 21st Century ‘leader’ to whip the 21st Century masses into an all-time cultish fervor. The obvious choice would be Barack Hussein Obama. You really couldn’t ask for more from your position. It’s the best of both worlds, and after-all, thanks to careful engineering over many decades, there are only 2 realities for the masses to pick from (Left or Right).

After nearly 8 years of rabid hatred from most of the one half, and the youth of the typically marginalized masses beginning to wake up, you must get these segments of your control scheme under wraps. Especially considering each have the War doctrine among the top items of their lists. When you’re executing Vietnam’esque policy you can’t have a repeat of the response to such. You’ve already learned that lesson."

Just now I went looking for a compilation video of all the endless times Obama declared he was "CHANGE". I didn't find one unfortunately. For all the faults of Bush, at least he didn't make the entire premise of his campaign one big FAT LIE.

"The solution to maintaining your policy goals is not to actually strip away the policies, but rather send in the perfect man to convince the masses that the policies will “change” and therefore they can go back to bed."

Go back to bed America, your government is in control again:

"You need the perfect oratory hitman, from your own ranks, of course. And the masses need him, because after most of a lifetime of deep-concerns revolving around ballgames, TV commercials and power-shopping they are a strained citizenry in light of the painful truth of modern years.

So with Obama its a slam dunk. By gearing the foreign policy just right, you’ll be able to keep much of the Right at least content. You will only be able to please the some of the staunchest pro-war-mongers so far, but that’s OK because many of them are already over with “BushCo.” obsession. Meanwhile, again, most Youth & Democrats & Minorities will be put back to sleep."

I hate being right. But I was wrong about 'one' thing. I had expected the blacks getting a black president would at least heal all the old wounds.

I had expected that by now half the Democrat horde would be awoken to how FAKE the 2 Part System is. I had expected by now that like many conservatives realize the Republican Party is FAKE conservatism, that by now the liberals would too realize that the Democrat party is FAKE liberalism. And I had expected that at least the racialism stuff would at least be behind us all so that we might all be ready to finally unity in this 21st Century to pave a new way. I had really hoped for that, because with the Technological Singularity ever increasingly (in rate & scale) on our horizon the survival of the SPECIES is at stake where we weren't anywhere near read for it as a species then, while now we've never been more unprepared as a species for it now:
Welcome to the Unpossible Future... The AGI Manhattan Project

It's coming folks. It's nearly here, and it isn't even being discussed. NEWSFLASH: YOU (Millennials) AREN'T THE STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM. The AGI Manhattan Project is.

It's time to hang up the Left/Right BINARY Us vs. Them VICTIM mentality bickering and WAKE UP. Identity Politics isn't just destroying our society and this nation, all of humanity is at stake RIGHT NOW.

What you've been fed at school and on TV isn't reality. THIS IS REALITY:
The Ties That Bind The Bush & Clinton Crime Family's: The CIA's Global Drug & Jihad Empire

'Skynet' is coming. It's possibly already here. It's definitely already too late to stop it. So what you have to ask yourself is what is it going to think about us if we in the free'est most diverse nation on earth are tearing each other to pieces over NOTHING.

It's time we get our collectivist arses out of our heads and see what is really happening. And talk about REAL issues.

The AGI Manhattan Project was my 'other' prophecy then, and its the only one that ever even mattered.
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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 09:10 PM

It's time to hang up the Left/Right BINARY Us vs. Them VICTIM mentality bickering and WAKE UP. Identity Politics isn't just destroying our society and this nation, all of humanity is at stake RIGHT NOW.

I agree with you here. The left-right, two party system in the U.S. seems archaic at this point. Will be interesting to see the political changes throughout this century.

S n f
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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 10:51 PM
I disagree about the youth "waking up" part of your post - just new illusions for a new generation. They are for the most part all lead by their noses like the masses always have been. If anything, they may be the generation most out of touch with reality, even with limitless info at their fingertips. Protesting does not equate to waking up. It just equals dissastisfaction which is nothing new. E.g. the arab spring was a bunch of the middle east / north african youth "waking up", lead by their noses to do the cia/mossad dirty work.

If anything, people are just more self deluded than ever thinking they are intelligent because they can parrot memes. Bullocks.

Otherwise, good thread, good read. Flagged.
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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: pirhanna

Spot on. And that's why we're so screwed. Way worse than my old predictions. Meaning the global social situation is like the geophysics in the film "2012".

The CURRENT Democrat branch of the NWO's "2 Party System" is the worst thing to ever happen to this great nation (well aside from the NWO er TPTB er the Patriarchy er whatever you wanna call it) in the history of the known universe, yet their cult like horde is only digging in deeper into these clearly Nazi'esque propaganda techniques.

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posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 12:04 AM
a reply to: pirhanna

I quoted you:

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