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Interpretting your Dreams in a Different Light

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posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 07:19 PM
I just come back from an overseas holiday and whilst flying back I listened to some podcast's of Coast to Coast with John Hogue ( 12-09-2016 ) and amongst all the hay I found one small piece of chaff. He mentioned that your dreams are often over statements and over hyping of events about to come into your sphere of day to day living, this concept lept into my brain later and had a very strong resonance with things I was about to encounter while on my holiday.

First night I had a dream about a really big gathering of family and friends when I come across my long dead pet cat ( Tonkinese ) that had been killed with an injury to its head that also weirdly had a pen stuck in it.

Second night there my dreams were vivid and wild like I had not experienced in a long time, one where I had met a very bad person with guns and he was in the midst of perpetrating a heinous crime. I realized his intent to kill me so I went on the offensive and tried to hunt him down and kill him which I nearly did but he leapt from a tall building and landed badly about 3 stories down and was incapacitated.

On the flight back home I re listened to the Coast to Coast and it all come very clear that what John was saying was true and that our dreams if you know how to interpret them properly can be a way to see the future or even the past in a better light. The first dream I had was followed the next day with me banging my head on a sign I was trying to walk under in a backstreet of Kuta and having taking some skin off it and being in some pain for a few minutes.

The second nights dream was very interesting indeed, I didn't realize it at the time but I went to change $100 into Rupiah and found a good exchange rate a a money changer close to my hotel. I watched the transaction very carefully and notice after I counted the money he insisted on retouching the money which instantly sent alarms bells ringing. He basically put the 2 piles of 500 000 Rupiah together and banged them on the desk twice and did a quick motion to pull the pile toward his chest. I got the money put it into my wallet and walked over to my wife and said this guy just ripped me off but I don't know exactly how he did it.

We went back to our Hotel and I proceeded to pull the stash back out and count it, I was 300 000 Rupiah short. I said to the wife this guy just ripped me off $50 000 Rupiah ( $5 Aud ) and I knew it but was still confused as to how but not really bothered with losing a small amount, I got angry and said to my wife "stay here I'm going back its about the principle and I don't want him to think he can so easily rip off us tourist's".

I walked back into the changers shop and started to angrily demand my money which after the walk I realized I was in fact 6x 50 000 Rupiah short and not 50 000. I went into an aggressive posture and loudly started saying " Tourist Police". This woman who was clearly scared of me started pointed back outside the shop to this little gremlin like Javanese person who I had just done the transaction with. Long story short he crapped himself and quickly handed the money back over to me and I walked out the shop sternly saying "Bad Karma" which they obviously did not understand as they were Muslim and Not Hindu.

Forward to the flight back and it dawned on me now what the dream about the bad person was all about, my mind was basically trying to alert me to the fact a bad person had bad intentions directed toward me and that I would prevail if I went on the offensive.

An epiphany has just occurred in my life and I would like to hear of other people ATS opinions/stories with dreams over stating or exaggerating events to get your attention and forewarn.

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posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: mazzroth

I have been writing my dreams down every morning for the last three and half years.

I know what you mean

posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 09:27 PM
Yes keep a dream journal to compare and contrast what is happening outside of dreaming. I've had one unresolved as of yet and hope it stays that way-seems to be natural disaster related. Another one I had, pretty much paralleled a homicide(case solved and dealt with thankfully) and very sadly around the same time as it happened. Though, I had no information prior to the death minus the dream. Though, that may be more considered pre cognitive.
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posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 09:32 PM
a reply to: dreamingawake

I wouldn't be getting too bent out of shape with the foreboding/impending doom dream, it seems plenty of people are having them but they actually relate to something in their own life that is less than world destruction. I am confident now that a lot of what posters in here post about "Dooms Day Scenario's" are in fact just their unconscious mind relaying information to the conscious mind of something about to happen but in an "extremely exaggerated" way to get the importance across.

I always just dismissed my "doomish" type dreams as pure fantasy but like the poster alluded to, I will start writing them down and seeing if something manifest's the next day or so that is linked to the dream information.

posted on Sep, 19 2016 @ 11:03 PM
a reply to: mazzroth

I have been keeping a dream journal for about 20 years. It is absolutely amazing how many things you can look back at and see it came true in your life, even foretelling many years in advance. Brings to we have a choice?

Repetitive dreams seem to be trying to tell you something you have a choice to change. When you recognize it and make the change the dreams stop. Others are just what is in store for the future for you/me.

Glad you figured it out. Applying dreams to the masses is by and large wrong...they are meant for you.

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