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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 02:53 PM
"The specie Homo sapiens is by nature a parasitic race when there is no natural enemy. When they expand outside their natural habitat, they consume everything within its close vicinity until the land is barren and they move on. Overlooking the cultural doctrines the Homo Sapien specie practices it offers very little outside the city borders, the walls are to keep them in, not let them outside.

They torture, hunt, slaughter and destroy in joy and a strange disbelief. The Homo Sapien natural habitat is within the perimeter of the equator. The first culture that preceded or most likely evolved the Homo sapien specie into Human was in India, however Homo Sapien or Neanderthal destroyed it. The majority of this world are not humans, and this world cannot sustain a population of Homo Sapiens, when most likely their maximum number should be around a couple of millions. "

The Professor looked at the AIs, and said;" So what are you implying? "

AIs answered in a short message;" You feed them or i will purge this world "

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