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wormwood and dried flora

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posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 03:15 PM
so the paper shuffling queen screamed at her litttle keep, "which way is out of here?"
"the pathway to heaven..? jeeze your running with too much dough and not enough concern over the youngest, sad she was missing maggot stew and a pile of cats.."
The pond was so kind these past few days, weeks hours... a frog, white Lotus... a cat person were all searching for the Clay figures and tiny stone temples..
Well is this all up tome?
Ming was in the heavens, "take care of these'll be fine and dandy..." sadness breezed through the endless heat...
"a dust bunny, ming?"
a slight smile.. no nod and well..a" i trust my name sake is at home and safe with Ming Tshe..."
i could only guess that is with the mother of bitter sweet melencholy fond memories...a whole crew of our own...
heaven vanished once moe more...
"okay, so men are alive ming?"
Big smile and "fare well" sky wa in the eyes of a perfect friend for all time..."we may breath fresh air!"
"all hail the Himalayan Cat!"

okay so should they meet with mine? better start making me babies..."grumble and mumble" our names! "how could We!"
who spoke?nKing Mow of all the MOWs...that was a girl...oh it was queen Mow?
"it was a walking turd man.."


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