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Day within the Bonny Shop

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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 09:06 PM
Standing after having heard the ding between the threshold, a mild mannered, handsome fellow peeped his eyes over to the scent he had followed from down the road on a walk..."smells quite fine good sir...sure is a day...?"
I wasn't so sure as to a proper response as i hadn't step foot from my occupational space in almost a year, something compelled me to continue with my work in smelling and organizing the artifacts from my travels...i spoke at last after several moments having passed,' 'yes, Well...may i be of service...i am not so busy currently and am in desparate need of something other than study.."
i started sputtering under my breath nonsense no one ever understood, it was quiet for once it seemed for one more moment and i realized there was a customer...holding a lovely satchel.
"ah i am not sure what to purchase, its for my dearest friend in all the universe.."
i smiled for the first time in fifty or so years and showed the Gent an ancient relic, "280,000,000,000 malaysian currency its good, very good for gathering within temple placement, very protective over doors....i am selling this at a bargain.."
The man seemed to gasp for air, dropped to the ground and so i checked his breathing, took his satchel and had my keeps carry him down to the river....
they reported back after watching to see if any life was in him and so he had drunk from our river and thanked mercyful heavens that it is good to be living...i was releaved as well over his survival...
We kept him on watch and returned everything perfectly in tip top relic stayed in its containment, safe from wondering eyes... i went back to work and study...serene, alone...


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