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The Feditary-The biology of a Tripidion

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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 07:57 PM
Mature Tripidions are about 8 feet to 12 feet tall. Their outer skin is scaly and prickly. Tripdions have long heads that compliment their 3 arms and 3 legs. Each of their 3 hands has 3 long fingers and each of their 3 feet have 3 long toes. Their arms and legs are spaced evenly around their bodies.

Their fingers and toes have 9 joints each and each hand and foot has 3 joints each. The bottom of their hands and feet have a suction cup system which allows them an incredible level of maneuverability.

Tripidions do not have genitalia and their bodies do not evacuate waste in any way.

Oddly, Tripidions have 3 distinct sexes. Their species is based on a trinary system so the mating process involves 3 Tripidions, one of each sex.

It is impossible for Feditary to determine a Tripidion's sex by glance At the risk of sounding cliche, they all look alike. Feditary lack the optical ability to determine one sex from the other via a casual glance.

Tripidions have 3 eyes. Each eye has a biological telephoto lens which causes the eye to protrude outward. Each eye has 9 eye lids which work much like a system of filters for a camera. Tripidions can see a spectrum 3 times greater then a Feditary.

Below each eye, Tripidions have 3 ears spaced evenly apart. Tripidions are capable of adjusting the level and frequency of their hearing.

Below each ear, Tripidions have 3 orifices; one is used to communicate with, one to eat and one to breath. Because each orifice is separate, Tripidions can do all 3 at once without pause.

Since a Tripidions face goes 360 degrees around it's head, they don't have a front, back, left or right, per say.

A Tripidion's eating orifice has 3 rows of teeth in a triangle. Their teeth function much like blender blades.

A Tripidion has three separate brains allowing them to process three independent actions at once. The brains are placed together in the shape of a triangle. In the middle of their 3 brains is an empty area reserved for pregnancy in all 3 sexes. During the pregnancy process, each Tripidion will carry a preborn in it's head representing their own sex. A Tripidion of one sex can not birth any other sex. Tripidions can only birth their own sex. All three sexes are capable of giving birth.

When Tripidions mate, they intertwine all of their arms and legs together with their speaking orifice pointed outward.

The top of their heads heat up to a degree that would cause instant 3rd degree burns to a Feditary. A small tube protrudes out of each of their breathing orifices and a mist sprays out of the tube. The mist appears to be attracted to the heat around their heads but they also breath the mist in and out. This bizarre ritual is the insemination process.

When the mist clears, the first part of the mating process is complete.

About 30 days later, the same 3 Tripidions will restart the mating ritual. This time, there is not a mist hovering over 3 scolding heads. Instead, the Tripidions stare at each other, make sounds only Tripidions can make and listen to the sounds of the other 2.

This is an instinctive biological process to determine which preborn baby is the strongest. Once all 3 Tripidions come to an instinctive decision, two of the pregnancies will simply end without pain, discomfort or illness. The sex carrying the strongest preborn will carry it to term.

After about 30 more days, the pregnant Tripidion will gently exhale the preborn through it's breathing orifice and examine it. If it isn't ready for life outside the brains, the Tripidion will carefully injest the preborn into it's eating orifice and the preborn will make it's way to the center of it's parent's tribrain on it's own.

This process will repeat about every 30 days until the preborn procedure is complete.

A Tripidion pregnancy lasts about 2-6 months. Once the final birthing process is complete, the new born Tripidion will become mature in 2-4 months, attaining it's final height of 8-12 feet.

After final birthing, the Tripidions mate a 3rd time to reset their bodies for a new pregnancy. There is no mist or scolding heads and there are no strange noises or stares. This is a quiet, peaceful, almost effortless process.

After learning of the Feditary's binary mating process, the Tripidions were just as distressed about it's uniqueness as the Feditary was about the Tripidions. Each believe the other's ritual is beyond bizarre.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

But... What does it taste like?


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