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spin the empty bottle

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posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 05:27 AM
baby cakes sat in the circle, who gets a kiss and the celebrant spun the soda pop bottle.... "oh this one kissed her brother on the cheek..?
she loved her best friend and brother unashamedly in front of the entire group of party goers.
baby cakes landed on this little sister, she looked so shameful..."is she Jewish?" she was about to be kissed on the cheek by a stranger...and up the stairs walked her Nanny Ma to the rescue...
The Nanny harshly did not need to speak it seemed, the two little sister and brother got up in absolute obedience and followed their most wonderfulhie holy Nanny Ma out of that catastrophe in the mists...
Who were those strange beings...did they live in a cave? a barn? inside a tree?
Ethiopians..? Nigerians ... "what were they here for if they wont share even a kiss?" Baby cakes was thoughtful over these strange little birds and his curiosity over took his mind for several hundred and thousands of years... they ran so fast...faster than any others..the thoughts consumed him and searched high and low..... are they human, faery...aliens... they are just buddies that used to dance and tickle each others feet and thkjjae master of their realm would smother the one being making her laugh until she tapped out of breath... "i give up!"
so the three dears took to the tree tops and waited for rain...the new master arrived withgaurd switches and torment for all...All hail the true king of demons...master over not and all...he loves the white koi fish and will love her for eternity....ughhhh the real queen will not tolerate his nonsense... she is a fairy priestess after all... dumpling sister dreamed a dream and so pon gaurdrophesized and will not share her with such a demon king...unless he learns something from the river...paid full for in belongs to me mow, and mow and king of all Mows...akkjjchristopher habib
of course a fair maiden her wife and mother will be on guard...


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