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Evol Intent - Era of Diversion (DnB/Rap/etc/etc) wicked anti-NWO beats

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posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 02:29 AM
The straight dope! Their "Era of Diversion" album was actually released in 2008. They've had many releases before and since. Their words have never had more meaning n this nation until now.

I normally loathe music with lyrics (songs) because of the inherent mind control realities of singing along to lyrics, them getting "stuck" in our heads. I tend to loathe the agenda's of most radio music, and as such, tend to especially loathe rap songs. But not with this snip!

Following such, what good news for me with this group that they aren't best known for their lyrics. Their genre isn't even. But yet when they do speak in their tunes, good or bad, it tends to be the gospel.

I first started promoting them back around 2006 era, after hearing this wicked Dark DnB beat:

As proud as I am to have been on my kind a bat around here so far back, these guys were already all over this stuff at least as much my the time I noticed them.

Check these guys out. They have some "songs", but generally they ompose MUSIC (which I prefer because your thoughts are your own when you play raw music).

Slayer Metal Remix:

As wicked "Jump Up" DnB as there ever was:

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