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A lovers breakup

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posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 06:38 PM
Ive seen so many people talking about their exes. They way they felt being with another person, the purpose and meaning they gave their life. I can
even recall a friend saying;" She is my life "..

I can even quote Lucy Brown, a neuroscientist at Yeshiva University;

" When you “hunger” for somebody, it’s less of a metaphor than you might think.
The system that makes you attach to somebody else is at the very same level of thirst and hunger systems.”

“The parts of the brain that deal with cognitive things, like perception, those are more individual and depend on your personality, “but the basic drive toward another individual, another person, the drive for emotional union, the drive to be with them, is at this unconscious level.”

“You can’t yell at it to get it to stop and you can’t just leave it alone. The way to tame it is to just remain calm yourself and just be with it until it calms down.”

“The first step in calming this wild animal is just develop some kind of relationship with that obsessiveness so you can begin to calm it.”

A lover can teach you who you truly are, a breakup is a lesson learned.

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