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B-52, B-1, B-2s Participate in First Integrated Bomber Operation in USPACOM AOR (Photos/Video)

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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 12:26 AM

All I can say, is this is one hell of a beautiful sight. I got up and saluted watching this awesome demonstration.

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam - History was made Aug. 17, 2016 when all three of Air Force Global Strike Command's strategic power projection bombers, the B-52 Stratofortress, B-1B Lancer and B-2 Spirit, simultaneously took to the sky during their first integrated bomber operation in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

Though all the aircraft have deployed independently to the U.S. Pacific Command’s area of responsibility in the past, this was the first time all three bombers flew a formation pass over Andersen Air Force Base, dispersed and then simultaneously conducted operations in the South China Sea and Northeast Asia.

“This mission demonstrated the U.S. commitment to supporting global security and our ability to launch a credible strategic defense force," said Brig. Gen. Douglas Cox, 36th Wing commander.

The CBP mission and global strategic bomber deployments are part of a long-standing history of maintaining a consistent bomber presence in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region in order to maintain stability and provide assurance to U.S. allies and partners in the region. USPACOM’s area of responsibility covers 52 percent of the globe, which makes strategic bombers an effective long-range global attack capability, assuring our allies while deterring potential adversaries.

"By doing this, we showed the world we can expertly integrate three different platforms with unique capabilities, meeting Team Andersen's mission by providing the President of the United Sates sovereign options to decisively employ airpower across the entire spectrum of engagement -- thus achieving our Wing's motto, we are ‘Prepared to Prevail,’” Cox said.

RT|US flies all 3 types of bombers in 'strategic power projection' stunt over Guam
Maybe the Chinese will hopefully become a little more cooperative and forthcoming with their present claims. Give us some of that Quantum technology they just put into orbit too. thatd be nice.

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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 06:26 AM
Very cool....but the technology is old, old...what 50 plus on the 52, 25 plus on the B 1 and I remember a B 2 fly over in San Francisco fleet week in the 1990s....

Replacements on the way?


posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: JaMeDoIt

The design is old, the technology is anything but. All three have been upgraded to the point they don't look anything like the original aircraft systems anymore, and will be upgraded more as time goes on.

posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 09:31 AM
Jesus thats sexy

posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 09:39 AM
oh man... Be still my fluttering heart.

Those are some sexy ladies.

posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 03:59 PM

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