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The Folklore of The Circle

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posted on Aug, 16 2016 @ 07:39 AM

The Folklore of The Circle

The two lovers ran into the night, clutching each other's hands tightly as they made their way to the small clearing in the middle of the woods. A soft cool breeze carried the smell of the fragrant flowers that were in bloom, leaving a bit of the scent behind after it passed..sweet memories of others who had come before them mingled with the scent, creating the perfect feeling of love and unity.

The place they were going to, it was as old and ancient as the ceremonies that took place there. It had a special magic of its own. A magic that was built over years and years of couples going there to bind themselves to one another. The legends and folk lore that surrounded it were vast and beautiful to hear. And it, along with those stories, have been kept well hidden, only a few people, the ones who grew up in the area, know about them.

The stories, they were always told verbally, only once were they written down throughout the ages, upon papyrus made from the wood of the Wisteria tree. Purple ink made from charred sea shells was used to lay words upon the pages, and, after the writings were complete, they were placed within a handmade wooden box that had a lovers knot hand carved upon the top of it. The box had a lock that was shaped in a half heart, the key being the other half. When both came together and created a full heart, the box would open and you could then read the legends of the circle. It is said that the box is as magical and powerful as the Circle itself, because it holds the tales of true love within it...and what is more powerful than true love?

One of the stories told verbally though, is about the key:

A young witch from a neighboring village grew bitter because she'd given her heart to a boy who did not favor her in return. Hearing from her friend in our village about the box and what it contained, she sought to use the power of the box and circle to bind him to her for eternity. Thinking that her love spell would be that much stronger if she cast it within the clearing and used the box as her binding agent. So, one night she snuck into our village and stole the box and the key and made her way to the clearing to cast her spell.

Standing inside the circle, she started to chant her words, and the box started to glow softly as the spell began to take hold. The young witch became excited at the thought of gaining the heart of the one she loved and rushed through the rest of the incantation because she wanted to hurry back to her village to see if the love spell had worked. But because of her impatience, she unknowingly skipped over a few words, and the spell was only half complete. Instead of binding her love to her, she had bound him to only the boxes key.

The next day back at her village, she awoke to the young boy standing at the foot of her bed. Thinking that the spell had worked, she reached out her hands to him for an embrace. But the young boy had no interest in her, he only wanted the key to the box that hung around her neck. Reaching out he grabbed the ribbon from which the key hung upon and pulled on it until it finally broke. Unfortunately , the young witches neck also broke when the ribbon did. The boy left her there as he wondered through the house, trying to find his way out. All his attention was on the key, so he stumbled and crashed into things as he made his way to the door.

The girls grandma who lived next door heard the commotion and as soon as she walked into the house and saw the boy, she knew what had happened, a love spell gone wrong. She saw the body of her granddaughter on the bed and became angry. Although she could've reversed the love spell, she chose to take revenge instead. Grabbing the key to the box from his hand, she led the boy out to the edge of the cliff, throwing the key over it into the sea and watching as the boy followed. The key and the boy forever more lost in the raging waters of the sea...

So, the book remains forever locked within the confines of the box, and no one has ever dared to write down the stories again... until now.

I am going to attempt to write down all the fables/folklore that were placed within that ancient box.. here, within this new, 20th century style box. Do I think that they will hold the same powerful magic of the original box? No, and I do not want them to..for that magic is as ancient as time itself and not meant to be shared with those who are not ready. But I do believe that it is important to write down the tales so they are not lost or forgotten through the passing of time.

So, I hope to add to this thread from time to time..when it feels like it is right to do so. And eventually, hopefully, all the stories from The Circle will be once more written down...and kept as true to the original version as they can be..

Thanks for reading,

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posted on Aug, 16 2016 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: blend57


posted on Aug, 17 2016 @ 09:10 AM

The Twilight Hour

Every night two lovers meet here on Earth at the exact moment when the light and the darkness of night mingle for a bit and all variations of reality become possible...A moment when the vision of the Ancients become, for a short time, veiled and the mesh web that holds man at bay can be broken, allowing him the power to influence the magical forces of the universe.

Kenos and Senora were beings from a different realm who fell in love. They wanted nothing more than to spend eternity with one another. But, as Senora was everything light and Kenos was everything dark, they were not allowed to revel in their love. Because light was never allowed to mix with the darkness, it was forbidden within every realm for the two to unite.

After a time, the two could not stand to be apart anymore and they went to the realm of Illusions to seek the assistance of an old witch who resided there. The old Witch was known to be able to find the shades of grey within any situation. She listened as they spoke to her about their love and wanting to find a way to be together. When they were done, she sat silent for a few moments and then, in a soft, barely audible voice she whispered.

"The rules of the universe are like reeds in the wind..they may bend from time to time, but they will never break. I cannot break this reed for you..but I do know how to bend it." The Witch slowly walks to a shelf and picks up a small, delicate glass vial. She turns and takes Senoras hand, placing the bottle within her palm.

"Each tear of love you shed must be gathered into this vial. Once the vial is full, take it to Laniakea, there is a place there which is full of life, it is the heart of that universe. Within that place there is a spot where the heart beats eternally, it is where all the energy of that universe meets. Go to that spot and when the light of the sun kisses the horizon, at the very moment the last rays shine and the dark of night takes over the sky, open the vial and let the tears fall to the soil below. This will give you what you seek, to be together as one for the rest of eternity. "

The old witch looks warily at the couple, and offers them a warning. "But this will only bend the laws of the universe and the eyes of the Ancients will only be blinded for a short time. You will never be able to be together for more than a few moments each night. And within those few moments, that will be the only time that light and dark will ever be able to become one."

The beings take the glass vial and thank the old witch. It only took a few days for Senora to fill it with her tears, and once it was full, Kenos and her went and found the spot the old witch had spoken of. The place was located within a small wooded area, and as they stepped into a clearing encircled by trees, they could feel the energy of the universe flow through their bodies. Anxiously, they embraced as they watched the sun set, holding the bottle together in a tilted position, waiting for the last kiss of sunlight so they could pour the tears to the soil below.

When the time came, they did as the old witch said. And as soon as the last tear was poured from the vial, they felt their souls merge, creating the soft, subtle light of The Twilight Hour. The old witch had watched the whole thing from her waters of illusions.. And when she saw how beautiful the blending of dark and light was, she shed one single tear into the waters and the magic of that one tear combined with the power of the couples love, caused the twilight hour to become forever more a part of Earth's natural cycle.

Some say that the twilight hour was created especially for lovers. That this is the time when the most intimate of secrets, the most loving of all moments are shared between a couple and when the hearts and minds of two people are truly connected and they become one on a soul level.

The legend is that Senora and Kenos watch over couples who are in love, and when they return each evening during the twilight hour, they bless the lovers who's hearts are true. And it is because of these two beings love for one another, that the ancients vision is still veiled during this time, so the magic and power of true love will always have at least one hour each day to prevail over all else.

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posted on Aug, 17 2016 @ 10:49 AM
a reply to: blend57

Blend you are one amazing writer.

posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 09:15 PM

This story goes back many generations within my family. It is a story about how the Wind became..well, the Wind.

Umoya and Imi

Umoya and Imi were in love. But they could not let others know it for Imi was betrothed to another . So, in secret each night, within The Twilight Hour, the couple would slip away and meet in the clearing in the woods. They would sit in a lovers embrace until the stars shined bright in the sky, and when the north star was at its highest point, they would kiss each other goodnight and part with tears flowing from their eyes.

Imi searched each day to find a way to free herself from the betrothal and marry her beloved Umoya instead. But, bound by the word of her father and the laws of the village, she eventually gave up hope. As the date of the wedding inched closer, Umoya, knowing that he could never love another, desperately kept searching for a solution, and it was through his diligence that the couple found the answer they were looking for.

One night, instead of going to the clearing, the couple went to visit the three sisters of the woods. It was dangerous for them to go there, for these sisters were known to be tricksters and prey on the minds of hopeless fools. But the couple felt they had no choice, so they braved the shadows and soon were at the sister's doorstep.

Warily they knocked three times, one knock for each sister to answer, and after a few moments, the three came as one to open the door. Inviting them into the old cottage, Umoya and Imi sat across from the sisters and told them their tale. And the sisters did what they always do, they listened intently and then consulted in private.

The wait was long and the couple sat anxiously holding each other's hands. It seemed as though time passed more slowly there, within the cottage. One minute felt like an eternity and even though the clock had ticked just twice, Imi and Umoya felt like they had been sitting there for hours. Finally, when the clock ticked for the third time, the sisters returned to the room.

One sister held within her hands a glass bottle filled with the breath of a dragon, the second held a small vile filled with the fire of The Flame Tree, and the last sister carried with her a candle of unity. As each sister gave their gift to the couple, they explained in union, what was to be done with each item.

"On the next full moon, go to the woods within the twilight hour and find the clearing that is encircled by ancient oak trees. Wait until the sun is halfway behind the horizon and light the candle with the fire, let it burn until the wick is just about to dip below the surface of the melted wax, then, once it is about to go out, both must inhale the breath of the dragon and blow the flame out in union. This will give you the freedom to love one another that you seek"

The couple took the items and left the cottage, a full moon was just three nights away and they rushed home with new hope filling their hearts. The three sisters watched as the couple left.. . a devilish smile crossing each one of their faces in union..knowing the fate they had just dealt to the lovers wasn't exactly what the two were looking for. Ah, but the sisters always delivered what was asked of them..but what was asked of them always held a price.

Three days past slowly for Imi and Umoya, but finally the night of the full moon arrived and they rushed off to the clearing to wait for the sun to be half set. When the time comes, they follow the directions of the sisters, but when they inhale the dragons breath and blow it upon the candle, something goes wrong..the flame of the candle engulfs them and their bodies burn to ash, leaving them to wander as two lost souls on this earth forever more..

But there is always

Kenos and Senora had just arrived to The Circle, for the twilight hour had just began, and they saw what had happened to the two lovers..they stood over the ashes and gave the two souls their blessing, which could not undo what the three sisters had done, but could change the outcome a little bit.

Kenos and Senora made it so the couple would never breathe their last breath, combining their souls into one and allowing them to wander together forever more across the planet as the wind..

It is said that if a couple that are worried about the fate of their love stand together and blow out a candle in union just as the twilight hour begins, Imi and Umoya will whisper in the wind what the fate of your love is in your ear.

So Yes my friend, that answer is truly blowing in the wind..if you choose to hear what the wind has to say...


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