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Freak Perfect - Catastrophic Mass Extinction Apocalyptic End of World Events for Mega Movie Script

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:18 PM
The Absolutely Freak Perfect - Catastrophic Mass Extinction Apocalyptic End of World Series of Events for Mega Movie Script

Can someone please come up with the above and state all the theoretical reasoning for each events as well ...

Example -

At 0:200 hours in the eastern sea bed area of the South Pacific a series of earth quake strike up to magnitude 15

The resulting quakes and after shocks caused yellow stone to erupt ...

At 0:300 hours all around the world, one by one all the major super volcanoes start to come active

At 0:500 hours because of the quakes, the earth started to shift its poles

At 0:100 hours to make matters worst ... because of the way earth is tilting, and of the quakes, the magnetic shielding of the earth loses its potential

At 0:200 hours the sun's energy starts to burn the earth on every continent where it is day time ... A resulting Fire Storm of mega apocalyptic proportions sweeps across the world in hours burning everything in its way

At 0:230 hours the crust of the earth started shifting, pulling everything with it ... All along the coasts Giant Tsunami washes all the coastal areas of all land mass up to 1000 miles inland

I guess this is ATS Forum and there has to be some very bright spark with lots of juicy ideas ...

Thank You to You Again
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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:27 PM
One of our members pretty much covered it.

Did a pretty damn good job of it too.
Guess I'm gonna have to hunt him down and tie him to his computer for the sequel. Just kidding T.A..........maybe.
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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:40 PM
Because it's a movie and fiction, you can get away with it, but mag 15 is pretty much impossible without a lot of outside help (think large impacter of some kind of divine intervention).

Mag 10s have occurred, but they are on the order of every 1,000 year events.

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:50 PM
a reply to: TheMultiSingularCat

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: TheMultiSingularCat

Well everyone has there own idea, master super villain etc or even alien invaders or simply bad luck.

So a fictionaly B grade and rather unbelievable scenario for you, not very scientific but it is 03.45 here in the UK.

Deep beneath the crust a reactive material, a fragment of an exotic elemental asteroid containing elements alien to the earth slowly drift's toward the core, it is a journey that has taken million's of years since an asteroid impacted the earth buring it's heavy mass core deep into the mantle long ago.

As the exotic mix of alien element's come under greater and greater pressure approaching the very core of the planet they start to react, not normally a process found in nature outside of the core of a star but given the unstable property's of these alien element's one that is inevitable as the less dense material that had kept them apart is crushed and melted under the immense pressure and heat of the planet's interior and eventually they come into contact with one another sparking a replay of the process which had once destroyed the alien world were they had originated long ago at the dawn of the cosmos.

The resulant explosion would make the entire world's arsenal of nuclear weapon's seem utterly insignificant and the shock wave's this fission explosion caused as well as the huge amount of plasma created as the surrounding material was superheated shattered the semi liquid outer core and even deeper the hard iron core disrupting the earth's magnetic field's and creating more heat than the core of the sun.

The shock wave's and superheated gas raced through the dense medium of the earth's interor for the distant surface shattering it and causing mega earthquake's all around the globe on a scale not seen in billion's of year's.

In places entire tectonic interfaces erupted in seam's of newly born exploding volcano's while even ancient fault's in the crust become active again spewing vast amount's of deadly toxic superheated gases into the roiling atmosphere.

What had not died already was soon victim to the dust and gas or was incinerated by the pyoclastic explosion's of million's of dormant volcano's going off at once.

Continent's, what remained of them were mostly drowned and torn apart and the sea bed also torn apart was thrust upward as the ocean's boiled and in the chaos, mile high tidal waves of boiling water washed over the devastation and it was not only the smaller thermal plume's that had given birth to volcano's but the massive supervolcano's around the world erupting all at once, even the long dormant deccan trap's of India and the younger Yellowstone caldera exploded but in a world that had become a hellfire of poisoned air and cloud's of hot ash that turned day into night no one was alive to whitness this.

It was now less than two hours after the material had erupted, the earth looked like a sutty black ball in space with fires burning across it's surface as the crust disolved into the mealstrom of chaos and great ocean's of lava explosively erupted with the boiling sea, the chemistry of the planet forever changed.

Kranthalux looked down at the planet below a deep sense of pitty in his heart, they had been promising if a little warlike, his mission completed and the data gathered from there cataloguing of the final day's of yet another sentient species on the brink of doom he ordered his scout ship to rejoin the Xarath fleet and the sleek silvery saucer displaced itself away from the now dead planet to take it's place with the other's, a few specimen's had been salvaged and a full ecological catalogue to be stored and displayed in the imperial museum of natural history's, such a shame, he passed his three fingered grey hand under his small pointed chin, they could have become just like us given another million years or so he though to himself.

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 10:31 PM
Micro black hole zips through the earth's core.

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

I Like it, little granny in an elevator fart's and everyone look's at the innocent weight lifter next to her.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 02:32 AM
The captain (Ele) of an alien superdreadnaught destroyer battle wagon is getting ready to retire after 326 yrs of service to his planet as a defender.

@ 1830 standard time Earth Day1 (pick a day): Said Captain Ele received post via telekinetic mail that his mistress of 82 years is leaving him and taking their 2 dozen kids. He walks off the bridge.

0345 Day2 : Ele is found by his 2nd mate on the hangar deck completely drunk off sock juice moonshine.

0730 Day2: Ele commands the ship to come out of darkspace and ends up in our solar system. He is offended by the third planet's color scheme which looks remarkably like his mistress's hair and calls an emergency officer's meeting.

0900 Day2: Ele orders a full scale attack on the offending planet to his officers and proceeds to go to bed.

1400 Day2: The attack is complete and Earth is nothing more than a barren wasteland with 462 survivors.

1820 Day2: 6 POWs are taken from the International Space Station.

0953 Day3: Captain Ele awakens in a midshipman's bunk with a massive hangover.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 04:54 AM
00:00 Hours - Human life forms on the face of planet Earth.

00:01 Hours - Human life destroys the planet.

The End!

- Good luck with the story! I hope it comes out well. Gotta love end of the world type stories =)

Sorry I can't help anymore. But I truly believe humans will make themselves extinct before any act of nature does.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 05:06 AM
Scenario one: Self replicating nanobots devour everything to...self replicate.

Scenario Two: Russia, China, India, and Japan all get into a real shooting match which ends in nuclear destruction of sentient life on planet earth.

Scenario three: Terrorism continues and religious hate grows to the point of shoot on sight if you are the wrong bran of religious fan.

Scenario four: I have been working on a character who to most observers would consider god like. Kittiya is a scientific creation that is made from nanbots with just a touch of DNA from the Jinary. She is a shape shifter who can down load your brains life experiences by a mere touch or failing that psychically if she so desires. I have not decided if she will be a gift to the universe or a devil that will have to be destroyed.

“ If you do not mind me asking, what future plans and goals do you speak of ?”

“We want to expand deeper into the multiverse for knowledge much like USSB and search for Seena.”

I guess she could tell by my puzzled look that I had missed the whole Seena story !

“Seena was the one who came from the void and gave us our laws and taught us how to farm and survive as a species several million years ago. She said one day she would return if we did not progress and maintain her laws. She was a prophetess of great power that said given time we would be powerful enough to find her. Because of her gifts to us it is our responsibility to never forget her and to strive to find and be with least that is how the story goes”.

I wanted to say something along the lines of how could a society as advanced as theirs still believe in some damn sky fairy, but I keep my thoughts to myself except I did send a data query about this Seena character to USSB Main...

It was as if Kittiya had read my mind for she then said, “ Considering it has been so long since Seena's visit and with the technology she demonstrated in our ancient past...... there is no worthy estimate of how much her race's technology has advanced .”

“Considering the laws she gave and the knowledge she passed on was Seena claiming to be a God ?“

Kittiya laughed and said, “ No, she never claimed to be anything other than an advanced being from the stars”.

Well that made me happy to hear. Several million years ago some Sentients at USSB were in the habit of never saying they were just technically advanced travelers but instead cut through the technical stuff and just played the god card . Also because of the time frame and location for this Seena character I doubted she was some wayward wanderer from USSB.

“Kittiya I have sent a Que message to USSB Main asking for a data check on Seena, maybe something will turn up?”

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 05:06 AM
00:00 everybody in china jumps in the air and lands at the same time....

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Kittiya looked at me and just said, “I know.”

Which again really bothered me... there was nothing to hide and no secrets she could not evidently retrieve at he will.

“Kittiya I must say... your powers are awesome but verge on the down right scary to an old Texas boy such as myself”.

She smiled and asked me if I remembered her taking my arm as we approached the lake a few hours ago or did I remember her brushing a strand of hair from Fhaa's face upon our first contact ?

“Yes but you were in holoform during our first meeting” was my reply.

“It matter's not what form I take for I can retrieve what I seek”.

I let that sink in for a moment and then asked, “O.K. Besides Seena what is it you seek?”

“When I touched Fhaa's hair and your arm I retrieved DNA which I will use one day to create new life forms much like myself”.

I suppose I should have considered that a compliment but to be honest Kittiya was creeping me out!

“Kittiya why do you need the DNA ? With your technology I would think DNA would be the last thing you would seek”.

“While it is true we can create without the DNA, the results are much like your so called little Grays. The creation is more droid than a true Sentient. A snippet of Sutee's and Somcha's DNA reside in a very low percentage of my make-up just as you and your family's does. It is more than just DNA for when I touch a Sentient, if I desire, I can basically download your entire life's story and incorporate it into my own knowledge base. When we create a life form such as myself we then imprint the desired traits of a number of samplings into the new host. This allows us to create many different entities using the best from our contacts. Instead of using the same blueprint for all we create every Sentient is different, yet the same”. We can pick and choose the way the Jinary evolve by selecting different desirable traits”.

Somcha beamed a big smile and said, “See I told you she was the future of the Jinary”.

For some reason my Earthly reptilian brain wanted to take out my dagger and do some serious slicing and dicing of our guest..Who made the decision on what was desirable was my first thought?..... Kittiya, in all her beauty could be a threat to all and everything USSB had worked for in the multiverse. I kept my hands on the table and tried to control my dark thoughts.....

“All the nanobots that make my body whole are powered by what you call dark energy.... therefore where ever my body is placed, no matter the environment, I always have a power source. My nanobots are comprised of a synthetic polymer that functions as my outer skin and inner body”.

As She finished speaking Kittiya reached to the center of her chest where a normal persons breast bone would be and pulled her body apart. Her insides looked the same as her outside but after a moment there appeared a beating heart and lungs in the proper color scheme and everything. Then her insides turned back to looking just like her outward skin. She then stood from the table and before our very eyes grew to a height of at least three times my normal height. She then transformed into a Tom Ngan that looked exactly like Cricket before shrinking back to her normal size and looks.

“Kittiya on untold worlds you would be considered a god,” was just about all I could say !

She smiled, “ If I kill something I can bring it back to life if a short time has passed by sending some of my nanobots to the victim to repair the damage. I can do many things but a god I will never be even though I can theoretically live forever”.

I liked her response as we all did.

We could put on the same type of show with our hologram technology but she was doing all this by her own will power and thoughts without obvious outside assistance.

Finally Cricket telepathically spoke, “ USSB could use such as yourself to help in our quest to spread the seed of Sentient life and knowledge throughout the multiverse”.

“Thank you Cricketalisbadadyury; I would almost consider that an invite. Coming from a Sentient such as yourself.... that is indeed a compliment of honorable intentions”.

Cricket just did her version of a head bow in acknowledgment.

Layla whose ancestry had come from a long line of Warriors could not or would not remain silent any longer, “ What protections and guarantees could you possibly supply USSB MAIN that your presence was benign instead of an infection just waiting for the moment to strike”?
“Layla I am part of your family now through all of your individual DNA... I know what you have known since you were born. The Jinary live by the same code of conduct and desires as USSB”. With that said Kittiya put us all in a mind freeze as she passed more information about the Jinary to us and USSB. The girl was a bottomless pit of information and I had the feeling we had not even come close to the depths of her Sentient being. She was capable of the ultimate “Mind Trip” is about as close as I can come to an explanation for her abilities..I had no doubt she could have killed us all with but a thought !

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 07:11 AM
Do I need to repost the Thundarr the Barbarian intro from YouTube again?
The only difference is "a runaway comet flies between the earth and moon" causing chaos with volcanoes and #.

Ketsuko knows what I'm talking about

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 09:15 AM
a reply to: the owlbear

Ariel, Ookla! Ride!

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 02:26 PM
09/11/16 on anniversary date of terrorist attack, Imam Bullsnahti calls for jihad in the US, but his followers are all watching NFL opening day.
09/12/16 the Bullsnahti team in Buffalo NY attempts belated action at local shopping malls but are neutralized by very irate security guards, still upset over the Bills' lopsided loss @ Baltimore the previous day.
10/03/16 Cthulhu arises in Antarctica. He wreaks havoc for three weeks before anyone notices.
10/10/16 Alien craft hover over Portland OR demanding human slave sacrifices or else.
10/13/16 said Alien craft departs in disgust after thousands of Oregonians demand to be taken up in said craft. "Take us to a better place" they plead.
10/19/16 Huge earthquake rips the Kamchatka Peninsula in half, isolating a terrified heard of musk ox and a Siberian family named Borschtski.
10/20/16 Followers of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the imam Bullsnahti all claim that their prophets/imam successfully predicted the Kamchatka quake.
10/21/16 Godzilla arises from a volcano in northern Japan, marches to the Pacific, and dives in.
10/25/16 Godzilla arrives on a beach off Catalina Island, California USA, and starts marching East. Godzilla experts speculate he is headed to Washington DC.
11/08/2016 Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States of America.
11/09/2016 Godzilla, just entering the state of Missouri, turns around and heads back West. A press representative states that Godzilla sees no point in destroying DC as Hillary will do a perfectly adequate job.
11/23/2016 Imam Bullsnahti orders his followers to perform jihad against Godzilla. Forty four followers are heroically martyred as an uninjured Godzilla re-enters the Pacific, apparently headed back to Japan.
11/27/2016 A heroic United Nations team lands in Kamchatka to rescue the Borschtski family only to find they have already been airlifted out by the US Coast Guard.
11/28/2016 A press representative of the government of Russia protests the USCG's 'wanton and imperialistic act of rescue'. A spokesperson for the USDHS replies 'neener neener'.
11/30/2016 Vladimir Putin, Head of State of Russia, declares war on the USA and orders nuclear missile strikes. Of the forty-eight missiles ordered to deploy:
*fourteen missile crews were too inebriated to launch
*seven missiles failed to launch for mechanical reasons
*twelve missiles launched and self-destructed in the upper atmosphere
*Fourteen missiles landed on targets (Washington DC, the Pentagon, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) but failed to detonate.
*The remaining missile landed and detonated in a cave in Afghanistan.
12/02/2016 Followers announce and mourn the loss of their Imam Bullsnahti, late of al-Raghid Cave in Afghanistan.
12/10/2016 An anonymous hacker group releases e-mails between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin in which Mrs. President requests that the Russian Army deploy a follow-up launch targeting Texas, South Carolina and Kansas. Russian leader Putin replies that all his technical staff are busy hacking e-mails and are unable to reprogram missiles.
Godzilla, back in Japan, is joined by Cthulhu. The two hold a joint press conference condemning Russia's recent nuclear attack.
12/15/2016 An enraged Vladimir Putin deploys a device known only as 'The Tesla Device Thing'. A humongous earthquake strikes the United States. The North American continent suffers a fifty-mile gap along a line from the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, all across the country, ending just north of Long Beach CA.
12/16/2016 The Southern half of the USA enthusiastically declares independence from the USA (North). President Clinton orders the US Army to go into the USA (South) and re-take control. Thousands of US Army troops are deployed and promptly join the USA (South) army. Madame President, realizing that without the USA (South) states her party holds 3/4 majority in both houses of congress, generously decides to recognize the USA (South).
12/25/2016 The Borschtski family re-settles in Carlsbad NM and takes citizenship oaths for the USA (South).
01/22/2017 The Cleveland Browns defeat the Baltimore Ravens 24-22 in the AFC Championship game. The Detroit Lions defeat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. Followers of Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus predict a 20% chance of the world ending if the Lions win the Super Bowl and a 70% chance of the world ending if the Browns win the SB.
02/05/2017 The Cleveland Browns defeat the Detroit Lions 30-17 in the Super Bowl.
02/06/2017 World ends.
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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 08:11 PM

The resulting quakes and after shocks caused yellow stone to erupt ...

Thats part of the tv series Van Helsings plot line.

Yellowstone erupts and vampires/zombies go on a rampage, and destroyed 'civilization'.

The resulting ash blocked out the sun, and made it possible to walk in the daylight.

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