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The Conspiracy against Cannabis and Human Beings

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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:47 PM
If you were to take cannabis at face value. For what it factually and scientifically and physically is. Without out any bias or any of the myths or hearsay. Say if you hadnt ever heard any of the myths and looked at it for what it physically and scientifically is instead of looking at it like a fad or a bandwagon to jump on. Say If you or a loved one was sick and whatever was being done or being given to them wasnt healing you or them and were seriously looking for something to help. If you looked at it the way you would if you heard or read about a new plant discovered in the rain forest or a new super brain chemical that was created in a lab that was suppose to help a persons health or wellness somehow what would you do? The average so called smart person would get on the internet and gather up all the information they could find on scientific and medical websites on the subject, also gather all the information they could on forums from peoples actual personal experiences, cross analyze everything to weed out the bad stuff thats not true, thats not scientific FACT, or just propaganda to sell a pitch. Take all the info on the forums from actual people that have used it and find what is consistent and obvious about the subject. Take all the stuff that they find only as scientific FACT using the scientific method making carl sagan proud What would they find? What conclusion would they come up with? They would find a finicky plant that produces buds and oils that have actual recorded cases of helping, healing or curing cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, ptsd and any number of different things, That is scientifically proven as a neuroprotectant and toxin destroyer. They would find that there is absolutely nothing harmful in it and that the only side effects seem to be that some people feel uncomfortable or different or scared while under its influence but nothing physically bad happens to them or their body. In fact you would not find one single case in recorded human history of a bad physical side effect and im willing to bet the people that feel wierd or have a scary experience feel absolutely fine the next day or in alot of cases better than they did before the experience.

They would find about 99 percent more cases of people that feel happy or good or like they are healing or are invigorated somehow or have a craving for sustenance and get dry mouth or eyes. I mean it is a medication its not necessarily suppose to feel good its suppose to heal and cure you.
The reason people get the munchies is because their bodies are physically and medically invigorated, speeding and boosting the immune system and metabolism at the same time giving the body the energy and information it needs to fix the damage inside as well as fighting off incoming and present foreign objects and toxins.
With a speeded metabolism your body will crave any one of the nutrients, minerals, vitamins that its lacking. Many people have trained their taste buds to get what it needs from inefficient junk foods that have much more bad than good stuff and have also trained their bodies to get water and lubrication from greasy foods and such.
Adults with alot of internal damage will have more medical experiences because there is alot of work to be done and theres not much energy there to begin with. The cannabis is forcing the body to put its energy into healing itself and a lot of things like drugs and alcohol, bad food, processed salt and sugars, and synthetic meds cause alot of nerve damage over time in addition to all the other damage. Slowly chipping away at the peripheral nervous system over the course of years. So slowly we cant tell the damage that has been done to our conscience. This can create problems like insomnia, over eating, depression, anxiety any number of things, this is literal insanity caused by information not being able to travel properly through these nerves. You cant consciously tell that your tired or full or if your actually hungry etc etc. So the health problems have a snowball effect from each other.
The cannabis is temporarily taking some of the electrical energy usually used by these nerves that bring the information from all your outside senses to the brain, creating your conscience at the information meeting point, to fix the actual nerve damage and other damage in the body making the patient somewhat subconscience literally. And combine that with all the myths and disinformation people hear and the fact that these people dont understand whats happening to their body it can scare and freak you out a lot. And if your freaking out from cannabis its probably because you should be freaked out because youve been doing a bunch of harmful stuff to yourself and telling yourself that your perfectly normal and fine the whole time and your body and mind are getting a wake up call so to speak. Drugs are elegant like that, making you think your fine when in reality nothing can be further from the truth.
Younger people generally have more enjoyable experiences from the effects of cannabis because its before they start using drugs and cigarettes or start drinking alcohol or coffee and there is little internal damage to their bodies yet. They are also still growing and are naturally physically more invigorated than adults so instead of the body needing to take a little to give more, like a super charger on an engine, they get more of a pure stimulated effect on the nerves and cells instead of a healing effect. It is a natural high created by the invigoration of the cells. Once marijuana fixes these nerves and electrical processes the patient will enjoy the experience more.
With the immune sytem and metabolism invigorated and all the processes and organs that go along with it working at a much faster pace is going to cause friction and create heat meaning the body will need extra lubrication and coolant, water. Fat is also very important for lubrication and for not letting water get burned up too fast. Protiens carbs vitamins and minerals are all just as important for the body to heal properly. It will also need more water to sweat and piss out toxins like drugs, salt, poisons, etc that the immune system is fighting. Its best to have pure reverse osmosis water or at least filtered water for this reason. No sense of adding a bunch of excess minerals or poison like fluoride creating more work for the immune system while were trying to heal.
If your sick to the point where you cant maintain body weight chances are certain nutrients and minerals are already depleted. Minerals and electrolytes and sodium especially can get depleted fairly quick with a speeded metabolism in a body that may be depleted already especially when drinking pure reverse osmosis water. its important to keep food in your belly and to make sure your eating your vegetables as this is a good source for minerals and electrolytes and you should eat sea salt as its a natural source of sodium. Processed salt and salt with iodide is no good. But dont over do it it doesnt take much with the sodium. Around a quarter teaspoon of sea salt per meal. To much sodium and other electrolytes like calcium will dry the body up quick as they conduct electricity into the bloodstream literally zapping it dry. Listen to your body.
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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:48 PM
A DRUG like alcohol, coc aine, oxycontin makes you feel "good" while under its influence then when the body metabolizes the chemical(s) to a point your not feeling buzzed anymore you feel the after effects of your body finish getting rid of all the toxins and fixing the physical damage thats been done or being done still to the body and its systems. Synthetic drugs and so called "medicines" in the health industry do the same exact thing. Some of them just take years for the bad and alot of times really bad "side" effects to be noticed instead of over night like alcohol or coc aine.
In FACT if i look at the actual facts of it all i find that marijuana is the actual ONLY "medication" by definition other than laughter and love that has ever been discovered in human history. It actually fully CURES serious health problems with ZERO "side" effects other than the "side" effects naturally associated with the actual physical healing process of the body. There is no other actual "MEDICATION" by definition in existence, Something that cures ailments and does no harm to the body. Even penicillin and anti biotics create work for the immune system, cannabis invigorates it, adds energy to it. Disease and infection cant get a foothold on a strong healthy individual with vigorous cells the same way pests and disease cant get a foothold on a vigorous organically grown plant with high sugar levels and fast and vigorous growing LIVING carbon cells. Pests and disease feed on dead or dying cells.
Plants that are "grown" with synthetic nutrients and improper soil cant produce their full true expressions and get bugs and pests. And its the same in humans. Toxins like drugs alcohol cigarettes bad food and fluride cause alot of damage and deterioration to the body and its systems. The immune and nervous and electrical processes especially. It takes alot of energy for the body to fix these problems and over continued usage of these things especially combined with everything thats made to kill us which is almost everything average people ingest the body cant keep up trying to fix these problems and still giving you energy for everyday living and for things like digestion and it literally depresses the whole system causing all different sorts of problems and "diseases" like depression cancer anxiety diabetes your willy not working properly you name it.
If your blood sugar level is low theres a physical and scientific reason for that contributed to something or things you are ingesting and/or your lifestyle somehow. Theres a physical explanation somewhere You dont just have low insulin levels for no reason at all. human bodies arent just created with with a disease and health problems naturally. Even babies born with health problems theres physical explanations for that somewhere.
And what do people do take a bunch of crap that just makes the problems worse and create new health problems and dont fix the root of the problem and stop whats causing the problem to get rid of it. Synthetic drugs like anti depressant over time cause psychosis and insanity. Lead paint can cause autism. I dont believe that people getting alzheimers and dementia when they get older is just a part of life or just a part of the aging process for some people.
These diseases dont just happen there is actual physical and scientific explanations for every so called disease or health problem in existence and a way to prevent them from happening. Even "hereditary" problems Were just not looking hard enough for the causes and answers. I constructed a list of some of the things that are causing these problems. Its like everything in this world is literally made to KILL us. Here is a small list:

Pop/ soda
Blunt wraps and sticks
Synthetic meds ALL of them
Over the counter stuff
Fluoride and bad water
Oil and radiation and chemical contamination in the water
Radiation in the air
Mercury in sea food
Processed salts and sugars
ANY food ingredient thats not whole and natural
Lack of nutrition
Car exhaust and pollution
Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
Stuff in the soil
Black mold in trailer parks and houses with damp basements
Lead paint
Vitamin supplements
Steroids and "enhancers"
Hair spray
White paint on Paper plates
Cell phones
Political parties
Blase blase the list goes on

Do you really believe that your going to be indulging in this stuff on a daily basis for years and years and not get diabetes or alzheimers or cancer or be stuck at a psychological dead end your whole life??
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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:49 PM
   There is not one man made hospital drug that has ever cured or helped anything. Quite the opposite actually. If there was people wouldnt live with things like diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer, dementia, ebola or any health problem for the rest of their lives until they die. They would get cured and the problem would go away. And if its not curing you its harming you. I thought the goal was to cure the problem and get rid of it not make it ok to live with the problem while it and the pills and crap your taking and lifestyle kill you.
Cannabis is a medication in its purest form. It has absolutely nothing in it that harms the body. It gives the body the energy and information it needs to properly heal itself. The only way to properly heal from anything. It seeks and destroys toxins and free radicals like a hound dog with the jaws of a pit bull literally lifting them out of the cells while the invigorated body and cannabinoids destroy them. It is a theoretical cure-all.
What would happen if people didnt take any drugs or drink alcohol or eat anything besides whole foods and drank clean filtered water, and had properly grown and finished organic cannabis strong enough to combat the toxins and stuff thats unavoidable and reverse the physical damage of their bodies completely, to the point to where every single cell in that persons body was invigorated and there were no dying or decaying cells. What would happen if they maintained this way of living? Always staying a step ahead of even the natural things like oxygen that deteriorate the body over time. Using this logic how would people just die naturally? How would they get disease? They wouldnt.

You wanna know how to unlock the secrets of the human genome? How to activate the unused parts of the brain? Cannabis' Cannabinoids and more importantly i believe the terpenes, which i believe are directly related, which are the most unique things in existence, are the answer. Theyre like 4 dimensional colors that you can taste, smell, hear, and feel in every sense of the word.
This is the fountain of youth.
Did you know that the word cannabis in hebrew translates to "tree of life"? What if people really did live 900+ years like in the bible and why did they gradually start having shorter lifespans? Radiation? Alcohol? Anything there is? What if death really is the result of "sin"? Have you cared to even look? Its not the scientific method to discard something because you "feel" or "think" its wrong. Carl sagan would tell you the same thing right now! Literally!
The first commandment states that you shall have no other gods before me. An unreflecting mind is a poor roof. The body is a temple. A house divided cannot stand. If your ingesting things other than the tree of life or food or un-poisoned water, And anything thats not whole and natural or a whole and natural ingredient is not "food"!, these things will eventually physically kill you! Its not a "sin" becuase he said or she said that allah or jesus said it was bad or because you "think" or "feel" its bad; its a "sin" because it actually physically kills us! As individuals or as a society! Its a scientific fact! Seems like a pretty simple instruction for staying alive to me! If you dont actually physically need it for staying alive it is bad for you! These are foreign objects that were putting into our bodies.
What if those instructions werent meant for us as we are in our current state but directions meant for us as we are in a different physical state? What if they were meant for us to be able to get back to that state? what if whatever the word for "tree of life" back then in the time of moses got translated into "burning bush" over the course of a very long time? Way longer than we realize? What if it was on purpose? What if this planet has been nuked before not only to destroy marijuana crops and create unfavorable growing conditions but to make people dependent on the "church" for survival? Is it a coincidence that bread and alcohol are made by the same process? Were we forced to indulge in something that was harmful? What if the painting of the last supper was a false piece of propaganda? What if moses was actually some sort of a "pharoah" ?
What if people are actually suppose to be mortally immortal and heaven really is a place on earth and people can just keep living without the aging process as we have come to know it ? What if "natural" death is a big fat lie? What if the real conspiricy lies in the hearts of human beings and prevents us from believing who and what we really are? And where we come from?
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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:49 PM
We are the crowned jewel of god. The tree of life is our spirit, the human spirit in another form. It makes no sense to try to recreate in any way the most perfect thing that there is, the living holy spirit. It is the life force incarnated. The almighty. It doesnt change it just breeds and grows. Like people. It is as it is. Its not created like alcohol or drugs. It is God, Allah, Karma, the Cosmos, and everything beyond it is all contained within the information contained in these terpenes, information which is recognized by the body and more importantly the heart then is deciphered by the mind. The information/terpenes just keep growing on and on and on. Thats why its called the chronic cause the machine dont stop baby.
Just like the colors of the rainbow. There is an infinite amount of colors between blue and purple as far as you keep looking there will always be a new color in between two other colors. As far as you keep looking at an atom you will keep finding new and new particles "smaller" and "smaller", forever and ever. It seems observation its self really does create that which does not exist on the current plane. Relativity really is the only sensible T.O.E. Hats off to einstein. Our universe does exist independent of our minds and quantum physics still work. We are figments of the holy spirits imagination. Beams of light. E=mc^2 right?
I believe this had a big hand in our creation. I believe this is what ended millions of years of non progressive "evolution". If its just adapting to the changing physical environment but not ever getting ahead of the game, being able to manipulate the environment itself can it really be classified as "evolution"? I believe this heals people at a genetic level. I believe this gave us the ability to think things out and create science and art. I believe this is what john the baptist was baptizing people with, what jesus was healing people with.
Do you think jesus WANTS to be worshiped let alone be worshiped as god? Do you remember the 1st commandment? The 2nd commandment states you shall make no idols! What if the "bible" is not the actual bible and has been chopped up to discredit the good stuff? Does that mean it doesnt still have a crapload of very valuable information if we took our time to analyze it properly? WHAT WOULD CARL SAGAN SAY!? That its useless? NOT A CHANCE!!
What if amen really meant all men (and women)? ?Meaning all man as one? All man as one ruling court of law? "dead" and "alive"?. What if "dead" people are still "alive" in another form? Doesnt all that eastern stuff tell me that the body mind and spirit are all the same thing? As above so below? What if it started as one big "hood" and turned into a free-for-all? What if the vatican was behind jihadism the whole time? What if writing was invented becuase word of mouth stopped working? What if digital memory was invented because writing stopped working?
What if we made this mess on purpose? What if we seen to much of the future and had to lose everything to create a new one? How many times have we self destructed before? How many times has the sun been blotted out? What happens when the dust settles? How many times have we risen from the ashes? My super mathematical powers are telling me probably every single time!? What if we cant die? What if we dont have a choice in the matter? Thats the real scary part! What if we have to live with our choices and have no choice but to repent here or in the afterlife or when were reincarnated or be stuck in a living hell? What if the same goes for the race as a whole? What if we all actually know this stuff in our hearts but cant admit it? What if the human race is like a functioning alcoholic and cant see our inevitable self destruction coming for the life of us? What if the biggest problems have the simplest answers?
The fact of the matter is that there is a blatantly STRONG agenda to assassinate the character of this helpful and harmless little plant. Why is that when the scientific FACTS clearly show it has nothing harmful in it, and you cant overdose from it, and its a scientific FACT that cannabinoids destroy toxins and protect cells? Why is it that at the same time things like alcohol and cigarettes are completely legal and theres an agenda to push pills and drugs on people when the scientific FACTS clearly show that these foreign objets do nothing but harm the body and kill people? Look up the FACTS about how many people die from cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food per year the numbers dont lie. I do not believe this is all just a coincidence.

I believe God has been under our nose, literally, this whole time and it grows on a weed, literally. I believe this is our salvation. We wont make it without it. And thats not a bad thing. Even if its just temporary unity so we can conquer some of space and colonize another celestial body. We can always split up and start killing each other again after that right? But if we dont come together now i dont think were gonna have that chance we will probably have to start all over again back at square one or further behind. Again. And again. And again. Lets get ahead of the game. Lets evolve. Perhaps the only war worth fighting is the war inside each of us, the war against ourself, and the fight for our soul. We repent as individuals then we repent as a whole. The "sheep" are becoming more and more aware and advanced these days, it is probably not the first time we have started to realize the true power we possess as human beings. The "powers that be" or STUPID alien scumbag "demon" tango want to stomp out the fire before it gets started and it has probably happened before. But the fact of the matter is time is on our side, mathematically if you have an unlimited number of tries you will succeed eventually, as long as you keep trying. Pressure and persistence will solve any problem the only variable is time. Our strength is in unity. Our strength is in our gracefulness and mercifulness toward one another. MMJ

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:52 PM


posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:55 PM
Sorry Bro, but many will need a strain for some eye pain if they try and read that..

Nothing personal but if that was indeed "Pro Cannabis" then We are fighting the same fight and in like have the same foes and those foes need and I think deep down they actually "want" the facts about the benefits of cannabis. You might even catch the 'Negative Nate' that will opine that You had indulged in the demon weed then typed that..

Proud member of LEAP• Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Edit: I see Nate beat Me over here...
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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:56 PM
sorry , but as interesting as this op seem, and misleading or bias after skimming through, I'm not reading a book report.

make charts, draw comparisons, show research, cite sources, show clinical tests, then summarize then and finally then give your honest opinion and interpretation after you show us your facts and research. otherwise, this seems like just a massive rant.

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:57 PM


posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 04:58 PM

originally posted by: JimNasium

You might even catch the 'Negative Nate' that will opine that You had indulged in the demon weed then typed that..

Proud member of LEAP• Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Edit: I see Nate beat Me over here...

lol, and you beat me with your edit

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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: JimNasium

It's not negative. You saw it as negative. People have become far too sensitive.

(post by Tjoran removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 05:51 PM

originally posted by: CrapAsUsual

That's a misnomer.
Cannabis does not destroy the mind and memory in the same way things like alcohol does.
In fact it's a neural protectant and has been shown to help with diseases like Parkinson's.
Please don't listen to the prohibition propaganda.
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posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: JAY1980

Plus for some people it helps them focus their energies better, pay more attention to detail.
Makes tedious tasks more enjoyable.

Some people don't get along with it, but any paranoia is likely only because it's illegal.
Everyone figures out that part for themselves. Schizophrenics should abstain. ADHD people, it generally helps.
It's an antidepressant for some people.

Between the various industrial uses for hemp, and the contentment and happiness that is achieved by some users (smoke/edibles) of cannabis, it should be more readily available for everyone who wants it.

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 07:36 PM
When you can learn to compose succinct paragraphs and organize your thoughts in a succinct and comprehensible manner, people may read what you have to say. But this is the most God-awful Wall of Text I have ever seen. It's a complete and utter mess. "A" for effort and "E" for execution.

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 09:05 PM
OP.....great job....keep pushing obviously know you are bang on the problems right now so do not under any circumstances stop you quest to share your truths.

MJ is an Anti-Parasitic if taken orally......this is the keystone issue with big pharma....who are now tying to by MJ Seed Banks Worldwide to coner the Global market on the entire gentics of the MJ plnt so they cn GMO the benefits OUT of it nd it will then get you stoned if combusted but will not help you properly in ingested....just like they tainted baking soda with "aromatics"....baking soda which cures cancer which is simply a mould.A mould whose living conditions are built by chemical reactions caused by parasitic action and by PH and by introduction of mycotoxins......the penecillin /mould/cancer connection exposed by Dr Hulda Clark combined with the addition of one of 2 types of Globally used water purifiers chlorine/chloride which EXPONENTIALLY SUPPORT PARASITIC SYMPATHETIC BODY /CHEMICAL CONDITIONS /MOULD/CANCER.

MJ has a built in recreational attractant.....and is GLOBALLY GROWN AND KNOW AND MARKETED.....there are many ways of controlling parasites with plants and body moulds with multiple treatments.....but none so effective as MJ and none so threatening to Big Pharma.

Excellent post OP....thank you.

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 09:32 PM


posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 09:35 PM


posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 10:25 PM
When the powers that be have reached a point where they no longer need us to keep making all the things they need to live you can be sure they will legalize all the drugs just so you don't spot their next move...

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 10:56 PM

originally posted by: JimNasium

Sorry Bro, but many will need a strain for some eye pain if they try and read that..

Nothing personal but if that was indeed "Pro Cannabis" then We are fighting the same fight and in like have the same foes and those foes need and I think deep down they actually "want" the facts about the benefits of cannabis. You might even catch the 'Negative Nate' that will opine that You had indulged in the demon weed then typed that..

Proud member of LEAP• Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Edit: I see Nate beat Me over here...
LEAP? Is that for real? You're a LEO that knows the truth about the most incredible plant on the face of the Earth? That's Amazing!!! Cheers!!!

posted on Aug, 12 2016 @ 10:57 PM
I can't wait to read your reaction after a fortnight with the Amazon Vine, yage, the Truth Vine, the madre.

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