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Around and round we go as souls

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posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 01:28 AM
Up above the clouds so blue,
I found the angels that I knew,
They carried me away to the pearly gates,
Where all the souls learn their fates;

The magistrate read from the book,
Grading me on things I took,
Lessons of life, good and bad,
Punctuated with happy and sad;

When all was tallied and said and done,
Pluses need to outweigh the minuses of one,
In order to gain entrance to Heaven's door,
There must a corrective score;

What did it say when all was counted?
Did I pass with a rainbows color?
Fingers crossed with anticipation,
Hoping for a feeling of elation;

The other alternatives, Purgatory or Hell,
One not so bad, the other not very swell,
Giving one time to think is not so bad,
Burning for eternity is not so glad;

Since the choice was not mine to make,
Everything I had been was now at stake,
I tried very hard to be the best man I could,
Some decisions I made were because I should;

Karma gives me the chance to break even,
According to the laws of averages,
Some you win and some you lose,
How I behaved was for me to choose;

From the Magistrate came a glancing smile,
Seems I had been all the worthwhile,
I passed with a cursory mile and Gates were parted,
My journey was complete and yet a new one just started;

Around and round we go as souls, Up and Down through each life we grow,
Where we stop nobody knows, but it sure is a ride to get through the show!

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