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Always the ideals

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posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 07:07 PM
I had a chat with a friend a couple of years ago and she said ;" I want to help people " and curious as i always am i asked;" How? "
In her subjective reality, our world is made of ideals and if we all changed how we think it would be a better place.. I couldnt resist asking;" What world is a better place for you? The clothes you are wearing is made by a bloody children hand, the jewel in your ear is likely a blood diamond, your way of life is most likely a privilege by just being born here.. Did you ever strive for anything in life? " And all she replied with was ideals.. I tried to get her to understand the difference between the action and a spoken word.. But all she ever replied with, its the change of mind we most start with.. If we all shared everything, it would work..

In her world we are not animals, we are a something different..We dont belong in the animal kingdom.. Or she thought..
So she started studying, a couple of years later she got a PhD..

So we sat again a group of friends ( Imagine for some people that i really have friends! ) And i asked how is it going, and she said;" One day at a time, i will make a change.." and a quarrel was heard, three vs one..
I got curious and i didnt like the number, i stood up and walked over.. and she said;" No, let them fight " and all i could hear in my mind;" I always knew you were full of s# "

The only words i said;" Lets fight " and they replied;" No, thats ok "

The lesson you can learn, ideals will never change anything, but never standing down from a fight will make those who bark the most back down..

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 07:44 PM
I get what you're saying........... I think, but I also think that is overcomplicating things.

I change somebody's life several times a week. It doesn't take a monumental/Herculean task. You see a need, and fulfill it. Just that simple. I tend to choose people put in my path, and people who appear to deserve a break.

It's much easier for me than most people, because I live in a very small place, where we all know each other. Needs are apparent, and we have a sense of those people. I'm a contractor and I make decent money by providing a good service. Our elderly are largely ignored by their kin. I'm more than willing to fix somebody's plumbing, or hanging soffit vents, or repair a roof, or .......... whatever. Costs me nothing but time.

People with grand ideals, they can help/change the world also, but it's often useful to set your sights on immediate changes. Certainly there have been those throughout history that took a grand view and through diligence and self-sacrifice, causes huge changes to happen. Your friend can change things via their ideals. People dedicate their lives to such things, and thank [deity of your choice] for them.

Good on you for standing for your friend. Your 'group of friends' should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to go to blows over ideals. None of them will ever know until all their time on Earth is done, whether your female friend was sucessful in changing the world. Seems a silly thing to fight about.


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