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The Powers That Be(Of Love)

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 11:01 PM
The power that be,
That set me free,
Rests along the shore
and there it is without a doubt,
No shame and no galore.

I felt nothing for thee,
The power that be,
Which set me free,
But loved thee when love was granted.

Nothing was there,
Nothing there at all.

Along the shore of despair where my heart despaired for care,
And no love for me,
Until a maiden seeking love was mentioned to me,
By my own beloved!

My brother, my brother he spoke to me!
Of a maiden fair and sweet.
I saw her eyes, her eyes!
And fell for her in the very moment.

So now on the shore lays my heart in despair,
With conflict all within.
This love a joke
or a sign from thee!
Thee the powers that be.


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