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Trust must Trust Love

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posted on May, 6 2016 @ 05:58 PM
What you say is trust?
A trust of lust,
Time to kneel,
Walking lines in back of love,
Saying no I am sorry,
Forgive my love away,
Sight of love,
Love feeling love,
A love of a feeling,
Does past love last,
Does last love pass,
Feeling a love this way,
A way of feeling love,
Ditching the drive of love
Love falls into a ditch,
Riches of love,
Love of riches,
Searches for love
Love of searches,
Dreams of love,
Love of dreams,
Thoughts of love,
Love of thoughts,
Mighty love,
Love of the mighty,
Killer of love,
Love kills,
Hot love,
Love being hot,
Water of love,
Love of water,
Kisses in love,
Love in kisses,
Doesn't love,
Love doesn't,
Flowers of love that love flowers. It really pays to trust love.

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