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The Way I See the World

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posted on May, 3 2016 @ 12:01 PM
Decided to try and write a song similar in style to New Model Army(NMA). The energy would probably be something like this.

The way I see the world, I stand here full of hate in a world we're forced to love or tolerate. Now I love my mother, she's the kindest soul of the realm with fortitude capable of withstanding storm winds that strike down the strongest tower in the realm. I love my brothers, love my sisters, not in union of blood or ceremony. Brothers and sisters of community, I love all.

The way I see the world, I hate everyone I see yelling I should tolerate those which differ from me. Now I love my land, and I love my people for they are me and I am them. United we stand and divided we fall, against an enemy the world tolerates, decrying me.

See I hate no person, I hate everyone. I love my mother, I love my brother, my sister, my land, my people. So they yell I hate, I hate, I hate! For I love my people, place them first, love all peoples, not in my heart.

Tell me why. Tell me why. Why. Tolerate the world.

The way I see the world I hate everyone. All their notions, ideas. But I love my mother and all the people in the square, still they scream to me that I...I hate, I hate, I hate!

So I love all the people and hate what I see. I will not love, will not tolerate all the ideas of the land, but love for the people, a torch in my hand.

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