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My life...

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posted on May, 1 2016 @ 12:34 AM
As I wished for a love from within.
My Precious moments were the truth to you!
My dark wings have fallen off the tops of trees for you.
There is something' missing in my life of happiness. Oh it's you!

Seeing the hands are like daughters and sons we brought into this crazy world.
And their faiths are forgiving truths of time.
We all wished for so long. Your truth will be mine.

Will I love your long road of saints and sinners of winners?
My truth is there really a need for us to say goodbye?
No? I will always walk this road alone?

My family knows all the secrets in life.
All the memories you made in my mind.
You have wished for so long that I would fade away.

All the lions keeps roaring. I am sorry the sky keeps turning grey.
The sun will rise another day.
I will be with you again! I love your deepness of hearts!
May you rest in peace my twin!

I wish you a good day!
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