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Between the Spaces, We Come Together

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posted on Apr, 19 2016 @ 10:37 PM

A recent flurry of anti religion and faith-bashing comments I've noticed the past week. Also, I've noticed throughout my life, I'd like to tribute this thread to those of faith, and those without.

I've always felt for the religious people, not the nutters who perceive "it's the books way or no way, your going some where bad" types.

This type of faith is what gets under the skin of atheists and the like.
Some religious followers make their faith out to be the only absolute, follow said doctrine/rules, or you don't get to go anywhere nice when you divide (die).

In return, the bashing is evident.

One follows the heart, intuition. These types have different brain chemistry, they understand like a curve.
The other follows the mind, logic/reason. These types are more centered on putting logic together, they understand like a straight line.

(Purely metaphorical)

What it all boils down to, is insecurity of self;
-in terms of not understanding who and what we are, how we got here without consent, and why no one seems to have an answer- for the followers of faith and those bashing such, usually atheistic type minds.

This is a vicious circle as faith imo is one of the most important energies within the mind and heart of any human being.
I'm not religious, I follow no doctrine external to myself. I live for knowledge, wisdom, the experience of this lesser realm, and higher states of consciousness.
I live to understand; who, what, why - that which is am.

Yet in my heart, in my mind, I stay true to what it feels, learns, knows. Experiences which have shaped and molded my understanding of the external-material universe and the internal-not-so-material universe.

My faith to myself and my particular beliefs, is one of the most powerful and concentrated energies I have gathered in my heart and mind, contained in this fleshly body.

It makes who I am. It's the core to my being. Faith, in myself, my spirit, my mind, is sacred to me as an individual human being.
It has powered me, it has brought Providence, it has given me experiences I sometimes cannot explain logically.

Yet it changes as I learn and grow

So I do relate to the religious types.

On the contrary; there is always doubt, if I'm honest, that what I understand and believe may not be 100% the exact truth.
I follow science; logic and reason, to discern from what is not true, within the external universe itself, from what could be labeled "fantasy".

There is no science to my mind, the deepest parts of my meditations where I have the ability to leave the body for moments.
There is no science to my heart and why is resonates so powerfully with my beliefs and understandings.
The coherency of brain and heart, the experiences and providence that come from such.

I can relate to atheists, as setting oneself up for false expectations is the biggest let down to oneself.
Which is why my faith has always been tested, tempered and altered as I develop and grow.

If ones faith were to be diminished and fade; the impact to that person's heart and mental construct would be devastating to that person.

Leaving one lost and confused, feeling utter loneliness and despair.

As a child, through elementary to high-school; I was an athletic and logical type, I was obsessed with science especially biology.

In my high-school years, regarding chemistry and biology, I was ahead of many students. The one with the answers, raising his hand when no one would.

When it came to things like dissection and identification of organs and body systems; I could do such like no other student in my classes.
Not to toot a horn, but for instance when I was 16 I dissected a pig and identified all its internal organs and the relating systems in under 20 minutes.

I'm adding such to show contrast of my love and passion I had for science growing up. How it shaped my understanding of life.

When high-school was near end of last exams; I would then experience profound experiences I could only relate to as "spiritual".

This was new to me.

I remember when these spiritual natures started to unfold; I was very confused and started questioning the laws of nature and the laws our consciousness and hearts have over nature.

Something wasn't right. The first experience I can remember that was so profound was; I spontaneously shot out of my body, and found myself in the midst of a galaxy, fully intact and aware.

I could see beautiful lights/stars in every direction, °360, above, below and around. This was the most stunning thing I've ever experienced, even to present.

To my shock; I started recognizing my thoughts, feelings which were intact. Then, I was within some type of body that "kept me together".

At the same time I was mentally registering this experience (trying to understand what was happening); there was a very powerful presence I could not see, like an omnipresent aura.
It felt like an awareness the size of the Earth, it was everywhere, in every direction, I could feel it like a grip.

All of a sudden within this (internal) space; images like psychic-photography started flowing in my center vision.

I will not share what they were, as I don't wish to rub anyone's belief the wrong way. But I was being shown something very specific.

The very next night a simular, yet not-so-profound experience happened. I found myself out of the body again.

These were the start of many experiences which my science-mind could not relate to, or understand. Which went on for about 5-6 years.

The point again, that I've shared here, is, there are natures within ourselves that we are not completely familiar with, that the establishment does not make known or seem to care.
That science hasn't identified other then; "that portion of the brain is working as said indivdual is experiencing said experience".

The experiences I had, were different then when one goes to sleep and dreams..
I had full function of my thinker, of my feelings, of my movement. I had full vision, could hear, smell, probably taste and touch/feel.

I do understand that may define lucid dreaming, yet the omnipresent aura/feeling and all the psychic-pictures have a contrast.

The purpose of this thread; is hopefully for people to understand one thing.

We are all the same, yet different. Bashing, opposing and demeaning one another based on what one thinks or feels is the "truth" (whether popular or not) is not okay to do.

We are humans, and obviously we are all put here without understanding why. As we age, our mental perception of ourselves molds and becomes more narrow.

I believe this to be a dishonest way to live; as some things just can't be explained, also change.

Theorized, is not a truth.
Doctrine and faith, is not a truth.

But somewhere between our hearts and minds, our logic and intuition, within ourselves, lies the truth.

Together we fit like a puzzle piece, which ultimately aide in understanding the who, what, where, and why of ourselves.

So please, don't use energy on bashing one another based on opposing faith or ideas.
Respect each other for being different, for showing each other slight contrast within ourselves.

Which should bring unity, not division.

Faith is ones heart, it's ones core, it's powerful and fragile to such an indivudal, and that should be respected and sometimes admired.

Thank you ♡
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posted on Apr, 19 2016 @ 11:17 PM
I have noticed bashing of one particular religion. You are right.

posted on Apr, 19 2016 @ 11:21 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Very good... im glad you see faith is not a truth, as it is a mere crutch that many use to support belief... as your personal experience has shown even without solid ground, there was something solid. It seems the aura as you call it chased you around for awhile, Im curious as to what its color was... and if any voice or question issued from it.

Only those that have experienced such will comprehend while others will obviously just grasp the rote nature that really explains nothing, ego of course tries to identify but without ego just shared or the not yet experienced so why grasp to either?

Seems you know the two extremes of logic(male dominated energy of creation) and emotive energy or flow(female dominate energy) that puts both together in harmony as some spiritual science has called kundalini which is ration when both of these two energies harmonize and achieve balance.

My suggesstion to you aside from personal couriosity about the aura and any question that may have issued forth... is you are still attached to thoughts using faith to guide you through like fingers clawing in the darkness with the light as your guide but realized you were not alone in this field. The physical world has objects of different densities or matter they all have names to these forms whether natural or inspired(articfical) but beyond utilization essentially empty, the name and forms arise as a thought, the AM with the ID... practise in ceasing this labeling for mental quiessence to go even further... as of now? You are in a very high level realm of existence but there is still a very small remander. You saw yourself as a part of the universe when beyond? There is no difference nor separation other than those still mired in such duality even though one sits at the gate that has no gate.

I did not enter the golden orb/aura as many do upon death, as it leads to rebirth... I avoided no less than 5 births of course resolution of all negative energies as going through all of the lights and vibrational states, the question the golden aura asked was: Did they hurt you? I said a little, but im ok. Anyone knowing knowing the sort of life I had went through or similar likely would have been Christ on a cross crying out why am I forsaken blah blah blah the victim on the couch routine or cross in that metaphor... having died on the cushion? I had done enough whinning, fortunately all knowledge learned helped move from the extreme godhead of logic and extreme godhead of emotion into awakening. So fetter free but empathy for those not thus gone often cast hooks ties their own ropes and try to dislodge what is immovable as if anyone else is helping atlas well many are that have accomplished the same.

So basically seek no thought. The understanding of why not enetering the orb, witch I saw as all life buzzing in perfect order and harmony without defilement in perfection... was I would have been a rock in such a mechanism of perfection, so upon reflection having regained consciousness, flushing larva from mouth and anus the work of world perfection could occur in one already imperfect... and as all other awakened being will say its nothing really to work for peace and harmony of the entire world so all being my find happiness that harms no one.


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