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Planet 'Phot 36' it's near...

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posted on Apr, 18 2016 @ 12:06 PM
The darkness of a day saddened and my blue alarm rang at 2:39 A.M. Telling me my sleep is over, wake up. I jumped on my bed and woke up at 5:39A.M. sharply without even the iota of green tiredness due to utter light curiosity in my mind.

Since I liked reading about strange life on other planets and have read almost about 139 of such planets but most interesting one was Phot 36. Phot 36 is my understanding to have most likely place for survival after our own blue planet Earth.

I lied to my mom telling her I had to rush to school for other reasons. I did not have to lie but I did. I rushed to the Physics lab at school. Where my alien mentor, Mrs. Storm sat, waiting for me.

Mrs. Storm was a women in a… Billion to one or more! She had strange knowledge of Science. She has an artful way to teach her rainbow way of understandings. She put it in my bright white mind that I had to work hard.

I want to make my dreams come alive in strange yellow ways. My dream is to contact other outer space races besides the two we know about. We worked on it together to accomplish our mission by sharing crazy ideas. Ideas my mom would think are crazy. She would most likely smack my hand and wash my mouth out with black soap. Then ground me.

Day after day and year after year this meeting went on with Mrs. Storm. Even after I finished high school and college I could not wait to meet with Mrs Storm.

Our last and final meeting I told Mrs. Storm about my messages I was receiving at night time. It banged on my Aqua mind and I concluded that the messages I received were from the planet Phot 36.

The messages I was getting were screams from their race asking for help, they were choking to death and begging for their life to see the end of their planet in front of their eyes but unfortunately it was too late.

Humans learned how to time travel and inserted their ways onto a peaceful planet Phot 36 and over greed they blew it up!!

So I reflected back in time, are we humans doing this to our Earth over greed
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