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The 24 hour Typer...

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posted on Apr, 11 2016 @ 06:12 PM
As Lym typed away day and night Reb dictated words to write. Lym was the fastest Typer in the Solar System. Reb was the fastest talker in the Solar System. 1.2 million times to the 2nd power faster then a auctioneer. The two made a great team.

Lym typed 89994 words per second. Lym typed at the speed of light. Every 16 seconds Nad Fisher had to give Lym a new typewriter. Lym was so fast at typing all the keys would burn out every 15 seconds.

As time went by Lym and Reb could never take a break for 24 years. It took 24 years for the keeper of time to train new people to type and talk this fast. Nad Fisher had a hard job too.

Behind the scenes Nad Fisher had a massive recycle machine. This machine would recycle the worlds typewriters every 32 seconds.

Here is what happened every second. Reb would dictate to Lym words as Lym typed people on earth would make their next move.

Here is how it goes.

"Harry Dixon falls out of tree. Jena Luios breaks a nail. Larry Simon needs gas for his car. James McDant falls off a roof. Sherri Stone has her baby in 20 min.

John falls in Blue lost his shoe...Wendy Lang will eat ice cream...Humpty Dumpty will have a great fall now.

As Lym types Rebs and pushes enter, this is how every human gets a command! The end

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