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What does everyone think about this change to taxes?

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posted on Apr, 8 2016 @ 12:11 PM
What would happen is we would see massive campaigns to convince people what would be best to spend money on.

The "wrong" ones would win in the end as usual.

What you describe is borderline right sided Libertarianism.

posted on Apr, 8 2016 @ 12:16 PM
Do you honestly think the majority of Americans are informed and intelligent enough to make rational decisions about where their taxes should be allocated? I understand your desire to stop funding things you don't agree with. But as individuals we could never see the big picture and would inevitably over-funding one program and under-fund others.

Rather than deciding as individuals we should decide as communities and states what we want the federal government to do with the taxes they collect from the states(not the people). You know kinda like how this country was originally intended to work. Put the power back into the states and ultimately the people hands. Not these bureaucrats who live hundreds of miles away. The federal government should be dependent on the states not the other way around.

posted on Apr, 8 2016 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: Puppylove

Here's the thing:

Emergency services are all local, not national or even state.

Your police and fire fighters are paid for by your municipal taxes.

posted on Apr, 8 2016 @ 02:34 PM
On the primary basis of descretionary spending being strictly limited I totally agree. I think it should be far less than 50%. Maybe 10%.

We could figure out the funds needed for infrastructure replacements and force that spending. We could figure out a lot of costs for such things we know we must have and make them non descretionary.

I am not in such a panic about "unfunded liabilites" ..The government gets tax revenue each year, and we dont actually own those unfunded liabilites yet. The government is a money cycleing system. One that is supposed to be run by the people, but has been taken over completely by big business and a shadow government. Elected officials are quit often publically surprised when they are politely told to mind thier own business, they have no need to know. This needs to change. At least some elected officials need to know everything. Otherwise, they actually control nothing. Therefore, the people that elected them control nothing.

I also think there is absolutely no reason our government should have a debt or a deficit at all. It should not be allowed to borrow money at all. This debt and deficit should be abolished as unconstitutional.

The government has the right to coin money, it can also remove money from circulation, therby controlling inflation. I believe that China manages thier money supply like this.

The government does not need to borrow from anybody, certainly not from someone that creates money from nothing and loans it to us at interest. So it should do that, create the money and pay the fed reserve notes back with real, debt free USA dollars that are worth the same amount by government fiat. They can still honor the bonds that exist that are held by foriegn governments and individuals. There is no need to sell anymore. The fed can then use the 17 trillion plus dollars to loan out to Americans First and build the America 2.0 that we all want to see. The Federal Reserve banking cartel would still be insanely rich, and make an fair interest profit, just not from taxpayers, but from real borrowers and with real collateral.

There exists better materials now for roads that doesn't deteriorate or pollute rainwater runoff like our pathetically thin asfault does today. It is much cheaper for us all in the long run, and far better for our environment, but still significantly more expensive at first. However, if we used it more, the initial cost would also come down. We should have been using that stuff on our roads for a long time now. As well as designing in passthroughs for wildlife to cross, which they can learn to do. Carry this type of long term building to last forward to everything from the electrical grid, the plumbing system, safe non toxic buildings, power generation and we shouldn't have an unemployment problem. We would be begging for imagrants to come help us do the work that needs doing. There is tons to do and plenty of money to do it with! We can use renewable wind and solar to split water and store hydrogen giving us all the energy we need, when we need it, and producing water as a by product.

Working claas people pay too much in taxes..because of two reasons..artificial debt and runaway spending on war, black ops projects, continuity of government underground cities for the wealthy and poweful and entitlement programs. We should have good weapons programs overseen by civilian elected officials. We should not have clandestine military and corporate interest miltarizing space and creating a breakway technology track to launch themsleves into space at our expense. If they want to go, fine, they should pay for it themselves.

There are ways for most people to build the capital necessary to have substantial capital gains by working.The stock market is obviously rigged. Simply because too few people own too much of it.

The government doesn't put international bankers in jail for fraud, because they owe them too much money! This is an impossible conflict of interest. Instead, it just takes a cut of the theft. That makes them, the government, by definition complicit in aiding and abeiting a crimnal organization.

You can make a lot of money working for each hour and each dime, and the governments will just keep taking a bigger and bigger slice, keeping you from raising your standard of living or amasing any significant amount of capital to invest. Particualarly in off market investments, which you can be in far better control.

We the stockholders have no say whatsoever in what a company does with public capital. Recently, the situation has now gotten worse and votes of common stock holders are no longer binding. Guess the bankers are upset about the huge bonus cutting they took. Now they don't have to listen to common stock holders anymore, and you almost have to be one of them to be wealthy enough to even buy a single voting share.

It seems that to get really rich fast, and about the only way other than winning a huge lotto jackpot, is to take a popular well known company public. It doesnt even have to be that profitable at the time.

How is Zuckerburg worth 44 Billion dollars? Bill Gates is only worth 70ish.. It is because he owns a ton of facebook stock that he got for nothing or close to nothing and now it's trading for several orders of magnitude more than he 'paid' for it. What did Facebook do with the money from the sale of stock? Did they invest it in expanding facebook, or did they pocket most of it at a 20% cg rate? Had they earned it, they would have had to pay 39.6% fed 12-15% state, 7-15% ss ( on first 125k) 5-20% on anything they bought with it. Plus tax, an ongoing proof you do not actually own land in America, for your car and home, insurance, food, heat, water, power,tv,a new computer every five or six years, software, a pil cell phones, college tuition. These are not optional items for anyone. They are foundational for success.

A middle class income is now $450k a year, which is the cutoff for 39.6 % max federal tax, that is, unless you work for yourself..then there is another 14% self employment tax. If people figured it out, there would be zero descretionary spending and people would only buy food and medical care and they would eat the cheapest food.

The only real way around this is to invent something, make something, write something, patent something and sell it to a lot of people at a profit. More people than you could possibly sell it to one on one by yourself. A song, a book, a cure(careful), an engine(careful). Sell enough and you can overcome the taxation, don't and go under.

Social security, as a separate savings, shouldn't actually touched at all by the Government..It should be an account, in your name, that you can check the balance of at any time. It should be guranteed and bear an interst rate that is higher than inflation, that is 100% tax free by federal or state goverments.

If you have a catastrophic event and need to get at it earlier than 65 as today, with a lawyer, . You should not need a lawyer to access those funds. It should also be inherited by your surviving relatives, it isn't the governments money apportioned by taxation, it is your own money they "saved" for you. A lot of people pay it, and die before they ever see a dime of it, and the government just gets it all.

We need to end the wars on abstract concepts and start the push for peace prosperity.
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posted on Apr, 8 2016 @ 02:45 PM
I think you would also have a much better chance if you got this passed on a local level in a municipality than if you aimed straight to the top.

I know what I would have voted for. There are whole neighborhoods in this city that smell like they have open sewers in the summer. That's how bad our sewer infrastructure has gotten, but instead of commit to fixing it, the Mayor and Council thought we needed a new, buried track street car system in our downtown.

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