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Mars Bars and Grapes...

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posted on Apr, 6 2016 @ 11:36 PM
A day in blue sky's of yellow and green. I was in her dream. We met at night under moonlight. At the same time the sun was shining a bright shade of red.

I could see in her eyes something was wrong. My love for her was strong. She has had a delight when nothing was wrong. This time I knew I was wrong.

She went to the ocean to hear her song. A song of true lovers in the night. A song of the most beautiful colors. A sky turned grey. Her eyes turned blood red. Her head spin like a fast light gleeming thru the sky.

Suddenly she disappeared. My time was long and time is short. So live your life while you still can!

She turned out to be the devil in a beautiful fur jacket!

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