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The Stone Wall Warrior

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posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 10:14 AM
Here she comes again, I wonder who it will be this time? A boy or a girl.

Just as the sun goes down and the night breaths deep lost light my friend has come again, I hope this will not end. Every night is a different light. As I wait for this great sight again. Last night it was a 17 year old boy. When I first saw him chills ran up my spine. As he undressed she rests in the story made for two. This was his first time. He sat there and did not know what to do.

Just last week she brought home a freek. It was a girls night for two. As she undressed the claws came out. Oh what a sight of delight.

The other night I chimed with glee. A bottle of wine and a fine time. She did it again this time with ten. As they undressed she stressed. She closed the shade and they all played. Oh my night was bright.

Then again she was out, I had a doubt. I could not figure what it was about. It was late she opened the gate. He put her down like a clown. He looked at me with a gee! He went to pee but did not see and learned it was me.

I am just a girl in the lamp next to the bed...The End

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