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AZIZ: The Combat Fighter... Comedy skecthes censored by State TV station

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posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 02:53 PM
Kummeli was a show which were broadcasted between 1991-1994 in Finland .. Kummeli show was most popular TV show for over a decade, they made fun of politicans, finnish people, finnish man, finnish heavy music, french, englishmen, jews and terrorist etc. So it was more like finnish "Monty Python ".
So the Finnish state sponsored TV channel YLE ( paid by tax money ) has this show in rerun but with a "minor" difference, YLE has censored Aziz Combat Fighter scenes and everything they nowadays do not find politically correct.
Their explanation for aziz sketches were


From Kummeli´s reruns Aziz sketches has been removed, because of avoiding displeasure related terrorist events.

So who could possibly be displeasured by mocking terrorists ? Are we really so pampered nowadays that we cannot make our own decision to choose what we want to see, like or not like what we see... are we put in one mold which defines us all.

I find this what is happening in Finland very weird.. why there is need to "fix" old and funny skecthes.. to be some how politically correct.. when terrorism has become issue to be politically correct with ?

I think YLE´s decision in censoring this serie is more discrediting our common sense than anything else


Here is Aziz The Combat fighter ( language is universal .. as there is no real language just some words we all know )

Next one Kummeli made fun of finnish Heavy metal dudes ( you don´t get the language .. but body talk most likely opens up anyway )

Soon we don´t have a say at all...

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