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Dont venture into a realm

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posted on Mar, 26 2016 @ 06:24 AM
I saw someone who tried sneak past my watchful eyes, unknowingly that i was watching every footstep she took... Her limbs was not something God had made, but she saw herself as one.. I knew her eyes and ears was watching to see if i was near, the swords see hid under her clot made from a dying star.. I despised her as much as she despised me..
My realm was a place she could safely pass through is she followed all the rules, she never did..

A flock of birds flew over her, my eyes pierced her red armor to see if she could hold her blood thirst.. They were all struck by the four arms this freak of nature was gifted with..

Her blood thirst turned to fear when she understood i was just behind her, my hand grabbed the backside of her head and smashed her down to the earth...
My voice echoed through kingdom and earth.." You know the rules " I felt my hand starting to crack her head and she screamed in pain
"You come into my realm and act like you can do whatever you want" My words filled with rage and my blood started to boil..

Her breathing was heavy and she didnt know if i was to end her life again like i done many times before.. She was always, reborn the same vessel that took only time to rebuild and time was something she was shackled to.. I wasnt..

I whispered in her ear;" I gave you a free passage to do what must be done, it doesnt mean you can bend the rules, do i make myself clear "
She looked into my red eyes with despair and answered " Yes "

My firm grasp let her go and i know what she will do will hurt me to, but i can endure the pain.. And i will try to relieve the nature the pain she will bring..

The old man appeared behind me;" It uncanny to see the fear you bring to gods, but i smile every time they think no rules abide and you stand there watching " He said..

"Time makes them into abominations" i said.. And the old man nodded his head.. And said " I do agree, maybe there is hope for you after all "

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