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I Found a Lot of new Music, via a post in 'Interesting Websites' Forum

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posted on Feb, 27 2016 @ 11:11 PM
Thanks to fartsmeller46 ( I never imagined myself typing that), I was led from this thread : to a long list of websites where I found

That site shows about 15 different major cities and maps out what music is being listened to via popularity of clubs, it seems and you can click on the club for a sample song from the band playing there now. Most are unknowns, but at least have 1 album recorded. Rarely, you will come across say, Katy Perry, since she is playing at the large stadium o the map...but mostly not.

I have been listening to the same music for awhile. Even following friends on Spotify is a small microcosm of music. The last CD I bought was Fun. 'Some Nights".

I find this website and I start clicking on clubs in LA, Berlin, NYC, Vancouver, Chicago, Paris....and I found great music.

I found a band that I think is my favorite now- Midnight Mob, apparently out of NYC.

I will put a few random videos, the ones that can be found on youtube, that I really liked. This made me very happy, it's been a long time since I felt I 'discovered' music I enjoy.

this one doesn't have youtube, so i'll try Jeff Eager- dream off- Spotify

I am seeing the great ceasar video for the first time, I was crying when I heard the song, the video is nothing like I imagined and it is unbearably beauiful
and sad

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