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The collective and more

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posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 03:19 AM
The collective.
First of all I mean not of offend anyone here but point out a observation in relation to life it self.
My first area is in relation to plants, When I was growing up I was lead to believe plants have a individual soul, life force that allows them to be alive. However recently I have conducted a few experiments that contradict that theory and have come to the conclusion that plants have a collective life force that lives in all plants / trees. It don’t matter if the plant is in the ground or 100 stories up in some high rise building. The way I figured this out was through cuttings. I took some cuttings of various plants that where growing in direct soil straight into the ground, from here I place these cuttings in pots growing 2 meters off the ground. From here these plants developed new root systems and have started flowering and producing fruit. This made me think ok if Plants have individual souls the cutting may of continued to stay alive but stop growing and differently not produced any fruit. The fact is thoe as my experiment shows is the complete opposite and plants have a collective life force.
Now for next part which there are two parts to so real them carefully.

First of all Humans, We have all been lead to believe that every single one of us has a soul. However what if we look at this from having a collective soul instead. Now I know a lot you will disagree with me here and I don’t blame you, however here me out.
I will break this up into three parts. Emotion, Religion & the fourth dimension

Where is it you are most likely to experience spiritual activity. Places where at the time of the persons death that person projected a lot of emotion before they died. Whether it be fear, anger, depression, or any emotion. It seems to be a very common thing.

Now what if Emotion itself say is a spiritual reference say in a collective force. Think of it as a 3d grid, that person died at X, Y, Z. Under these terms so set emotional reference at this level type (B) or so, at this location. Which means when ever living person goes to this grid area, this reference will become active and project the person who died there. Upon this reference coming active it will allow the force to carry out anything it chooses to do with in that area. ( On a side note as well It seems the more emotional a living person is the more activity they attract to them. ) Which means that the deceased person can be in many areas simultaneously.

Now this is really hard to explain but it makes a very feasible theory that when we die, we leave a emotional point of reference within the “God Matrix”it self. And that emotional point of reference in the larger scale of things is one very small piece of information for say a collective transcendence. The more people feel and experience the more beneficial the reference.
Now lets think 4th dimension for a moment. Think of your life as from start to finish as 1 complete unit. You can look at any time period of your life from the beginning to end. You know exactly what you are going to experience, what life style you will have, weather your rich, poor, anything. Now from here lets just say you have a friend you have not seen in say 40 years who had a emotional impact on your life. They die and you start seeing them, but not at the age they where when they died but at the age they were when you last saw them 40 years ago. Now think of that emotional reference element again. You feel a strong emotion or you go to a place that has had many people die of horrific deaths, somewhere that has a very emotional past. And you randomly think of your friend who you have not seen in 40 years and you still think is alive, yet you see him walking around at the corner of your eye 40 years younger. What is this, Well as I said it’s hard to explain, Think of it as you are calling upon a emotional reference which is a 4th dimensional element. It does not matter the appearance of the deceased, only how you chose to remember them. If you remember them as friendly and have not seen them in 40 years then that’s how you will see them in the area. So In a way you are influencing the projection. (Remember thoe this is just a theory)

Have you ever noticed those who are more religious are most likely to talk about gods, and demons. The fact of the matter is your paranormal experience is your own creation. Why because if you were to go to a place that has had so much death, then first of all you are going to experience some activity however the way you physically see that activity will be based upon stories, movies and horror scenes you have been subjected to in the past. Ie you have to people in a place of so much innocent death, Ie we will call this place the house of horrors. One person being a catholic and another being a Buddhist. The catholic is obviously going to say this is the house of satin and will even make out a physical fabricated definition of him from what the mind creates. Where as the Buddhist will not see that. The Buddhist will see a mistreated soul releasing his frustration out on all these other people he has killed cause of always being a outcast in his younger years along with mistreatment.
At the center of every single entities heart, weather they live in this reality, on this planet or some other dimension thousands of frequencies higher then ours. It does not matter, no distance can measure. At the center of there ( heart ) is a love at the purest form of (Unity) “On a side note if anyone has ever studied or been a member of the Rosicrucian you will know Triangle principle” (Light, Life, Love) This is the formula for creation and evolution. Why then do people or what every type of being you are turn bad? People / beings turn each other bad through mistreatment and providing heart breaking experiences. ( I for one have had my heart broken many times, to the point where just before It breaks I get a negative serge of energy feeling surrounding it. Upon that it actually feels as if my heart chakra dies/ breaks. At this point I usually feel very empty in the chest and lack the ability to even walk. )

4th dimension.
Picture your life as a segment / capsule. And within this casual is your entire life from the day you are born until the day you die. We will give you a life span of say 1000 years. Now in this capsule that measures your beginning to end also has a infinite number of probability outcomes. In one life you are a rich Elite banker, In another you are a homeless man, another you are married with 3 kids and struggling and so forth. Now every single one of these life’s accounts for a different experience. The Experience is preset, and every one of these experiences produces Energy. Now I am not saying all of this is true or correct, Every night I have sleepless nights laying there contemplating the 4th and 5th dimension’s and it’s mechanics and influence on our own 3rd dimension reality and this is what I have come to conclude.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 05:53 AM
I believe basically the same so s&f but I reckon I can explain it in 2 sentences.

We are all part of a universal conciousness that shattered at the moment of creation.
It's our job through many lifetimes to experience everything there is to experience and realise everything is one and get back to that state.

I loved the op but think my way of putting it is better

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 09:15 AM
a reply to: Svaba

You know you are right .. is it the conclusion

Ah I loved reading that soo much .. Writing that must of drained the hell out of you

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