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The birth of conscience

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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:39 PM

As I saw with my own eyes, just when I lost my conscience, this unimaginable light, and warmth that hit me like a freight train running over me. The brightness so immense blinded my view and started to flow over in speeding stars that if you traveled through the stars and just escaped a wormhole and the existing stars at the other side slowly emerged out of this bright flashes and streaks.

As my velocity started to dim and I began to look around me noticing that I was in what looked like space, only the smell I found odd that it even could be possible to smell space got me confused.
I could see far distant star systems of something that looked like clustering light blobs; some fell apart in fast moving helixes but as different as I learned from class in school.

Where did I go, and what were those weird looking white aural smoke that spirally formed a vortex just as if nebulae form stars out of hot dense gasses.

It happened much quicker as stars evolved over thousands of years. No this was different, I started to grasp what I was witnessing, so strange, weird and beautiful at once, and I could feel what was happening inside that white bright sparkling nebula, I spontaneously started to cry and joy at the same time filled my heart.

Suddenly whispers caught my attention it surrounded me like if I was sitting in the middle of a cinema with Dolby 7.1 speakers around me penetrating my brains and echoed through my thoughts, but I could not hear what they said.

What are they saying, what, what are you trying to tell me? Who are you where am I what happened to me?

I am scared; mama is that you please talk to me …

Suddenly the nebula exploded, but the sound started before the explosion started to happen and the whisperers chilled away blended together with thousands of wonderful color sparkling mini-comets, flying in every direction like fireworks on New Year's Eve.

However, darkness started to surround me, only from where the nebula was, a small bright light with a tiny little tail swimming erratically in front of me finding a path to go.

As it came to me I wanted to reach out and touch it but I couldn't, I looked to find my hands but I couldn't, it shocked me and as soon as I could I looked down to search for my feet, they weren't there.
No Nooooooo, where’s my body? As the whispering started to take form I could hear what they said,and they said: "you are not any more "

slowly freaking out I screamed, “What do you mean, I’m not anymore “Again, they whispered, “you are not anymore “

I didn't want to understand what I fiercely feared could be, but I blocked the possibility and the pain started to grow into my conscience that I had to understand that, I was, I was, I was, dead.

They answered "yes sss's "

That is why I could not find my body, I was dead, not alive!
The first thing that popped my mind was heaven. “Am I in heaven? Do you call it so? “
The whisperers answered "yes it's your call ”

So everything I just witnessing what could it be, this is not how I read the books of how heaven and the soul of man could look like, did it?

As I wondered that there wasn't any reflection of anything no shadows or people, a little stream of water, as that was what it looked like passed me underneath, or above I couldn't orientate myself from it. Nevertheless, looking at the reflection, I could see what I looked like and it had the same shape of those strange fluffy light seamen that came out of the nebula?

It then struck me I was witnessing conscience being born; I just died and landed in front of the birth of consciousness. So consciousness being created just as stars are being born in the physical world.
And I’m the returning conscience awareness that came back from the living?

I screamed, “Where do I report my knowledge? “

Our souls are bright lights with small little tails swimming around like seamen do, that’s so weird and beautiful at the same time...

There it was again that vortex of light just started to appear out of nothingness.
And suddenly I could see all the conscience light dots gathering around the vortex and slowly they disappeared into that huge bright vortex.

I knew I had to go there too; I looked through the shimmering darkness behind me and could see my own physical world, like a huge oval screen in the distance, but the love and light beam coming from the vortex draw me to it.

People were reanimating me and I could hear the surgeons yelling things, defibrillating me, but the whispering and the beams were too strong and called me to the vortex, and my feelings were like a rope both sides pulling at me.

Suddenly the rope snapped, and it did not look like a rope at all, it was a transparent naval cord with a DNA strand piece I was attached to, and the one leading to the vortex was the part I had to follow.

I slowly glided into the vortex with all the other souls of conscience, and it got very warm again and brightness and warmth with love blanket all over me, just as I came here, I felt that same feeling.

As I started to look around and felt something tingle were my arms and legs supposed to be, I could see glittering gold dust like particles taking on some shape I could remember.

My arms legs and body started to regenerate as to my own imagination and that of star trek, but it took on the form I loved most when I was seventeen years old.

Naked and scared but happy and sad at the same time, I looked into the brightness that felt so warm and tender with love that burned your heart away so hard that remorse, guilt, pain, and suffering, it all blasted away by those beams that struck those little tiny conscientious seamen called me!, right into that vortex.

In the distance, I could see her, I saw her, I could even smell her and tears started to flow over my cheeks, as that was how it felt like.

I finally could hold her in my arms and tell her that I missed her for so long. I had to say so much to her and tell her how my children were doing and how lovely they were.

“My children, my wife I forgot about them but why? I love them, will I lose them? Where are they now? I am confused but I missed her for so long, too long, I want to be with them now forever, but can I go back sometimes?

The pain streamed away like a river streaming downwards faster and faster, and the love embraced me more and more, as salmon and trout that swim upstream finding their birthplace at the top of the mountain.

She waved and tilted her arms to me, and she was not alone, I can see their faces too and they are so gentle taking me by my new hands, it just gave me that feeling I forgot for so long, and I knew I really knew that I was home again.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: 0bserver1
Interesting read.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: RoadCourse

Thanks , just got bored and wanted to write a story that floated in my mind for to long ..

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 06:46 PM

originally posted by: 0bserver1
a reply to: RoadCourse

Thanks , just got bored and wanted to write a story that floated in my mind for to long ..

For awhile during the read, I thought it may have been an experience.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: RoadCourse

Now this is weird , I just heard that someone I knew from work who had a brain tumor died Sunday . When I was working with him we spoke broad and freely about his coming death , and how we thought the afterlife would start and look like..

Yesterday I got this urge to write this story. .

I'm totally baffled about the news I just heard minutes ago .

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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 06:15 PM

originally posted by: 0bserver1
a reply to: RoadCourse

Now this is weird , I just heard that someone I knew from work who had a brain tumor died Sunday . When I was working with him we spoke broad and freely about his coming death , and how we thought the afterlife would start and look like..

Yesterday I got this urge to write this story. .

I'm totally baffled about the news I just heard minutes ago .

Your buddy is in a cool place now, I believe.

As to your baffling...
It aint so weird to some people to hear things of this nature, including myself.
I get it.
I just rarely share it.
I will share...
I've been 1200 miles from home for about 3 months now, 4 more to go...
While traveling in an area where a lot of deer run, I pictured hitting one, I wasn't driving...
I made sure to stop thinking of it, then rethink it a couple more times while telling myself, "Naw man, ain't happening". That seems to always make it not happen.
Well turns out we witnessed a deer get hit pretty good....even totalled the vehicle but driver not hurt....and killed the deer...all within 40 maybe 50 yards in front of us.

Just shy of 2 weeks later...
While not driving again this time, I think of hitting a deer, but forgot to do my 'rethinking Naw man' stuff.
An oncoming vehicle hits the deer I spotted just a few seconds before...
The vehicle hit it so hard, it threw the deer right into the front of the vehicle I was in, about the same distance as well. Caused a couple hundred worth of damage...but very drivable...for we pretty much ran over the poor thing.
Again, nobody hurt or killed other than the deer.

2 things I realized, yet again....

1. Dude, I gotta remember the "Naw man".
2. I'm the best driver on this great planet earth....why was I not driving?

Thanks for sharing, Ob1.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: RoadCourse
Yeah that's what I mean premonition , those are warnings you don't ignore always listen to them. Maybe that's why some who don't hear them are badly injured or even get killed.

Thnx for your story and understanding. .

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 09:06 PM
a reply to: [post=20230441]0bserver1[/pot]

A small one that sticks with me...

Long ago, I started to feel sick. As in headache, body ache and a bit of a cold sweat. Didnt bother to check my temp, for I just plain didn't wanna move...I coulda, just not interested in it. It was mid morning, hadn't eaten anything yet. In fact I hadn't eaten anything since the night before, 12-13 hours or so. Wasn't drinking, no drugs, nothing of that nature involved. This sickness came on pretty fast. Weird stuff, at the time, for me.

After laying there 'blaaaah' for an hour or so, something in me yelled, 'GET UP, YOU ARE NOT SICK, YOU GOT SH!T TO DO!'

It disappeared in minutes.
I was up and out the door.

I could go for days,
But I wont.

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