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My Presidency thoughts and predictions.

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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 01:49 PM
I want a president that is not completely out there with his/her religious views and doesn't flaunt it. I think religion is an issue in the world at the moment and we need leaders (they can be religious) that leave their religions at home and think with their heads and not beliefs. I haven't followed completely but Trump so far has shown that more.

I also think we need someone that is going to be good for the economy and not just put in "theoretical" economics, and Trump is the best for that IMO.

I also don't mind going a bit more isolationist, not completely but let the world deal with its own problems for a while in its own regions, we just need to keep an eye out and ear open for stuff that may come our way, and covertly stop it before it begins.

In the perfect world, I see it being Trump > Rubio > Clinton > Bush

God help us all if Cruz got it. I see him as being a zealot and we don't need another Bush-type in there. Clinton would be just as bad as another Bush. Screw these legacy presidencies.

We need someone that also can control the media a bit more, and Trump seems to do that fairly well. The media is driving America into the ground and inciting more issues than there really are just to make $.

Hillary Clinton is a snake in the grass. I don't trust her at all. I have zero faith in her during Wartime to press the correct buttons.

But what is the reality of the situation?

The Republican party is in complete disarray. The billionaires backed Jeb and that's failed. Trump is not the candidate they want, but he's taken over everything. They are headed towards a convention with no clear winner. Trump can take his ball home with him if he doesn't get his way and run independent. They are trying to push Rubio and Cruz, but Rubio is the only real viable candidate. Cruz is a zealot. He's pulled multiple political theater stunts that have amounted to backfiring clusterF's. At least when Rand pulls a stunt he gets his expected outcome.

Clinton has always polled drastically better in head to head polls vs all Republican candidates. Bernie is mostly doing the same and he's distant second to Clinton.

She is going to win. I'm not happy about that either. She is fake and just as it was a mistake to elect a second Bush, it's going to be a mistake to elect a second Clinton.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 02:03 PM
I also think that if ISIS, Terror Threats and times of War didn't exist right now, that Bernie Sanders might run away with this race. But its a sign of the times that we are in and voters will vote on who they think the best Wartime President would be, because our next President will be a Wartime President. Which is something to think about. Vote on who you think would press the best buttons under Wartime. I don't think either of the main Den candidates would be a good Wartime President (Hillary or Bernie)

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 02:15 PM
When voters go to vote, they need to pay attention to the times that we are in and what is currently going on in the world. Its clear that our next President will be a Wartime President. So voters need to keep that in mind. Make sure that the pieces fit together when your vote is cast and don't just vote on "your favorite guy" because that could be a square peg into a round hole scenario.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 03:05 PM
Do you honestly think the electorate has any input into who runs for the WH?

The GOP will never nominate Trump. Presidential nominees are decided in the pentagon and corporate board rooms. The citizenry gets little or no consideration. Follow the money....

I hope Trump does go 3rd party; I hate his guts but a 3rd party would open a dialog that is sorely needed in the US. We could even use a viable 4th party.

Totally agree with you about Cruz. The last thing America needs is a stupid theocracy.
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