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What Obama REALLY Says in ISIS Speech

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 08:23 PM
This is Christopher Greene's (AMTV) take on Obama's speech.

"Totally scripted"

"He wants your guns", "They want to **** (urinate) all over the US constitution and set it on fire and take your second amendment"

"Crack down on freedom of speech, especially on the internet = thought crimes"

"Who gets to decide if you are 'a Radical'?" Who gets to decide who is on no fly lists?"

Start at 0:45 minutes to skip ad.

What do Americans members think? Is he talking sense?

I am about to go to bed with an image of Chris Greene pointing his finger and shouting repeatedly "They want your friggin guns"

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:23 PM
I am not sure about his point about the glass somehow proving the Muslim terrorists did not fire at police.

According to reports and eyewitness they exited the vehicle and opened fire.

After apparently spotting authorities pursuing them, the individuals in the vehicle began "throwing metal objects out of the car," Thomas says. The objects are thought to be pipe bombs, according to authorities.

"They started chasing them down a side street and the driver stopped his car," Thomas adds. "A minute later, he jumped out of the car and fired on police, and they dropped him."

Thomas says he saw two other men get out of the car and "take off running in opposite directions." "They scattered and were shooting as they ran," Thomas says. "Bullets were flying everywhere. We thought our car was going to get hit.

Hundreds of shots. Pop, pop, pop, pop." "They hopped out and started blasting," adds Rocha. "I turn down a side street when we heard the shooting.

But then again, that witness claims he saw "two other men" so who knows.

posted on Dec, 12 2015 @ 08:11 AM
I just wonder if the "Radical" label will be manipulated and used surreptitiously on its own citizens.

Say for example you go to a rally relating to something you are passionate about. You could be an innocent bystander to violence occurring at this rally and potentially be subject to a mass blanket arrest. You could potentially be labelled a radical and have your guns taken from you.

There are numerous reports of UK citizens being prevented from boarding planes to the US by US officials, sometimes after paying thousands of pounds for a family holiday. They are not given a reason as to why and a CIA spokesman when questioned stated it may be something as simple as having the same surname as someone who has been flagged.

This would suggest to me that any Muslims with the same surname as terrorists/potential terrorists will be prevented from flying to the US.

posted on Dec, 12 2015 @ 05:39 PM
After rewatching the OP linked Video,,,i did watch mr. Hussein Obama on live telecast... I pondered ! & came up with this...

I say in a very reserved fashion.... the 22nd of December seems to be coded into everything surrounding the SB massacre by the 2 person team of Jihadi, one of Pakistani terror thought lines ...
& the man who had become a domestic lone-wolf along the militarized Wahhabi worldview in connection with Sunni-Jihad

then Hussein Obama @ the WH focusing not on the criminals with destructive Jihad as their God...but rather the American masses that might use angry words about Muslims and the plan to make Congress pas more anti-gun laws

too many #2's are being bandied about... I suspect the elites are giving the public a deep mind-game hint that the number 2 is to figure prominently in the soon-coming Day of Wrath Jihad campaign where some 25-50 cities/towns are to be targeted by 3-5 man sleeper Jihad cells before new years & near/around Christmas

a 22 Dec date for this plot would have a more terror basis & rememberance to the victims
because a 25 Dec date would thoroughly enrage the whole Christianized population into a common cause of stringing-up any Muslim in sight... guilty-or-not

once again 22 Dec , the 1st day of Winter.... very symbolic indeed
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