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Make words count

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posted on Nov, 24 2015 @ 05:46 AM
My grandfather looked at me and asked;" Why did you open the doors to the past? " I thought for a while and i couldnt come up with a straight answer, only thing i heard in my mind was;" How do you know when something is right? "
He looked me in the eyes and said;" Do you know what you have done? " He showed me his ring, a ring of dedication and of honor.
" This means more than just revenge, its a legacy " His voice become darker.
I always try to hold my temper, his ring got closer to my face and the dark one came out;" You live in the past, they are all dead, so is your honor " I never seen my grandfather looked so shocked, his face turned white. " You are mad! "; He shouted.
" I did what had to be done! Do you think that shrine was rebuilt just cause?? You live in the world of slaves and call yourself free? You let them defile the words of the law just so you can " i stopped, i didnt want to hurt my mentor, my teacher and my blood anymore..
So i made those last words count;" One of the seven rubies on your ring, turn it into a diamond, cause for you im dead and reborn as an Original "
So my thought came back;" How do you know when somethings is right, you feel it"

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