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My OBE experience, Watching myself sleep

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posted on Nov, 10 2015 @ 09:36 PM
Feel free to post your OBE experiences also

I can't remember how old I was (single digits possibly) I went to bed like any other night with my yellow sheets and blanket and don't forget my yellow stuffed monkey (yes, yellow is my favorite color). Usually I can never remember my dreams, it seems like I've been in my bed for seconds at a time when in reality hours have passed. But this night, I remember standing by my bed, (I don't remember physically getting up though) and watching myself sleeping. It was morning judging from the light coming through my window, I was right by my night stand but I never looked at the clock. I Just stood watching myself sleep for about 5 seconds before I snapped back to reality and woke up. There wasn't even any footprints in my carpet when I woke up, I was in the same position as I saw myself in, I was careful to take note of that when watching myself. Unlike most dreams, the memory of this did not leave my mind, which is how I'm telling you this tonight. It was so crazy, which is why I'm thinking of getting into astral projection. It amazes me as to what the mind can achieve

posted on Nov, 10 2015 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: golden23

I astral projected almost 2 years ago which made me do some research. Come to find out I probably have been doing it since i was little!

About 2 years ago, I was in my room and had a candle wick lit that made a "popping" kind of noise. I had fallen asleep with it. I had a dream then I woke up and went back to sleep... that's when my body felt like there was electricity going all over it. I kind of did like a rolling move and felt like i fell off my bed. BUT when I got up, I saw the candle still lit with the same noise, only this time I was looking at myself laying in bed! I couldn't believe it! This moment lasted like some seconds. Then I got up and wrote it down in my dream journal. I did it again the same night. The second time I wanted to see if I could effect my surroundings like do when I lucid dream. So I grabbed the candle and threw it against the mirror I have in my room and as soon as I did that I was back in my body.

After doing more research I began doing it more. It has been a good minute since the last time I've done it. Maybe because I moved out of the house I was living in, I had more time to practice it but now, not so much. But I definitely love it every time I do! I always keep a positive mind set when I do it. The more calm you are, the longer the experience.

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posted on Nov, 10 2015 @ 11:27 PM
I had a great one a few months back; I flew for a while at high altitude until I came to a weird land full of wide green fields and landed near some strange looking concrete obelisks. Looking around, I saw a long wire fence and beyond it, dozens of sheep and penguins. I hung around a bit, enjoying the tranquility before heading back which was instantaneous. I got up (physically) and started an image search, thinking I probably was in some Southern part of New Zealand or something, but nothing looked right, so I searched "sheep and penguins" and came up with the Falkland Islands.

The scenery looked identical, including plenty of fences just like the ones I saw; apparently during the Falklands War, many rural areas were heavily landmined and turned into DMZs, which meant a population explosion of penguins in the area. I think the obelisks were the support structures for soon-to-be-built overhead walkways for tourists.

*regular disclaimers for a reported OBE: it didn't feel like a dream at all, I was as conscious and self aware during the experience as I was shortly later when I got up. There was no overriding emotional sensation which usually accompanies dreams, it was as real as if I'd physically gotten on a plane and flown to another country, except it all happened inside of ten minutes.

posted on Nov, 11 2015 @ 07:31 AM
Ok ill share my OBEs from when i was a teenager. Well between the ages of 14-17 i used to dream my own future 2-3 times a week every week and all of them came true. The dreams were never about anything bad, just random life events and day to day things like a conversation or visting place. Anyway after having these dreams for many months i told my dad and he suggested i wrote my vivid dreams down and if these dreams happen in real life then i could write them down and what i felt at the time. We all have them dejavu moments when we can finish someone elses conversation or tell someone What was going to happen in that monent or about to happen. One time i dreamt i was standing on a high mountain with my school friends admiring the view in awe. Anyway i wrote the dream down and several months later the school took us on a daytrip to some mountains and everything to the letter happened how i had dreamt it.

But the one event that saved me and my friends lives was when me and 2 of my friends bunked off school and was going to skip a train to Bournemouth from coventry. Anyway as we stood next to the exit on the train we were about 10 stops from leaving coventry on my journey then all of a sudden timed slowed down and my dream started becoming reality. I remembered in my dream i had a strange feeling and that my gut told me and my friends to get off the train at the next stop. I dont know why i had this feeling but it was like dread and the fear drove me to want to get off the train. I told my friends who by now new of me dreaming the future bcuz i had demonstrated it and proved it at school on several occasions. We got off the train and what i could remember of my dream finished. So i said to the lads lets just get a train back home to coventry now. About 10 mins later we found out that the train we had gotten off had crashed quite badly and we were all freaked out a specially me as i quite possibly saved our lives.

Anyway around the age of 17 these dreams had all stopped and since then untill now which is 11 years later i have only had these dreams of the future about 10 times a year maybe.

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