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I need to believe

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posted on Nov, 8 2015 @ 09:18 AM
You cant tell me that should I care
You cant tell me that should I be fair
Into the dark and I do not feel
I need to be but it wouldnt be real

You dont know that wont I hear
You dont know that wont I see
My lungs are cold it is what I breath
My soul is frail and my heart is weak

I need to believe

My scars hurt till the end of time
My wounds bleed all over inside
The thoughts blur and I cannot think
The fear is real and it does not heal

I need to believe

The stars are black the clouds are dim
The ice stings as I kneel to the ground
I really dont care and I am numb to it all
I feel that I died and I am empty inside

I need to believe that something is real
I need to believe I need to believe

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