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Fox from the hills

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 04:54 PM
The little red fox wanted to cross the neverending winding river.
The fox climbed down all the way from the hill top,and came to a stop at magnificent great river bend.

The fox turned left, then turned right, but in the end there was no solution in sight.
But then on old man came passing, on his old river boat. He looked at the fox, thinking; My oh my, you do look sly.. The old man stopped, and said; If you want to cross, you will obey by my law..

The fox really wanted to get over, but he refused to bow to the old mans word. So he jumped into the river, and drifted around to his down..
But the old man took pity and grabbed him by the neck and said; You will obey by my law, or you will be thrown to your unknown.

The fox, wet and scared, just stared.. And then finally declared; If it is your wish..

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