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Farewell to the Lochs

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 04:50 PM
Ummm...don't you just

Farewell to the Lochs

There once a young man
Of fair Scottish blood
Gave heed to his destiny
Bid farewell to the lochs
The heather
The hills
Followed the call
To be free

There in the rime
The toil
The grime
The spume of the mariner’s spree
He made him a life
He took him for wife
To his heart
To his bosom
The sea

There through the years
Through the fathoms he fared
When in
At the port
At the bay
He left his love drown
When a-rum in the town
Then down
With a harlot he lay

Out in the morn
On the tide he was borne
He sang to his lady of waves
Yet nothing was heard
but the cry of a bird
As he stood at the prow
Through that day

Far Into the night
In the realm of no light
Came a presence cloaked in her tears
To the man she did love
From the world
From above
To touch him
Whom she bore through the years

When there in his sleep
He also did weep
Yet cried he anothers name
With heartbreak her token
She fled no word spoken
In anguish
In shame

The clouds gathered fast
The wind was a-howl
Out of his slumber he leapt
To discover the waves
The billows a-roil
While three mates
From the deck
Had been swept

He clambered to deck
Midst the wrack
Midst the wreck
Labored to make for the wheel
The wind like a flail
Fetched him hard
Against the rail
There held him fast
As in steel

She soon bore a wave
final as the grave
That towered
So sure
So high
When then down it fell
Like the reaper of hell
It smote
With a thunderous cry

How becalmed
How serene
The end of a scene
Yet there
On the breast of the sea
The one she had spared
Because once he had cared
So she saved him
And then set him free

Ahhhhh...isn't damned romantic...


posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 06:34 PM
what is the hmm.. Mathematics? pattern?

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 10:11 PM
a reply to: Hyperia


Good poetry has an equal number of syllables per line and stanza...therefore it harmonic/rhythmic...

Some people prefer prose...although I like prose...I prefer rhyme and meter...I also have a personal penchant for transposition...I like to change the traditional order of sentence structure...turn it on it's head or end for end...
Sort of a non conventional conformist...or a conventional non conformist...

Usually I use a quatrain format...a classic or non classical four line stanza...However...with this poem I threw that out the window and instead opted for non convention...while keeping the syllabic flow...Therefore if you count lines per stanza you'll find primarily nines with some eights and a seven...yet when read they are closely matched in meter...

This poem is what I would consider mediocre at best...

Is this what you were asking about...?



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