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Dream of a little telescope

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posted on Oct, 28 2015 @ 10:07 PM
Since i was a kid, looking at the night sky was something i always did.. Wishing there were something out there, which could take me from despair.... I always dreamed for a telescope, but my mom said it would make my brother jealous.. A true christian as she was, thought no telescope is gonna give you a cause.. Church and prayers, were better off then imagining about upstairs....
So my wish for looking at the stars, became nothing more than parallel bars...
So if you dont water the garden, it will become rotten and forgotten..

My real life began and it had a pension plan.. Making a journey, which really has no meaning nor an endning, its just about the spending.... No purpose then to fill a place with all the others, but it gives comfort to all the mothers..

But the once little dream i had, still stood at the launch pad.. Reaching out towards the stars, the curiosity awakened when i saw Mars.. My imagination came to life.. And i said i will have no wife..

So the story starts with one person:
One person opened a door, to a maze which she spoke for.. I got lost, many times, but you could always pinpoint a sign... I never stopped, even though the way was blocked.. Until one day i said..
- Im gonna jump down in that rabbit hole even if i get killed by a troll.. Im gonna fall all the way to the bottom.. And you probably think i made it, well i became a fallen.. My reality smashed in thousands of pieces, for all to many different reasons.. And if you dont know your mind is very fragile, destroy the illusion and it will be tragic..

When i came back up i was not a human anymore.. Everything around me was different from before.. The invisible walls and the projection above.. I suddenly saw bits of pieces of it all, not quite clear.. But everyday you see something sincere..

So i thought, if i made it through the rabbit hole that could end you.. Maybe the others holes is gonna let you through.. So i dived in every hole i could find.. And all of a sudden you have a peace of mind..

That dream i once had about that telescope, its the start of a new episode.. So i hope someone in here, could help me become that sightseer..

Thank you


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