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My Weird Dream

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 09:48 PM
So I had a very weird but very interesting dream last. It started with me and a group of people running(we were all dressed in military uniforms and had guns) as we were running I heard explosions and screaming, but not screams of people more like screams from creature. We suddenly stopped and were all silent inside of what looked like a convenience store when out of nowhere these zombie like people tried attacking us. We opened fire on them and I looked down at one of them and he looked up at me and with his dying breath he said "this is our home now".

Then we ran across the field into a destroyed gun shop and there was people hiding in there, mostly children. One of the people with me got the people out of the store and across the street into an apartment complex while the rest of us got more guns and ammo. All of a sudden one of these creatures jumped on my back and wrestled me to the floor, I punched it and threw it off of me when before I could even blink a swarm of them were surrounding us. One of the guys with me started to panic and went to raise his gun and as he did that a lady emerged from the swarm and asked us to put down our weapons.

She came up to me and kissed me on the cheek saying that they were not the enemy, that they were not here to harm us but they will not be attacked without returning fire. I asked her what they wanted and she said for us to love. For all of mankind to love the planet and love each other. As I was standing there trying to take in what she has said to me someone from behind me starting shooting at the lady. I saw her riddled with bullets but there was no blood and she was still standing. Then the place on my cheek that she kissed started to become ice cold and I remember feeling chills go up my spine before falling to the floor. I remember looking up at the others with me and they were just standing there in complete awe of the lady. She then leaned down next to me and said "Don't fight it, it will set you free" and then I woke up.

Was really weird and that's all I could think about all day. I still can't remember the lady's face but i remember the feeling running threw my body during the whole experience. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you ATS and would like to hear some of your weird dreams

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 10:10 PM
Hey, a wonderful dream which reminds me of many I have. The feminism part reminded me of one I had a few years ago which I will share. I am male by the way and I have had so many that they would be the basis for a book.

The event was taking place in a city, similar to turkey or any big city in the usa. The people were rising against a corrupt government and this was just one of many places. One thing I knew while looking down was, the troops used to control the people were of another country and there was little caring for preserving life as many troops were firing into the people, I could see bodies riddled with bullets. The people or citizens were in white and the troops were in black as they killed the ones in white. Yet the citizens kept taunting, running around and dying.

Where I was located was on a very high pole with a light on it,I was scared at my position because there was no way off or down. Looking down at the carnage, I realized I would die in the end as I was higher than the buildings and fervently wished I had a parachute with me, for then when the troops left, I could just float down.

I knew I had to go, I had something to do, so I just believed in my own powers to fly. I was either going to fly in that moment or I was going to die, I did not know for sure but go I must. It took all of my will as I threw myself off my perch and I brought back the memory of my flying, using the practice of energy use of a life time, I floated over the battle and the city, making my way to a quiet and sane haven. This was like an event when as a young soldier, I was clinging up a crumbling cliff, my body pushed out with the only one hand hold being a small shrub, a few feet out of reach. I was about to fall and die, so I threw myself up and over, grasping the little shrub and it held as I wiggled my way over the edge and cheated death one more time.

Looking down, I found what I was looking for, and I floated down to this small street where there were people whom I knew and loved. Now standing there by a stair I looked up and my daughter and her son, along with a friend were standing, surprised at me being there. Connor was the first to speak and asked how I had arrived there and where I came from. I explained to him, I flew here and commenced to demonstrate by floating along several feet above the sidewalk which excited him greatly. I assured him and his friend that if they believed in their own powers they to could fly also, they could do anything. The boys were so excited at this, they ran away to discover their own powers which would be needed in this changing world.

At this point, I sat contemplating what I could do about the killing taking place, the putting down of the people by the dark forces. A woman then brought to me from within the building, a small device which seemed to be feminism, like the personality of a little girl within the device, some power not understood. I do not understand whom this woman was, she is a mystery.

I took the device,not understanding what it was, but projected my mind into it and it into mine. As the people near me were talking, they faded away, a strange wavering of reality happened, a sound and energy that drowned out the voices as I connected to the device and my energy was magnified. I gave my abilities to the little female within and it gave to me, it was an exchange, a magnification.

I created a mantra at the point, "all guns will not fire, all weapons will not work, all vehicles of war will not run, all explosives will fail". I repeated it and projected it outward for an interminable period of time.

Next I flew again out over the city and looked down at the troops and the people. It was easy to see the black uniforms against the white of the people. The black uniforms were running away, their guns discarded or reduced to clubs, vehicles abandoned as they did not work. They were running into buildings as now the people were equal with the troops, it was ending, the slaughter of the innocent.

I then landed on a street and noticed hundreds of land mines that were there to blow the legs off the people, strewn in piles as they were abandoned. A man walked among them and they disintegrated as they had been transformed into brittle plastic and within were nothing other than old recording type tape, no explosive. Just the same, I feared for the man and was relieved that the mines as well were transformed. The man was laughing as he crushed the weapons harmlessly under his feet, joy and relief was everywhere.

Then I was within and behind a glass window, a restaurant looking out at the crowds and carnage, as well as the soldiers whom were no longer confronting each other. I opened the door and brought them inside to feed them. This ended with me realizing that the former enemies of the people were in fact just common, innocent young men, really decent and normal young men whom cheerfully shared a meal with those whom had been their enemy not so many hours before.

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 10:33 PM
Have you been playing Warcraft lately or any fantasy games? Maybe been watching Game of Thrones?

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