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What is it to be human

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 05:49 PM
They told me i was bizarre and interesting, a freak on a circus, an act at an amusement park.. I was told i was no more than an animal living among people. I was told i.... was almost total darkness...

Is that what they said; the old man asked, with a gentle voice; maybe the illusion of choice gives everyone something to rejoice.

They told me i needed to learn how to become a human.. I dont even know what a human is anymore...

I took the old mans hand, and he uttered; You became a God of your own kingdom, you mastered this earthly domain.... Maybe becoming a human is as simple as reaching for heaven...

I looked up towards the stars in the night sky; How can you tell a human he will never survive outside of this realm, if i reach to the heaven, the further i go, the weaker i become, our transcension is not.... I looked down...

You understand; the old man said. You endured pain, hope, suffering, you relate to the animal kingdom... You know what you are...

All the gifts they are given, what do they resort to, destruction and immortality. When they come together they can achieve wonderful miracles, their innovation, their gift of linguistics and their set of thumbs. But nothing but destruction....

If they knew they werent the smartest animal on this planet, i believe they would kill it... Just to be the king of the animal kingdom. Difference between them is speech... and the thumbs.... A tear fell to the ground, i dont know if i can become a human..

The old man sat quietly; Firmed the grip on my hand and said, i will lead you... And maybe one day you can lead them..


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