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My tale of the inexpressible

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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 12:41 AM
The only paranormal experience I have ever witnessed and subsequently experienced for many years as a result, was when I was a young boy, between the grades of 2-4 (I could ask my parents for clarification, but this is just a reference to my age because I do not remember my exact age or the year it took place). My family (dad, mom, sister and myself), moved into a house in a nice neighborhood in our small town (approximately 25,000) after living on our farm for several years (my parents lived there before they had my sister who is 4 years older than me). The house is a two story home, my parent's room was downstairs and my sister and I each had a room upstairs. There was also a "computer room" and a "play room" upstairs. I am fairly certain we had been living at this house for at least 2 years before the incedent. Regardless, before what I experienced, I had never once witnessed or experienced a bad feeling or strange occurrence.
One the particular night, I had woken up very late, probably anywhere from 1-4 in the morning, and had to pee. Me and my sister shared a bathroom upstairs, which was in between our rooms. I had the door to my room shut, and opened it and stepped into the hallway. The bathroom was directly to my left, and my sister's room right next to it on the left. The "computer room was adjacent to my right, and the "playroom" was directly to my right at the end of the hall (probably 12-14 feet away from the entrance). I looked to my right towards the playroom, and saw a woman. She was wearing a long antebellum style night dress or maybe just an old fashioned dress, nothing modern. I don't remember ever seeing specific facial or body detail, but she was average weight and height, all white dress and it went from her shoulders to her ankles. She has blonde or white hair. There was nothing "evil" about her appearance or demeanor. She basically was standing at the entrance to the playroom facing towards me (the playroom is on one side of the hall and my sister's room was on the direct opposite side). I immediately turned around, closed my door, grabbed my baseball bat which was propped against my wall next to my bed (I was big into baseball at the time), and got under the covers and kept the light one. I was literally scared #less. I remember shivering under the covers that night, with
my head peaking out watch the door, and replaying what happened over and over until I eventually fell asleep. As soon as I woke up my family was downstairs and I told them what I saw and if any of them had been upstairs that night. They all said no. None of my family members have ever been told they sleep walk to this day, and I have never seen any of them do it either. So that is out of the question. Also, I was so close the the "person", I would have recognized if it was my mom or sister. Also, the hall light was on, which illuminated pretty much the entire hallway and any room that had a door open.
After that experience I always felt a presence upstairs in the house until I graduated highscbool and moved out. I had trouble going to sleep from then on, even up to when I was 17 years old. I always felt a negative/evil presence. But it was only with the upstairs. Never downstairs. I never experienced this again, and I never experienced any strange noises, voices, sighting or anything. Just an evil presence. I remember during highscbool even, I would watch TV in the downstairs den, and always look up over my shoulder upstairs as if someone was watching me. If was an awful feeling. I hated having to sleep upstairs even being a teenager. And yes, there were probably more times I never had this feeling during those years than I did, but when I did, it brought me back to that very night. I absolutely hated having to stare at my door or the hallway whole I try to fall asleep because of the evil feelings I would get.
When my parents started going out of town while I was in highscbool, I had to either have a friend stay over or I would stay with someone else. That is how real the feeling was.
Fast forward and I am 28 now. My parents were never able to sell the home but had to relocate two hours away because of my dad's job. My sister was living there last year and it was attic by lightening and caught on fire. Majority of the upstairs was burnt, but the whole house was ruined from the firemen putting the fire out. The whole house had to be gutted and rebuilt. Not the structure, just all the walls, ceilings, roof, floors, etc,
Fast forward a little... My wife and I asked my dad if he would be willing to sell the house to us since insurance was paying for the rebuild, and we could add in our own upgrades. Basically a new home for a good price. We eventually agreed on a deal. Ironically, during the past 8 months the house has been being worked on, I have gone out there in the middle of the night with a flashlight evaluating the work, checking progress etc (mostly when I get home from from work and it is late and dark). I have never gotten the same feeling I once did. It is as if the fire had destroyed whatever evil was there. I can and do go to the house by myself in the middle of the night and inspect the work progress, and I never feel any presence there like I did before. I feel absolutely nothing, Jusy normal. And I will piont out that when my sister lived there (~2 years ago) I still felt the same evil presence I always had before when I would stay or visit.
This happened probably 20 years ago and I have never once changed my belief in what I saw that night. Some people think I saw an angel, some people think I'm making it up. But what I do know is this: whatever was there before the fire is not there anymore. I just wish I could uncover who or what it was that I saw.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 01:04 AM
Perhaps the entity was attached to an object that was destroyed in the fire and that is why it has been released. This is a strange and fascinating story, I'm glad for you that the bad energy is gone and now you can rest easy in the home.

Maybe the bad energy was trapped in the walls for some reason and it got released by the fire. Have you looked into the history of the house? I could understand if your just glad it's gone and want to put it behind you, but since your sharing the story, I figured I'd ask about the history of the home.

Thanks for sharing.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 03:07 AM
a reply to: peppycat

I was about to post something similar to what you just did.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 05:50 AM
a reply to: M4ngo

It sounds like your experiences scared you so badly that it was etched into your sub conscious so whenever you looked up stairs, your brain quickly represented the sensations you experienced that one fateful night as it thought that information was important to keeping you safe (you were scared #less after all!).

When that area was burnt down you convinced your subconscious that it was now safe so it no longer needs to recreate that moment to keep you safe.

Who knows what that entity was... was it real, was it a dream, was it a bit of both who knows. I have experienced things that I cannot justify being a figment of my own imagination so I know how confusing it is sometimes. At least your safe now and you have a new family home to look forward to.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 06:54 AM
Most ghost sightings are at night by people who are either about to go to sleep or just waking up.

Go figure.

It is relatively common for people to have hallucinations just as they're falling asleep (hypnagogic), or as they start to wake from sleep (hypnopompic). You may hallucinate sounds or see things that don't exist, such as moving objects or even a formed image such as a person (people may think they've seen a ghost).

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 10:53 PM
a reply to: M4ngo

When my mom was a very little girl, she was left alone in her house for what was probably ten minutes--but what felt to her to be a lifetime--when her mother went outside to get the mail. She started crying hysterically and banging her hands on the glass of the door, crying for her mother--when all of a sudden she saw two little children in white. They were a little boy and a little girl. One set a music box on the floor, and the two of them began to sweetly dance. My mother forgot about her crying and watched them, entranced, until--all of a sudden--they closed their music box, bowed, and ran out of the front door and down the stairs.

Her mother returned very shortly afterward, and my mother asked her if she'd seen the two children. My grandmother was unsettled by this--thinking that maybe someone had broken into the house--and ran back out of the house and down the stairs and asked the neighbor if they had seen the children. They said no--but said that there had once been a fire and two children had died in it.

My mother thinks that they were angels--and I agree. In retrospect, my mom says that she is glad that they stopped her from banging on the glass because what if she had continued and it had broken and ended up hurting or--God forbid--accidentally killed herself? Of course, that's just conjecture. But you never know. Everything happens for a reason.

If something makes you feel happy--good--at peace--with no question of it being good, then I think that it's good. If it makes you doubt--have fear--or confusion, then it is evil. Thank you for sharing your story! I believe you.
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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 11:38 PM
I'm honestly not sure about the history of the house. It is something to look into though. I don't think this was an hypnopompic hallucination. I stood there and looked that this for probably a solid 5 seconds. I've never "seen" anything else before either.
Peppycat you make a good point, and I have thought about that too before. I definitely will do some research into the house one day and see if anything turns up. Thanks for the responses.
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