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The scorned and the sea

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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 12:40 PM

Before I start, this is my first entry into this forum and the first poem I've written in a long time. Feel free to boo.

Fools errants are just, or so it seems,
Yet a fool can seek anything that sparkles or gleams.
But a fool with a heart? Tis a fruitless tale
So begins this story, that I will gladly entail...

Thom was smitten, it was clear to see
Her name was Ylva, but it was never meant to be
As she was sworn to another, Gil was his name
A striking man with a flowing amber mane.

Gil spoke with his hands, where Thom could not,
And soon enough Thom was long forgot.
Yet he plied his trade, heartbroken at first
But his yearning for Ylva was an unquenchable thirst.

Thom schemed for days, from dusk till dawn
And by the next full moon, a plan was born
“I'll summon the Kraken” He said with a grin
“With Gils demise my wooing can begin.”

The Kraken appeared at the crack o' dusk
The sea breeze wafting it's pungent musk
“Who will save us?” a humble peasant cried
“Who else but Gil? Thom cried with delight.

So Gil set forth to kill the beast
And Thom awaited Gils defeat
And as crimson blood frothed upon the shore
Thom Grinned in pleasure as Gil was no more.

But before Thom could blink, Ylva was there
She removed her clothes and soon she was bare
She swam to her husband, and soon all was still
A man, wife, and a sea a bloody swill.

Thom cried, he whimpered, he'd lost his love
He cried in vain to the gods above
Then as all hope faded as he looked to the bay

“Take me Kraken”

Was the last thing he would say.

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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 01:14 PM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Star and Flag for You! This is a Very Good Tale!!
The only Boo I would have is if You said You will write No More!!!

I look forward to More from You!


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