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posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 05:38 PM
The old man watches in amaze, how people in distress raise;
- Do you think they do this out of love or fear; the old man ask, with a curious undertone.

- With you, it is love, cause you are above.
- With me, its only fear, for i only bring tear.

- Does it trouble you? Cause i can fell you trough; The old man tells
- No, they speak as if they knew, but how do they really know when we are but a few.

- Dont judge them to easily, and if it dont come easily
You must try to believe, or you will leave it all in a eternal greave.

- When they say, you act with anger. When they seek an answer,
they act without judgement, so i sounded the trumpet.

I asked them to let me be, cause i set them free.
Do you see the son of man, he follows the.............

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