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SANHEDRIN vs. OBAMA, POPE & UN: 'Seed & Timber' Erection of 3rd Temple & Palestine Anew

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posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 07:47 PM

l. The Sanhedrin has a long list that they’re taking to court on September 9, 2015. They’re accusing the United States and Obama of growing the deadly organization ISIS. '

They’re accusing Obama of the deaths, rapes and pilgrimage of immigrants across the Middle East for the Palestine State.

They’re accusing the Obama Administration of leading an organization and turning his blind eyes to the crimes that he’s committed across the Middle East.

The Sanhedrin is very upset with America for allowing and promoting homosexuality in America.

They are tired of all the lies that Obama has spread allowing the genocide of Christians across the Middle East.

Obama has a lot to answer for to this indictment. It has been signed by the 71 judges of the Sanhedrin Judges of Israel.

List on the Indictment Includes:

President Obama
Secretary of State John Kerry
The United Nations
Pope Francis
All the Signers of the Iran Deal

its my understanding that Sanhedrin was the ancient Jewish authority, in which Jesus Christ was tried and condemned to death for masquerading as a the false 'King of the Jews'. but apparently Sanhedrin lives as a body of '71 judges of Mount Zion' in Israel?

and that with the historic destruction of the first and second temples almost 2,000 years ago, by Babylonias & Romans, it seams desireable for many followers of both religions to look JudaeoChristian 'eschatology' for restoration of their ancient fallen temples via rebuilding a 3rd in the holy land which not too many decades ago was not Israel but.. Palestine

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posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:12 PM
I am far from a religious expert, but these guys sound like they've just thrown together a "court" and are hoping it catches on. Apparently, they have no real power and it looks as if they're using this lawsuit to establish and make a name for themselves. Now, why would these guys fear criticism of the members? Maybe some of them would be seen as fringe or extremists?

“The first members requested that their names not be published, so as to allow it to grow without public criticism of individuals,” HaLevi said. “We want to give it time to develop and strengthen the institution, giving a chance for more rabbis to join.” He added that each of the current members of the Sanhedrin has agreed to be a conditional member until a more knowledgeable rabbi joins, taking his place.

Rabbi Richman, also a member of the Sanhedrin, hopes the body will bring about a revolution in Jewish jurisprudence. Declining to discuss exactly what issues are on the Sanhedrin’s agenda, Richman said that one of the main long-term goals of the Sanhedrin is to reunify Jewish observance in Israel. The Sanhedrin includes members of Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Hasidic, National-Religious and Hareidi communities.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:22 PM
i thought they go back thousands of years to ancient pre-Christian times, sort of like the 'Supreme Court' or ancient order/council of Zion

but yea seems they have been dormant for decades at least here in western news!

does modern day Israeli government/court (just decades old) give Sanhedrin any credence?

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:43 PM
a reply to: DAVID64

Do you call Rabbi Johnathon Cahn fringe?

He is very likely a member of the Court.
Rabbi Facebook

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posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:56 PM
How convenient they left Israel out of that list. Maybe they should start a lawsuit against their own nation before trying to sue others.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:59 PM

originally posted by: Granite
a reply to: DAVID64

Do you call Rabbi Johnathon Cahn fringe?

He is very likely a member of the Court.
Rabbi Facebook

Seeing how he claims to be a Christian it's doubtful he's a member.

posted on Sep, 7 2015 @ 10:41 AM
a reply to: Sovan

FYI, here are the two briefs sent by the Sanhedrin to the Pope and the US President :

Because the Vatican recognized the organization known as the Palestinian Authority as a nation, and has begun to refer to it as a nation in its documents. His honor has named the head of said authority as an “Angel of Peace,” as was explained by a spokesman for the Vatican, that his intention was to encourage Abu Mazen to advance towards peace. These actions, to our great dismay, are consistent with a long series of actions and stances that are as in the days of the Roman Catholic Religion, that swore to persecute Israel because we refused to accept their Messiah as the Messiah of Israel, and to renounce our faith. The recent announcements and actions of the Vatican are a rebuke to the Jewish Nation and to the Bible, which you use to interpret the prophecies, as if God has abandoned his original Nation of Israel. Reality has proven the opposite to be true.

We require from you an apology for your recognizing as a nation those who stole the land, those who are known as the Palestinian Authority, and we are informing the Vatican that the sole God given right to the land of Israel is to the Nation of Israel. If His Honor the Pope, and the Vatican, do not apologize within two weeks of receiving this letter, and if he does not change his ways, we shall judge these actions in the Court of Mount Zion, in a court of 71 Jewish elders of Zion, and enact the prophecy of “The liberators will rise up upon Mount Zion, to judge the Mountain of Esau and the kingdom shall be God’s” (Obadiah 1:21). The court shall judge the Vatican in its presence or in absentia, and it is possible that the Vatican will be found guilty of anti-Semitism, as has been known to be done several times throughout history, and to place responsibility upon the Vatican for all of the outcomes of its actions.

Source : Politicsrecycled

Unfortunately, despite international experience in negotiating with totalitarian countries with aggressive imperialist aspirations and abilities throughout history, and especially in the 20th century, you have failed to prevent the agreement with destructive consequences that are inevitable for Israel, the Jewish people, all people of the region, to the United States, and to the West.

On the contrary, the evidence of progress in negotiations toward a desired and expected outcome increase every day. Empowering Iran to the level where it would constitute a complete and immediate threat would thrust the entire region into a state of instability including extreme weapons of mass destruction.
These actions range from criminal offenses to malicious intent and gross negligence.
Despite your claims and the contentions of the United States Secretary of State that the agreement is for the benefit of peace, the very negotiations with a country that for at least 30 years has declared that their aim is to destroy Israel and for that it needs nuclear weapons, as well as their expressed desire to attack ‘the Great Satan, USA’ are cause for concern to suspect that there is serious impairment to the reasonable discretion of any moral / responsible leader who refuses to negotiate with a country that declares their goal is to destroy a UN member state, or genocide of any kind.

The current agreement has released many of the leaders of incitement from responsibility for their words and action, and this with the full knowledge and consent of the United States and its allies.
To do this, you should have, as president of the United States, been cautious not to initiate or begin negotiations so long as the state of Iran does not declare that it has reconsidered and has no aggressive intentions towards Israel and other peoples of the region and its countries, and Iran’s conduct reflects the new policy and provides evidence of factual intentions of its peace, if it exists.

We would like to remind you that this threat to the State of Israel in a nuclear context began as a matter of policy upon the beginning of your term in office, as was made clear by the shocking announcement made by Rahm Emanuel: “Yitzhar for Bushehr”, which was in fact a direct threat to dismantle the settlements, even those that are completely legal, or we will not help to avert your annihilation.

In July 2009, you rebuked your Vice President, Joe Biden, who said Israel has the right to attack Iran, saying “In no way does Israel have a green light to attack Iran.”
So your move raises suspicion that it is deliberately promoting genocide for the Jewish people.

We remind you of the serious consequences of your Middle East policy from Libya to Egypt, from Iraq to Afghanistan, and especially your consent which allows the Assad regime its missile attacks using poison gas for at least two years, despite your agreement to dismantle of weapons of mass destruction. In practice, this has led to a humanitarian disaster in the entire region.

Since you signed this agreement, which gave you full legitimacy to start the process with Iran, hundreds of thousands of Arabs have been killed, this situation known as ‘Arab Spring’ has developed as a result of your forsaking Egypt, thus creating chaos in the Middle East and around the world in which weapons of mass destruction or their equivalent are provided by imperialist countries that support Iran or similar elements in different ways.

Therefore, you must immediately announce that you are repealing and suspending the agreement, its non-ratification, due to Iran’s proven capabilities for endangering all countries in the region.
You and your co-signers are expected to appear before the Court of Mount Zion on charges of administering wanton and destructive policies conducive to wars and hostilities and the growth of terrorist organizations, their lack of humanity is the result of lawlessness and weakness your foreign policy.
You, as the US president, may resign immediately and be sued personally, forced to pay compensation for the damage you caused towards all the victims of all peoples of the region in relative terms.

The trial against you, as the trial against all of Israel’s enemies, if you do not repeal this diplomatic agreement, will be held on Mount Zion, the fifth of Elul, 5775, [September 9, 2015] at 12:00 pm.
You can send a representative for your defense or your own lawyer, and the court shall not appoint a representative to represent the United States and your policy and you personally. These things apply to all partners signing the agreement with Iran.

Dov Stein
Secretary of the Sanhedrin

Source : Breaking Israel News

posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 01:25 AM
verdict is out! Obamanation needs to be tried before an international court now, without further ado (ie, bloodshed, genocide, nobel peace fraud, etc)

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