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The Green Little Parrot

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posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 10:27 AM
Oh well... Once upon a time a wanted more than anything to write...

Lately I dug up my forgotten short stories and I decided than even if I'm not a writer I can still post them here for your entertainment.
So here is one that still makes me smile, hope you like it too.

The Green Little Parrot

"You are not a good consort."
I look at her and she just stares back without a word.
"This time you must listen to me. I've had enough. No more playing. No more games, no more pretending that you don't hear me. I want you to leave."
I search her face for a sign of regret, or surprise, but all I can see in her eyes is curiosity, like suddenly I started to speak a language foreign to her.
"I don't want you anymore. You are a lousy mate."
Again nothing but silence, while she slowly shifts from one foot to another. The sweet way she bend her head to look at me is breaking my heart.
"When I first met you I was so in love with you, I would do everything for you. I thought we were so perfect for each other, we even have the same color. But you never returned the love I gave you. You never hug me, never scratch my head or let me scratch yours, never talk to me unless I talk first. And even then, you're just mimicking me. You always ignore me, like I'm nothing to you. And you know what is the hardest thing of all? You never danced the mating dance with me!"
I'm so swept by my pain that I don't want to look at her anymore; she doesn't seems to care anyway. But nevertheless, I made up my mind.
" I want you to leave now," I say almost whispering. "I will go inside for a while. When I came back I don't want you to be here anymore."
As I turn around to leave, I take a last look at her over my shoulder. Yes, she's going away, and she' looking at me too over her shoulder.
"Good bye, my love..." we both say in the same time.
I get inside my little plastic house with my heart ripped to pieces.

The next morning I woke up early and hurry to step outside; I have such a good feeling! I feel like there is a big surprise outside waiting for me.
And there is indeed.
Look at this gorgeous young female, all eyes and smiles, waiting for me! Isn't she the most beautiful chick ever?
Oh, I know it's just the same mirror I broke up with yesterday, and the day before...but a change of perspective is fun sometimes, isn't it? Life in a cage can be pretty boring.
So I shake my feathers a little, put on my famous Don Juan smile and approach the new love of my life.
"What's up, babe? You're new in this neighborhood?"


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