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Haunted and in desperate need of help

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posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 05:36 PM
Hey guys,
as I am completely new to this site, I might not answer right away if there are any questions from your side.

Since I don't want to make you read a whole roman I will sum up the most important points and go into details if asked.

1. Apparently my grandfather (who studied theology- God bless him) was visited by the D (you know, the guy from the very south...) who told him he could maybe not reach out for him anymore, since he was too close already to God, but it wouldn't take long, until there was one (referring to a female person) who would not be like him and he will reach out to her...

2. My mother couldn't get pregnant, one day she went to her parents house and stayed at home with her sisters and mother (in total 7 women) for three days- a month later the pregnancy-test turned positive... (My parents emigrated)

3. I was born with a "defect"- my intestins were grown falsly grown together, so I couldn't eat anything ... my mother was desperate and prayed (super religious family...) at night her bible fell down, she picked it up as it fell down, reading the words "on the 8th day the holy Pavel/Maria/... will come and reach out to you (two pages full with the same sentence, but different saints)... Guess who got a life-saving surgery on her 8th day on earth?

4. After being so disappointed of all that's been happening, my mother decided to move back to the Balkans- her parents home was in the middle of a Roma- quarter. One day my Grandmother (God bless her!) was walking with me through the streets, when she met one of her neighbors (a nice gipsy-lady) who- as soon as she touched me, backed away and told my Granny "I don't know what you have done, but this child should not exist! Whatever you've done, raise her right, the darkness has already attached itself to her"...

5. My mother was disappointed again, so we emigrated again (I was a baby, I can't remember
)... we moved quite often and sometimes my mother would pray for hours on my bed and teach me how to pray...
As a child I often found it tempting to see how far I could go and often had violent thoughts or dreams, but my actions mainly stayed harmless, plus: I always thought that it was normal, since I was just a child^^
According to my mother, there were several friends of the family and neighbors who someimes were impressed by my behaviour (referring to me being quite "grown up") or the language I used (words normal 4 year olds don't use or advices...)- while they were impressed, my mother was sometimes a bit frightened...
I remember that I once saw myself floating like 20cm's over the ground in the middle of a park- as I grew older I found that thought so disturbing, that I started to read tones of psychology books in order to explain everything, so I became quite rational- unless science can't explain it, then I'm open-minded (again- from the Balkans, we're quite used to strange stories....)

6. THE MISTAKE... I was eleven, about to turn twelve, when my cousin and her two of her best friends started "playing" the Ouija-Board (sparing some details, unless wanted...)--> afterwards me and my cousins best friend started seeing things, hearing them and experiencing strange stuff (visions, stuff disappearing, attacks, oppression)- at one point it had seemed to have left her alone, but it got worse with me, I thought I went nuts until stuff happened that other people (atheists, rational sceptics, grown-up's) saw as well...

7. I was advised to ignore all of it, stop reading books about herbals, middle ages, witch-trials, watching horror-movies, reading comics, auras, dreams, hands, etc....- so I did and for some time it got better. First it got worse, yes, but then the voices disappeared and I only had to deal with noises from time to time, dreams, insomnia or sometimes seeing shades.... I moved out and thought it was better, then I woke up one morning, because I couldn't breathe anymore- sth was stranggeling me and I couldn't see what it was...

8. My family started suffering from really bad luck (REALLY BAD!!) Car accidents, break-in's, cancer, heart-attacks, divorces, loss of money, almost rape, strange accidents (one of my uncles was working on a construction place thingy, when suddenly the sharp blade of a saw (not a chain-saw, but the round ones you use for percisly cutting wood with the sharp teeth) got off and "jumped" into his neck (he survived, but the shock was big)).... more and more female members of my family claimed to have been stranggled in their sleep by sth or have been visited by sth evil...

9. I met one of my nower best friends after moving again - then it started all over again ( I saw stuff, I had more nightmares again, I heard noises or saw shapes or had some kind of "foreshadowing dreams" (As you can see I'm not a native-speaker, so please excuse spelling mistakes or lack of vocabulary^^)... I had no idea what it was, until my friend Flo (not the whole name, girl) told me she was experiencing the same... turns out: apparently her family experienced same stuff and her mother had terrible nightmares during her pregnancy. When Flo was still a toddler, her mother would sometimes wake up to find sth bending over Flo's crib- neither her mother, nor her Grandmother want to tell her what the family-secret is (there were way more parallels)

10. I went away for 5 months to study abroad- had a pretty good, paranormal-free life... then I came back to where I live now, back to Flo...and it started again... I thought maybe our energies are somehow coresponding and that's why I have those intensified sensations when I'm with her... Okay now it's getting twisty...

Flo dreamed of the D two months ago (she ALWAYS dreams lucid...)- he came to her to bring her news- he told her what would happen in several days and other stuff... everything he's told her came true (which is a very disturbing thought:/)
The longer I've been back, the more intense all those things reached out for me again... last week, we had to stay in the same room for 7 days (nothing paranormal^^)- we stopped remebering our dreams, which is odd for both of us, we ALWAYS remember our dreams very detailed.
She was very upset and sad because of everything, so we were looking for some psychics or mediums- nothing that seemed to be real, so we got ourselves some tarot cards (which I told her not to do, but oh well...)
Whenever she was laying the deck 3 cards repeatedly appeard: Death, Devil, The Hanged-Man.
Mine just seemed pretty boring (which is awesome, compared to hers^^)...

The next day she was crying and told me "Do you know what he said to me in my dream?" (I knew she was talking about the D- he seems to like her in a weird an "like her"...)- he told her- and I am quoting- "Now that you laid your hands on the tarot cards, there's no going back! You're mine! Both of you- and you're in deep, dark trouble."

She flew back home on Wednesday (we're from the same country)- the first dream after almost two weeks that she could remember included a young, blonde guy who suddenly grew horns, the the D appeared, telling her it was his son... as she tried to run away she saw she she had been given two statues of the Indian God "Ganesha" (Elephant-head)- one seemed young, the other one old and with a crown. The night she had that dream, I saw a shadow-figure in my room and sth touching my hair, also my cat hissed and my cat really NEVER hisses- it barely meaows

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posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 05:52 PM
Last night I had a dream. I was given a book- as I opened it, I seemed to have unleashed sth evil that flew into my cat, strangly changed it and started speaking to me in different languages, yelling at me and trying to make me feel stupid by laughing at me.... as I looked closer on the book-cover I saw a name I can't really recall now... sth like "Jacon Salman" ... anyway- you know how dream-logic can work- in my dreams I made two words out of that name and translated them from different languages- the result was the sentence "I summened a demon".
As I said this to my possesed cat it told me to go into the shower to get my next hint, so out of the sudden I was all naked and with 4 persons in a room with a shower (not a bathroom). Three of the people were actual friends of mine, the fourth one I couldn't see- it was a shadow-figure, but I couldn't quite make out whether it was of good or bad nature...

As I turned on the shower, I saw a snake appearing on my back that started talking to me- as if there was some kind of a "review" I saw another woman with long, black hair getting into the shower, being bitten by the snake- she ran off, into the hallway- I wanted to follow her, but the snake wouldn't let me, it told me though it wouldn't bite me-YET... I looked at it and at my "cat" and suddenly I was in my room, knowing that I had to unpack stuff from my semester spent abroad (in my dream of course^^)- what I found were my keys (in real life I have a thingy hanging on my keys that looks like a guitar, it's pink, has a knife and a bottle-opener and says "I

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:04 PM
a reply to: Cicilicious

Man I am not an expert by any means. But people who want to see those things normally REALLY see them.
You are not here on this earth to be haunted by sth/sb. The devil is within you as well as God. Your mind probably
got used to "see" things, to "hear" strange sounds. I don't doubt the existence of spiritual forces, good and evil, but
no one is going to harm you.
Before you change the world you have to change yourself. Hope that helps buddy,
good luck,
Love and Peace,

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:10 PM

Haunted and in desperate need of help

The only way to be.

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: Cicilicious

(in my dream of course^^

Dreams are wild aren't they? Then we wake and the dreams fade.

And you aren't really physically harmed by any means during the day?

Dreams and fear in dreams only have the power over you that you give to them.

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: markus2333

So you think it's still a matter of the mind?
I want to believe it, I really do, but when I think of the things that happened and also of the things that not only I whitnessed... I start doubting it again (that it's only a matter of the mind).
You are right- they lie within us and it's up to us to decide and which one to "feed", but fear is a strong emotion and I hate not to know what the source is :/

Thank you anyway so much

Love and Peace to you too my friend


posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:22 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Dreams are very interesting. I myself distinguish between three types of dreams.
The freudian ones that tell you about your state of mind, sorrows, stress, fears etc...
The ones that cope with "random stuff" like information overload during the day, in order to clear your mind again.
And- last but not least: the ones with a deeper meaning, warnings, messages, ...

It depends- there is one thing... a monster... whenever I dream of it, I know that something bad will happen... those dreams are torture and it indeed happened sometimes, that I woke up with blisters, scratches, bite-marks, bruises or severe pain- I woke up in 2013 with 3 broken rips...

During the day I sometimes catch chills or energies or have weird sensations, but I mostly try to explain everything rationally (I study psychology, so science is my best friend), but there are things that rationally don't make sense :/

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:37 PM
a reply to: Cicilicious

You underestimate the power of the mind and its tricks.

The mind has two options: The first one is to deal with worldly things, the second one is to go within.

You just choose one of the two, everything else is not in our hands.
But what I am looking for is permanent peace and contentment. This cannot be found in the world for even
beautiful things in these world lack the power to satisfy my craving for constant happiness.

You write: "when I think about". THAT is the problem...your thinking...when the mind stops thinking you will discover
that you still exist.
When you go deep into your inner realm into the greatest depths of your being you will discover that your so called
"person", your "body" that is connected with a name given by your parents is an illusion. When you experience that you will understand that everything else is an illusion as well and that everybody and everything belongs to the same source...
There is no creation therefore there is no devil...fear is in the mind and in the mind only. If you want to "know" the "source of these happenings" you will
want to believe what you discover and I warn you sincerely that this can be a dangerous thing. You will chase a shadow ...there is no sense, no doer. no good, no evil. Try to know yourself in meditation and you will see that problems
do not vanish but you will get an inner strength to deal with it from a maturer point of view...

The only evil thing in this world is that people are unhappy because they "choose" to be unhappy.

As with my previous post I want to underline that I am not an expert,

Humble greetings and Love and Peace to you Cici,

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: Cicilicious

It depends- there is one thing… a monster... whenever I dream of it, I know that something bad will happen... those dreams are torture and it indeed happened sometimes, that I woke up with blisters, scratches, bite-marks, bruises or severe pain- I woke up in 2013 with 3 broken rips...

Ever hear of night terrors? Flailing about in your sleep can cause injuries. Dreams so "real" they frighten us into reacting in our sleep, causing injuries. It is a condition, they can do sleep studies for it, I think. If its that bad, maybe consider getting some analysis…I've no idea your age or family situation, sometimes these are memories of bad events that took place when we were young… sometimes they are just memories, sometimes due to stress in our daily life that translates to dreams, like you said.

Sometimes I'm afraid, but this wakes me up, usually. And I remember to put it into perspective. These are dreams at night, while we're asleep. During the day these demons in our dreams don't jump out at us.

Okay, so I'm listening and will check back. If you like, start listing some more details about your waking life, your history of religious beliefs, any substance dependency, any past traumas, I know that stuff is hard and I'm not supposed to ask about it, you can be vague enough without revealing any personal information, if you like. You can also U2U me.

Click on the little green man at the bottom of my avatar and "send message" in the drop down menu.

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posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: markus2333

As I have never experienced any out of the ordinary stuff I may not be the best person. But one common thing I seem to read about is no matter what you do along those lines is to always open your heart chakra before anything else is done. Maybe working on that now would help?

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 07:05 PM
OP. You need a exorcism. Go see a priest,and afterwards becoem a nun. seriously.

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 07:36 PM
This is only my opinion, but having messed with the Occult, you must realize this very real....Somehow you opened a portal and I mean you when you were around the people you were with...Perhaps you participated yourself and consciously desired to mess with the Occult such as psychics, mediums and Ouija board.......Not all Psychics or Mediums are demonic but some are...

What you must understand is the spirit world here on earth is very real! There are angels and demons all around us,,,Listen to me very carefully please. Demons come to us with REAL INFORMATION ABOUT US OR SOMEONE WE KNOW!! We are at risk when we do not have a strong foundation of God to stand on! If someone is reading your future or telling you bad things will happen, rest assured they are demonic spirits.....Even if they appear as good people!! Deemons use the information about us to lure us away from God to captivate our mind and heart....Anyone that gives you information and it does not Glorify God ...i.e. Lead you into a personal relationship with Creator..Not many but a demon entity even if the person telling you the information is your best friend.....Beware they are being used by a demonic presence....

If someone comes to you and gives you information about you or your life and it is good info...and leads you into relationship with God the Father....then you can trust that it is an angel....You must test the spirits when they come around you.....If you desire to seek a deck of tarot cards or seek out a psychic to test that spirit then be warned that IS A DEMON trying to deceive you.....And they will.....If however you develop a desire to know God and reach for a bible...Then that is an angel........

I do not know if you or the people you surround yourself with are Possessed or are just being Oppressed by these demonic entities.....I do know that seeking out a Priest or Holy Water is not the answer.....

In my opinion you need to find a church and speak to the minister there......You need to emerge yourself in the Word of God....and read scripture outloud when you experience these negative entities....Tell them to leave immediately that you are covered by the Blood of Jesus and they are liars,,,,,Demand they leave and call on the power of the Holy Spirit.....they must flee if you are a true believer in Christ Jesus.....

Now I am not talking about the Organized religion of today......I do not support that at all... I am talking about deep spirituality based on relationship with Christ Jesus....Perhaps you should invite Jesus into your heart and ask him to renew your mind, body and spirit....But if you do not seek God's not a goddess or gods but the Holy Creators help expect for these things to continue.....

Remember Satan has one goal while here on earth...He is the leader of THIS world and will use every weakness, temptation, trick he can to keep you away from Jesus and claim you as his.....But you have the power to fight...I do believe you are being tormented by real demons and are going to have to have a minister and many other believers help you overcome this horror that is haunting you.....It is very important whatever you do Believe it in your heart...not with your head......

It took me years to clear the Occult from my life......

I too was haunted by demonic dreams.....something hideous was always chasing me. I always knew in my dream that if I could find a church or get my hands on the bible I could defeat this demon with scripture.....One day in my nightmare I was running down a large hallway with a wave of darkness almost catching me...I was filled with terror and all doors were locked.....I was desperately seeking a church.....when suddenly this man appeared (in my dream of course) he said nothing but pointed to these very large doors.....Unable to open the doors, they were too heavy I began to weep this demonic presence was right next to me....when I gave a final push on the door it opened......and inside I did not find a bible or and alter......I found i was inside the manger was Christ was born......and in that manger were animals.....this part was more like a vision....then I saw HIM .......standing in the front of the manger and illuminating blinding was Christ Jesus.....He spoke to me and told me that I was safe and did not need to run anymore.......Then I woke up......

The haunting nightmares stopped ......I never dreamt of Satan or demons or anything scary again.......If I do I know what to do now.......

Sorry my reply is sooo long but this really disturbs me because your description is too real into the demonic realm for this to be in your head.......

I will pray for you and your friends and family.......

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posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 07:52 PM
a reply to: markus2333

Are you actually saying evil does not exist in this world? If you are then you are not living among us!! of course evil exist!

Look at the world and the things happening....people being beheaded for no reason. people being burned alive. people being shot, raped, murdered, abused.....tortured!! These are evil people!! doing evil things!!

I should know....I have stood in the presence of evil so horrific it was not of this world!! You can feel it, You can smell it....and if God forbid you ever have such an experience, which i pray you do not, YOU WILL KNOW IT!!

Do NOt be fooled....Evil lurks around all of us daily, ready to pounce and consume us!!


posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 08:03 PM
Where in the Balkans are you from?

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 08:30 PM
Pax gave you some excellent info, below is a few links about Mark Houser who unknowingly purchased a house that was occupied by spirits.

He ended up having to sell the house but the same thing happened in his new house.

Eventually though he and his kids experienced a supernatural encounter with angels and the demons were permanently cast out.

To make a long story short, I unwittingly purchased a house, for myself and my two teenagers, that was occupied by "spirits". My son, my daughter, myself, and the previous owner of the house all saw the spirit. There were also friends of mine and my teenagers that witnessed the spirit. Since I didn't believe in that kind of thing, I passed it off to adolescent imaginations. I did not believe in the afterlife or the spirit realm.

The "hauntings" were investigated and documented as authentic by a television series called "The Other Side".

More in another post here.

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: Cicilicious

I noticed you stopped replying. I wanted to belay one more point to you, but not sure as I don't have enough information abut you or your situation. So here goes, might not mean anything, you decide.
You said…

It depends- there is one thing… a monster… whenever I dream of it, I know that something bad will happen... those dreams are torture and it indeed happened sometimes, that I woke up with blisters, scratches, bite-marks, bruises or severe pain- I woke up in 2013 with 3 broken rips...

If you are waking up with actual injuries there could be someone else real world taking advantage of you while you sleep. Thats hard to determine, as it means that some form of abuse or molestation might be involved, maybe in conjunction with sedatives of some sort.

Like I said, I don't really know, its not out of the realm of possibility, happened to me when I was still quite young.

Sorry to lay that on you, it just rang a bell…

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 11:51 PM
The D can not dictate what you manifest by your own free will. You said you have a hard time ignoring these dream messages because you feel a drive to get to the source. That is exactly what D wants - your focus and attention as you attempt to interpret these "messages" as if they held the secrets of your future. You are feeding a negative energy that grows through your own destruction; and the more time and energy you spend interpreting these dream messages and fretting about their source, the bigger this enigma will grow and the worse you will feel. I learned this the hard way.

You determine your life path and your choices are yours. When asked through prayer, God will protect and ensure that a continuous light shines over your path. He does and he will. Read the Bible and put your focus on what is above, not below, so that you do not get bogged down by D. God bless.

posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 12:06 AM
a reply to: Murgatroid

Wow!! What a powerful post! I was mesmerized by the video clips! Very Powerful and gets The Truth across beautifully!

Thank you for that, I really appreciate it!!


posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 12:27 AM
Well, this is your life. Most people have some pananormal beliefs. Don't let it take over your whole life, though. Find a man, when you're ready and old enough. I suspect much of this is sexual energy that doesn't have an outlet.
a reply to: Cicilicious

posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: paxnatus

HI pax,

thank you for thoughtful posts. I hope that there is sth in any of our replies that helps Cici for
there is one thing that is for sure: Cici seems to be really desperate.

You see I never claimed evil does not exist but I rather focus on what you said about having "a strong foundation of God to stand on!" But I am really no expert and you seem to have A LOT of experience in this field. My reply
was purely out of compassion for Cici
I guess no harm done...

I believe that the more you get into that stuff the more it will haunt you. If Cici has the feeling that professional help
is needed sb with the right expertise should be consulted.

Many greetings,

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