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Meth Shakes, MMMMmmmm

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posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 02:15 PM
So, I'm in the slow phase of the production cycle at work with plenty of time to cruise the news sites, and today I hit the Fox News Lifestyle page and had a laugh.

This morning, the following picture was at the top, and it has since moved down.

Yum! A meth shake. What could be tastier ... or more addictive?

This was a little further down the page. Notice which restaurant they used? In-N-Out ... Now, disclaimer, I did not read the article to see if In-N-Out actually did have the tastiest fast food shakes, but it made me laugh coming as it did under the story about the meth shake.

In college we used to joke about how if you couldn't stop eating something it had crack in it. I guess crack is just so '90s ... These days, it's the meth.
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posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 07:39 PM
I call total b.s. If you have never tasted a strong alkaloid, such as the one mentioned, let me assure you it tastes horrible. You would spit out the first sip of that milkshake and think someone was trying to poison you.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 07:42 PM
"According to the suit, he returned to his hotel room nearby to eat but it wasn’t until the next morning that Maldonado realized the drink contained two pill capsules and a napkin at the bottom of the cup."

It also stated he got "sick"

How was there still 2 capsules , undisolved, if he had enough to make him "sick"?
Plus, he was going to eat. People don't eat on that, that's not something that enters the mind.
If he was really under the effects of methods, he would have just had a ton of energy.
His story is suspect.....

**reread the article. He ate as he drank the shake. Still suspect.. If those capsules leaked out meth (and yet they didn't disolve), that shake would have tasted like urine..

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posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 08:48 PM
As I said, I didn't read the articles as I have to be careful about my Internet skimming. I have to try to look like I'm working.

It was the juxtaposition of the stories I found funny. I don't actually think In-N-Out puts anything in their shakes. As I said, it was an old joke for us that when something was so good you couldn't stop picking at it, we used to say it had crack in it. These days, the shakes must be meth shakes.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 09:26 PM
I could care less what in n out puts in their shakes. they still have some of the best fast food burgers around for any chain.

I'll keep eating there if I can ever make it through the insane line to order.

posted on Aug, 1 2015 @ 01:11 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

Your title made me laugh. I had a friend who's brother was a tweaker. He had the shakes.
I really don't know how one would cover the taste of that crap. Either the guy has no taste bugs or he's trying to run a scam.

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