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Why name God?

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 07:23 AM
Why name God? You shouldn't worry yourself, rather, ponder the reason you are asking this question in the first place, and having such difficulty in producing an answer. It's hard to give a name to something that doesn't exist. I find it so fascinating that people still believe in God, or the reason the bible truly exists. If there was a God, humans would simply never discover his true name. The only thing that exists physically today is "his teachings". Now where do you think those came from? Surely humans with the ability to read and write aren't responsible for something people have read and now write about. Ironic isn't it? I would take pride in the fact that humans can be capable of "creating" a god figure to control and divide the masses, however, I'm very sad that they use it to control and divide the masses. Such blind loyalty, so undeserving this "creator" is, to take credit for our miracles in life. We are the miracles, we are the miracle producers, and we were produced by a miracle. There does NOT need to be a creator for creation, when life is capable of creating itself. From the value of nothing, brings the gravity of something, in its never ending struggle to exist.

If you're looking for a place to administer your faith, to me it would only be logical to place it within yourself and others, and the universe we live in... Not an unfathomable construct of man that's primarily used as an excuse to shed blood. Half of my family is christian, and half of my Grandfather's town prayed for him in his final hours. I am grateful for these loving caring people, but I am sad they are fooled into believing they are required to follow a middle man religion in order to be allowed to place their faith in a higher power's hands. I personally don't believe in any god type character who is solely responsible for the creation of existence, nor heaven or hell, and on the heaven/hell note I'd just like to add that I believe death(-) is no different from life(+), as both are purely our own perceptions of it. I can never say for sure that God doesn't exist, even though ther is 0 evidence, but to people who do believe "unquestioningly" believe in God no matter what anyone says, then maybe you can agree with one thing, God is good, religion is bad. In science I believe there is balance in every aspect of the universe via positive(+) and negative(-) effect. There are many good aspects to religion, like the strength and resources it can provide for a family in need... (its been 10 minutes now looking for another positive reason, still researching) ... Alright well, that's a pretty big positive anyways, but the negative is millions, perhaps billions of people over the last couple thousand years have been brutally slaughtered in its name (reasonable negative).

I truly believe in the power one could attain from believing in god, but to me it would be the same thing as attaining power from anything else you put enough faith into. In my opinion its only logical to place faith in everything you know, not the things you don't, that just doesn't make sense to me, when your praying to god you're actually emitting frequencies into the universe's body itself hoping something hears you. So you say, "Well then, why do I know for a fact God answered my prayers when I needed him the most?" Then I say, "Well, we are walking transistors capable of vibrating on any wavelength the universe has to offer, including your personal perception of god." Then you say, "Well then who is the transponder??" Then I say "Everyone and everything."

Now lets say every single thought wave that's happening right now, from every person on earth, were creating these cosmic frequencies that are the reacting to your action of thought. Now here's the thing, we change our thought so frequently, like constantly spinning a tuning dial, but if we stuck on the same thought, we begin to resonate with the "reaction". Like stopping the tuning dial so you can actually listen to the frequency that's being transmitted. One can truly be exceptional with the power of their thoughts, but I only live for the day when everyone can be made aware of this. Because right now, the only groups of people that are exploiting this actually are religious people, who gather in groups to "pray" for someone. I'm trying to peel back the curtains on that "pray" word, and where these prayers are being transmitted too. I want everyone to exploit this, and use it to help everyone else, without following a middle man. Religion is falling, people don't like when Mother Theresa said "No homosexuals either, after declaring no more abortions" when she was just another tool used to brainwash people into believing she was a saint, so we should probably hate gays too. It's sick, sick that people still fall for such obvious ploys. Not one single person on Earth deserves to be hated, segregated, divided, enslaved. And that is all religion seems to do. Believe in God all you want, but see that religion is just scientifically not beneficial to the human race, when all of the positives it could account for, can be attained without the need for religion at all. This new generation of people is smart enough to see this. And religion is indeed falling.
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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: Andromus

Although I do not believe in the god of the Bible, I nevertheless am not arrogant enough to pretend that the human species is the most evolved entity in the universe.

Yes, we (as individuals) can and must bring good. By ourselves.

But do we hold dominion over all realities? No. Your op sounds a bit like a child playing in a house's basement and pretending to be President of the World. We are but a childlike specie, bickering with one another, and with such a limited knowledge. We still don't know what is the nature of 95% of our own universe, we still don't know what lies beyond our physical existence, and the farthest we physically travelled was no further than our moon - Earth's backyard.

The Adult specie is still out there. Probably making facepalms.

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: swanne

Try not to overthink this one. Its really quite simple. I'm just stating the facts, and ways to avoid religion, if you still want to believe in God.
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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: Andromus
It is unfortunate that Christianity has isolated so many from the individual pursuit of God. In true religion there is no need for a middle man. Religion is the relationship between the individual and God. Jesus taught a very simple religion, faith in God the Father and that all men are your brothers. That was it. It was his followers, after his death, that made Christianity a religion largely about him. Shrewd men early realized that religion was an easy way to control the masses. This happened long before Jesus' time.

The core Christian doctrine is atonement. That we must pay some debt to God. This is an extremely old and primitive belief. It was this meaningless adherence to ritual that put Jesus directly at odds with the ruling priesthood. He taught the people that this was not needed. Only your faith in God was required to attain eternal life. In the end this affected the pocket books of the priests and they had him killed.

One thing that Jesus constantly struggled with was that he followers were slow to abandon their old beliefs. Beliefs that had been around for thousands of years in all religions in one form or another. Once he was no longer with them they drifted back to these olden beliefs. Also, in an effort to expand the religion, Christianity merged with many Pegan religions and adopted many of their rituals.

Science has slowly eroded many of the superstitions of religion. I believe that is why so many have been against Christianity. Plus the overall logic of their teachings just don't make sense. If you want see a different approach to God check out The Urantia Book.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:17 AM
a reply to: Andromus

Isn't something about being able to 'name' God part of a claimed superior knowledge which religious quackers claim to have that they use to place them selves above ordinary people.

The concept of a secret name for God etc keeps god a mystery to people and keeps people's intrigue and slightly afraid of those who enjoy their elevated position as though they are closer to God in society. Been working for various groups
for 2000 years and longer. Beginning to unravel thank goodness.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:25 AM
a reply to: swanne

The Adult specie is still out there. Probably making face palms.

I don't laugh at the vegetables in my garden, I nurture them.

I really don't care what they think of themselves, or me, as long as they keep growing.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:38 AM
a reply to: intrptr

I don't wan't to take your analogy (which I love) so seriously, when I say, what happens after your vegetables are "ready". Nomnomnom?

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:52 AM

originally posted by: Andromus
a reply to: intrptr

I don't wan't to take your analogy (which I love) so seriously, when I say, what happens after your vegetables are "ready". Nomnomnom?

God doesn't eat his subjects, although there might be a analogous "harvest" of the garden, one day.

I know poor analogy, but I can't think of a better one.

Earth is like a garden and we are definitely the produce, crop, vegetables, whatever. I think the bible makes many such analogies about gardens, wheat fields, vineyards, grapes, "wine presses of wrath", etc.

Maybe we'll all be made into wine?

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:26 PM
A name is much deeper than a word tag.To “name” something is to know it’s nature and character.However naming has grown to mean something very different.It has turned into a spelling be and politically correct “speech”.I am positive if I stood up at a Christian church pulpit in front of a Christian congregation and said “God damn Jesus #ing christ “I would be the serious subject of a crucifixion/hanging/ shooting etc etc...Christianity has deified the name of the word “God” and “Jesus” when the fact is God or Jesus is not a name at all it is a “tag”.That “name” is not knowing the nature and character of the thing or person “named”.

In the scriptures(which means …what is written) the creator God revealed it’s name as “I will be what I will be”…which is translated Yahweh(transliterated from Hebrew).The name Yahoshua is derived from Yahweh because it means Yahweh is deliverance/salvation.
These are “names” because they communicate the nature and character of the thing or person.When Yahoshuas disciples proclaimed “in the name of Yahoshua” be healed it was not an incantation of religious magic as Christianity believes.They were proclaiming I “know”(experienced) Yahoshua(Yahweh’s deliverance) and in that name(nature and character) I proclaim that you are healed.They knew they had no “magical spiritual” powers however they did know the creator God (Yahweh) could deliver these people from their affliction.Beyond that there was no way they “knew” what would happen.
When the hand of the Yahoshua is active there is no way to predict it and it is IMPOSSIBLE to cause it.

Christianity has falsely believed their “prayers in the name of...” are what alter events.They have extrapolated that belief from their blindness to the scriptures.The fact is Yahoshua never said to anyone but the disciples to pray because prayer is “communing”(communicating) with the creator God the Father and it is 100% initiated and enacted by the creator God.Yahoshua knew no one but the disciples would “hear”(commune with) the Father.

The false Christian premise is extrapolated from what is called the “Lords Prayer”.It is not “a” prayer at all(there is no such thing as "A”prayer”).Yahoshua was saying how communicating with the creator God works ....not a HOW to do it.

The fallacious common belief is Yahoshua did everything like a religious Jew when the fact is he did not do ANYTHING like a religious Jew.He broke the letter of the Law of Moses continually.It is the main reason the religious Jewish leaders set him up to be murdered.He did not instigate a new “way” of praying he said religious prayer is vanity as is hypocritical.It is not a surprise Christianity co opted what he said and perverted into what is now believed to be “prayer in the name of” when that prayer is nothing more than a delusion of the mind.

The bottom line is the name of the creator God is not a “word” of language.It is an act of creation the literal nature and character of the creator God..I will be what I will be” know the name of the creator God is to “know” life and be in a “state of being” love(charity/benevolence).ALL the religious rhetoric about a God is just meaningless claptrap.It is impossible to “know” the creator God through belief…especially in a mind contortion called prayer.

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: Andromus

The names which the creature assigns to the Creator are much dependent on the creature’s concept of the Creator. The First Source and Universe Center has never revealed himself by name, only by nature. If we believe that we are the children of this Creator, it is only natural that we should eventually call him Father. But this is the name of our own choosing, and it grows out of the recognition of our personal relationship with the First Source and Center.

The Universal Father never imposes any form of arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the intelligent will creatures of the universes. The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of themselves — in their own hearts — recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him. The Creator refuses to coerce or compel the submission of the spiritual free wills of his material creatures. The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man’s only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father. In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father’s will, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent will creatures of the universes, constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father.

When you have once become truly God-conscious, after you really discover the majestic Creator and begin to experience the realization of the indwelling presence of the divine controller, then, in accordance with your enlightenment and in accordance with the manner and method by which the divine Sons reveal God, you will find a name for the Universal Father which will be adequately expressive of your concept of the First Great Source and Center.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 01:23 AM
a reply to: Andromus

God is Love. Many people worship different spirits calling them the "one true God", but not every spirit desires to speak truth or give peace.

With Compassion, such trickery and violence can be avoided.

God is Love, and Love brings Peace.

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posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 03:01 PM
It could be argued; why name your kids?

Surely you can just call them 'HEY YOU' or 'OI COME HERE'??


But ...

If you want to look at the origin of the name God; it is ODIN / GODAN / GODAM; which became GOD.

And his wife was FREYJA which became PRAYER.

PRAYER TO GOD; is FREYJA TO ODIN; but it actually means; WOMAN TO MAN.

In this regard your question is very valid.

Because ODIN and FREYJA weren't used as GOD AND PRAYER.

Freyja symbolised the Earth; or the 'womb of creation' and Odin (in essence) represented the seed.

Today we would say to our son something like; "You wanna be a real man when you grow up? You have to learn to treat women with respect."

In their days the exact same thing would have been said as; "If you wish to be like Odin; you need to stand up and fight in the name of Freyja."

The stupidity of this; is that we disconnected ourselves from the 'intended association'; to make it something beyond our reach; and by doing such, corrupted the original intention of the teachings.

This was however done intentionally by those (cough ROMANS AND JEWS cough) that wished to profit from the teachings; and could not do so without making the 'graces' of the wisdom exclusive to them.

This is the same reason that they translated the Bible into a tongue which was non-native to the majority of the population.

Then destroyed all the copies held by those who would 'teach themselves'. Which is the origin of GNOSTIC.



So that the people would have to come to them to learn.

The stupid part about all this?

Is that they attacked; killed; and historically slandered the Gnostics for choosing to know themselves; while at the same time; they worshiped a God who's name literally means; KNOWING ONES SELF!!

In the old testament; when the knowledgable wise 'God' is asked who he is. He answers "I AM ONE WHO KNOWS MYSELF". YAHWEH/JAHVEH/JOVE/JUPITER = "I AM, WHO I AM".

This is the root of the very similar YESHUA which is "WHAT I AM/I AM". CHRIST actually means; "IN THE FLESH"; which is why we say "BODY OF, IN THE FLESH" which is supposed to signify a willingness to TAKE INTO YOURSELF; the embodiment of your faith. (But it actually refers to being USED WHO THEY SEE FIT AS A VESSEL. But, I'll go into this at another time.)

The original CORPRUS CHRISTI actually refers to a SPEARING. Or SECURING of yourself to their faith. This is the origin of the CHRIST (body) being SPEARED.

Google "CORPUS". It is a weapon developed by the Romans to SPEAR and connect to an enemy vessel at sea. CORPRUS refers to a PHYSICAL BODY version of this. The SPEARING or securing of the body in a similar fashion.

So the literal translation of CORPRUS CHRISTI is; "WE OWN YOUR BODY".

To which they have also included the WINE signifying the BLOOD. "WE OWN YOUR BODY; WE OWN YOUR BLOOD".

And this is always said to you as a QUESTION! "WE OWN YOUR BODY?", to which you say; "AMEN" to agree; "YES, YOU OWN MY BODY"

Christians honestly understand so little about their own book.

Cursing the Devil; but giving love the Father; when they ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!!

The biggest problem I see; is exactly what I believe the poster of this thread was eluding to ... That people are too concerned with titles and events; and places within the Bible. And they are overlooking the essence of what the story is trying to teach them.

Jesus didn't exist; but WHO CARES!!! It's cyclic prophecy (and I say prophecy VERY LOOSELY as the term is just a misunderstanding of cycles); because it's not about if he existed or not!

It's supposed to be about the teachings; so many people claim they love God and Jesus with all that they are; but when you test them on the wisdom of the Bible THEY DON'T KNOW #!!!

That's like saying you love your wife; but you don't know her birthday; what your anniversary is, nothing about her; what she likes; or who she is as a person!!!

They all think the name is enough ...

When the name is actually completely irrelevant. "IN JESUS NAME..." If you have to USE that phrase; you are a TRULY powerless person!

I completely reject 'the name' of Jesus; because it restricts intellectual and 'spiritual' growth; and imprisons the soul.

But that doesn't mean that his teachings have nothing to offer. If you just forget about whether he's 'real' or not.

Superman was miraculously 'born' to Earth without parents; in a capsule in the middle of a field somewhere ...
He was made to hide his abilities as a child; until he was old enough to 'start his work'.
He was a good man. Performing miracles; helping people and teaching them lessons.
He always worked for good.
He was killed; and resurrected.

He walks on water; and the clouds!

And more than just this; his stories have been told; and retold; and re-envisioned; by countless authors, artists, and screenplay writers. Just like the Bible.

Sometimes; they even told the exact same story. Only slightly different.

Do we care about whether Superman is real or not? Do we need to, to enjoy it and appreciate it?

Most importantly;

If you were to come back in another life a thousand years from now; where the past had been forgotten; and they had unearthed an entire buried collection of comics telling the story of Supermans life from birth; to his death at the hands of 'doomsday'; and his resurrection ... Would you worship him; at the Church of Superman???"

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