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illuminati insider appalling letter prt 1

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posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:08 AM
First off I would like to tell you who I am.

Sorry for any misspelling. Was tired while writing but had to get this out there.

I am a spiritual master sent by the creator. I am the first and possibly the last messenger sent by the creator. The creator is both God and The Devil. Now I know most believe the creator to be just God but you are sadly mistaken. God is not the author of sin or confusion and therefore God cannot be the creator. The creator is everything and I mean everything that can be known. You might even joke around and say is the creator my # or piss? Well the truth is YES! But unfortunately I do not have enough time to explain this to you. Fortunate for you the creator has exposed practically everything to me and I will carefully explain what I know.

Exposing Cloning:

Right now I want you to think about everything you know and tell yourself it has been Cloned.

Everything on this very Earth has been replicated, duplicated, or imitated including YOURSELF.

You may not believe this but I will offer undeniable proof.

Lets observe product cloning first.

Take a look at your home and the products in it. Do you think your the only one with this kinda home or products?

Every last piece of product you have has been cloned and is on the market to be cloned again until it is cancelled.

This the first piece of evidence of cloning but lets dig a little bit deeper shall we.

Lets observe animal cloning.

Do you have a dog or a cat or a gold fish or any pet of any kind?

Look at your pet and tell yourself its a clone.

You may say impossible.

I say Google your pet and you will see that many other pets look very similar.

Why you may ask?

Because they are CLONES!

This is why all dogs look like dogs and all cats look like cats and all gold fishes look like gold fishes. They have all been cloned.

Now this is where you and I come into play.

Everyone always say all black people look the same and all Asian people look the same and all white people look the same. It because we are all Clones.

This why many people look similar to other people because we were all designed to be this way.

So what importance does this have to do with you?

The illuminati is taking peoples souls and consciousness and making a Cloned version of you. If your cute they will clone you. If your talented they will clone you.

They will clone you for whatever purpose they need you for.

At this moment all famous and rich people get cloned for it is apart of the contract of selling your soul.

Now speaking of selling your soul. It is important to understand that it can be Taken from you without the need to sell it for the creator showed me this possibility.

Your soul can be taken from you just from erasing phone numbers out of your phone in an angry manner.

This is how petty one can lose their soul.

Now you may ask where is my soul located?

Your soul is located directly in the middle of your chest. When placed inside of you it scraps on like octopus tentacles to your chest and stays in place.

I know this information from experience.

The truth is that the illuminati wants to take everyone's soul rather they clone you or not.

Now here is the bad news about stealing your soul and consciousness when it comes to cloning.

They can torture you over and over again in different clones of yourself. All they have to do is put your conscious into a clone of you and walla your living and breathing in a clone and now they can torture you repeatedly in this manner. Creating a man made version of hell.

They also wish to do this to prisoners who they wish to keep alive for hundreds of years. Imagine being in jail for a thousand years because they clone you over and over again. The bad part is that your conscious will allow you to remember everything as long as they don't memory suppress you in which they can also do that as well.

Exposing Christ:

Now everyone and almost everybody has heard of Christ. But what if the Christ you knew was horribly false?

The bible speaks clearly on two Christ's.

One is directly known of and the other is diabolically hidden.

Can you guess which one is taught by all Pastors, Bishops, and Popes around the globe?

Yes your correct the false Christ.

So why is the false Christ false?

Once again in the bible Christ told all of his disciples very clearly and you can look this up if you like for I am not going to post scriptures here.

Christ said if you wish to be my disciple you must DENIE Yourself meaning destroy your Ego and you must take up your OWN Cross and follow him.

See what people fail to understand was made very simple and clear.

Christ was crucified at Golgotha which means place of the Skull.

Do you have any clue of why he was crucified here?

Again it is very simple.

Christ crucified his Ego his individuality of self desires and ambitions. These things take place in the mind which Christ needed to put to death and this is why Christ was crucified at Golgotha which means the place of the Skull.

What the bible is trying to tell you is that you must crucify your worldly desires. This is why the bible repeatedly tells you not to love the world or anything in it. The bible tells you do not seek the desires of the flesh but seek the desires of your spirit.

Now you may ask am I saying that Christ is within?

Yes Christ is divine energy inside of you that must be released in order for you to be saved aka being born again.

Now speaking of being born again it is very important that you understand that you are DEAD!

Yes I said that correctly. You are Dead. D...E...A...D.

As the bible says we are all sinners and sin itself is of a dead mans game. So based on this one little factor we must understand that we are all dead thus giving the reason to why we must be born again.

To be continued.

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:11 AM
Moved to Hoax or Skunk Works in 3...2...1...

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posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:15 AM
a reply to: MorpheusNeo123

more importantly are you a gun loving flag hater or a gun hating flag lover or a gun loving flag lover or a gun hating flag hater?

Do you like cats or dogs?

This is ATS June 2015.

to be continued......

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: Strewth

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:28 AM
I saw my cat being born.
You do know that genetics discount everything you have said don't you?.
Oh and why you? and why do you think it is the creator speaking to you and not that you are just hearing voices?.

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:30 AM

posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 02:48 AM
Please post your thoughts in the open part 3 of these threads


Thank you


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