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Truth, Compassion, Understanding, Love and Acceptance

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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 06:43 PM
Human acquisitiveness surely, just borrows our fate, in full faith consumption, bound in a crown of thorns, manifested in the minds of nomadically, apathetic minded, hunter gatherers of the futile, not, seemingly able to claim, the within unanswered laws, but merely: legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus?

Then, thought, is nil just, the formation, of a pre imagined concept, before the thought was implemented.
The after, rather than the now, without, the thought thing, then the logic is also void redundant in its own conception, yet equal, to the thought, implied, but only a fragment of interaction connection.

Thus being in the stated mind of incoherence, to gain self acceptance, in our vast lack of understanding.
Every point seemingly, as, insignificant, as, the next, because, we choose, not to see, or hear the harmony divulged to the self, rather to interpret it, as will, the beguiling self ego, about as transparent as, a wall of steel, not knowing, its awareness, of its own, self fulfilling adherence.

Then, for us, our, incapability in realizing, the gross synchronicity, of our self determination, with every purpose of our time concept clearly labeled, if we chose to see and hear it, as night and day we believe its mesmerizing whisper as we think!
I am, is clearly when the thought of itself has gone …………… then, I am ready to begin………….

Myself elected ego can cease the continuous dramatic rotation, through, choosing not the word through, thought and learn of the real voice but only when, inner becoming nature the natural state without the prescription of our sanctioned with all its limits and nurtured through the manipulation of the collective current are we then natural to the earth or forcibly in creation to adapt to the current climate? Alien to the planet we inhabit controlled by what exactly the desire to be and the multitude of drama that surround an individual’s existence.

Then what is the purpose of the mortal material mind with a rationalization for every eventual I will argue and so will your mind to pick and rationalize my interpretation to fit yours then there is no argument or debate just our formulation for the self the ego the conscious re-affirming of our collective division that is influenced by everything we see do think.

Then for what end the control of the planet our earthly collectiveness of division to achieve separation for the glory of our own little egotistical realm that only we control or is it that, that we actually do think at all or are lead to the watering hole of illusion, something is not correct is it you or me or the sublime that we can not think of but instinctively know that is aware of us and us of them it whatever, when is the the point that we collectively unravel the deceit that has controlled generations.

I AM quite sure the manipulation is weak but powerful in only its hold we hold more than we know and that is known, this is the key in whatever density it is to weaken the strangle hold it is our destiny to begin as was unraveled in conception I do not think for one second our growth or becoming involves Money Greed Lust or Desire, these are the entrapments we are all guilty of that are the basis for the current control hard to abolish.

Then easily achieved, is the contradiction, in our world that is full of abundance in all that we need, why then do we not choose to unite as one to eradicate the common causes of division between men, what hold has the current condition of man over us why can we not change and unite in a common goal of co-operation to fulfill all the needs of us as a collective and nurture a new being for the benefit of all we are not nature, nature, has no remorse, we are an addition, to the nature of the planet, we live on, that needs to formulate, a plan of common existence in a realm, that we are ill prepared for, to adapt and succeed as a species we need to develop with collective ideals rather than current monetary concept.

This is not a naby pamby idealistic perception but a means for the survival of the human race otherwise (doom porn) we will eventually be the self destructive partnership we are being trained to be………………….

Do we enter a state of independence or some weird form of capitalistic communism that is creeping upon us the climate is ripe for War we’ve done 2 and some in between are we really going to enter the blood spill again on the whim of some patriotic flavor to disguise the real intent the brave men and women that have lost their lives due to the depravity of war would surely not want a repeat of the disguise of war upon the people of the world to allegedly keep what at bay exactly everything war has been fought to stop is stronger in our present regime than ever corruption, greed ,poverty, exploitation, genocide, fanaticism, lust, desire, control, so what exactly did the wars achieve for who people backing both sides will happen again and again, so who wins Money on a 4 horse race are we not a race or just common fodder to be wagered on your life and mine?

How much can sex and sexuality be rammed inside you to make you think of your inadequate self? Then who decides how should we act! Is that all it is a copy cat simulation of the film image or situation you heard that you are propelled to enact.
Have you then any idea of who or what you are or are we you me just like an extra but in the your mine reality of everyday life enacting as prescribed you will shall like your supposed to something is not quite right, I’m damn sure of it got to be right to be wrong as I am told…………………………………… Bah

i have terrible punctuation sorry
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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: Fingle

Nothing is real, everything is permitted.

posted on Jun, 22 2015 @ 04:00 PM
An interesting original post. I can't help when replying think about what I'm saying now typing about what your saying when you were typing. I've experienced that of which you speak briefly, maybe 1 hundredths of a second maybe less could be more who knows I didn't time it. I've also experienced moments of unfathomable explanation. I've read, watched, listened fought externally and internally etc..........for quite sometime, possibly since I can first remember. I've questioned myself on numerous and possibly far too many occasions. I've been led by others and have led myself, I've come to understanding and then not so much. This is where words fail me. This is where I struggle to spread myself outwards to the brink of see what you say resonates, only it resonates because partly its true, in fact tomorrow all of it could be true, yesterday none of it could be true......I guess what I'm trying to say is, what is it that makes so many people come to the conclusion that the head rules the heart or vice versa or both at the same time? Why is it that chakra speaks to that chakra or this energy is with that or that Merkabah will spin in a anti clockwise direction opening the 17th density to archimedes bathroom and so on so forth. Did anyone actually ask the question, what if that feeling of energy we hold in our hands during the presence of NOW isn't something we are holding at all? It's all talk about the EGO is this and dissolve that and multiple shadows. I've met some of mine scary, really scary. I chose to face some of them, it was frightening. Now what........well nothing really. Really the confusion, does it stem from the greatest deceiver of all? If I interpret someone else wrong then I'm deceived, If I interpret myself wrong I'm deceived. Conundrum......what...if....I'm the deceiver? What If I'm the soul purpose? What happens if every Universe I experience is just another level of deception? What if every de ja vue is something I do as playtime for my own imagination? Don't get me wrong my deceiver deceived me in a good way. It allowed me to be compassionate to others, as loving and as truthful as I can be as long as the other deceivers created by THE deceiver don't interrupt; which they do from time to time. To be honest the worst they offer is a snide remark, a possible moody get the picture. None of this is probably making any sense but then it wouldn't because a large majority of the population become enticed with America's next top model.....
Back to the energy, excuse me I meant thought, sorry consciousness. Where were we, ah yes have we found it yet?!
So that feeling you get when know what you thought you wait lets start again. So that feeling you get when you know you felt something, I didn't think it because I felt it. Hold on If I felt something how do I know what I felt at that moment? Something told me I felt it. Ahhhh whats the difference anyway, I Think therefore I AM.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: EA006

But in realization all is the end and the beginning of nothing, so both is permitted and felt to bring in the real of is and everything

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